If you have a general idea of what you would like to study, use this directory to find colleges that offer programs in that major. Which School Show to Be Packed – 30 Exhibitors, Including the KHDA – Live and Online!

It does not teach English as a second language. These have now been delivered – and in full.

Very highly recommended. In our last review we said that The English College needed significant investment if it is to quell the nerves of parents and avoid the new year being another case of plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose. 40 hour minimum per week, clock-in system with fingerprint, lose money if you are a minute short= feel like a prisoner. Bottom line? Important: the above uniRank Tuition Range Matrix ™ does not include room, board or other external costs; tuition may vary by areas of study, degree level, student nationality or residence and other criteria. The move also ensures a future for dedicated English College primary provision – a feature of the school historically valued very highly by parents. • Extremely positive independent feedback to both ourselves and our sister site WhichSchoolAdvisor.com Notes

The Yarm School is a school that celebrates its uniqueness as both an independent but also a school rooted in the ideals and ethos of the Grammar School.

YEAR 7: 51,556

Music (Option)

(2) A Level Obstetrics and gynecology in Dubai is a branch of medicine which deals with the adept care of female reproductive organs' health and at management of pregnancy. The IB is the New Gold Standard Qualification in Education. This is my personal, utterly candid opinion of The English College today. In 2020, we could not capture any better the opportunities and wonder of a school committed to keeping its community, small school dynamics, and a guiding ethos that see its staff caring for, and educating, children without question or qualification. How would you rate Brighton College Dubai? “My favourite lesson is Physical Education. With the new investment in place there is room – and justification – to celebrate the school’s success. You can email him at jonathanwestley [at] schoolscompared.com. This was followed with postings in Hong Kong and, later, Dubai British School “for eight very happy and exciting years” between 2008 and 2016. Its curriculum should be dynamic and responsive, to meet the needs of its learners and ensure they have the skills, attributes and qualifications to thrive and be successful. A Level subject choice in particular is outstanding, offering a breadth of choice to students that competes, and in some cases overtakes, many Tier 1 ultra-premiums – and The English College includes BTEC provision to maximise the school’s ability to match its offer to the needs of each individual child. YEAR 5: 51,750 (Discounted 51,000)

Connecting minds. You learn a lot about different sports like gymnastics and dancing which I have never ever done before. 2015: 1:9 If so, click on the link below, and we will forward your request for information to the school or schools of the same type that we are confident have availability. 2018: 1:10 (3) Admission decisions are made on the basis of the previous educational record. The English College has never been about pushing children into boxes, rather about making, and escaping, them whether that is academically or in any number of the many ways that children are gifted and can excel and flourish.

Original capacity: 1075 (635 in Year 7 - Year 13, 440 in FS1 - Year 6) How to Save Up to £350,000/AED 1.6M. “Although a variety of new resources, including staffing, have been provided to enhance learning, the governing board has identified the need for significant additions to the premises: a separate Sixth Form complex combined with enhanced sports facilities; the refurbishment of the science laboratories, and accessibility and safety. I have two children at Dubai College and both are receiving an excellent all round education. • Community and parent engagement stand-out Biology Parents should view these (impressive) results in the context of the inclusive welcome of the school to children of all abilities. The English College has a very, very strong pastoral support programme – our children know that they are cared for and every child has a mentor or confidante that they can speak with and confide in. Forget the sterile walls of new schools with their whitewashed facades dotted by a few pictures here and there to try and break up the reality of a history to come. The English College is situated in the heart of Al Safa with simple access from the Sheikh Zayed Road. Stand out features reported by the KHDA in 2019-2020 include: Significant work has been undertaken including new provision for specialist facilities for Music, Drama, Media and Art; new investment in Sixth Form provision including a Common Room and study areas and demolition of buildings that were accepted to be beyond their usable life. YEAR 13: 61,765

(5) The English College has a limited number of places for students with specific learning difficulties. Educated in Harrogate, Mr Ford graduated in Mathematics from Nottingham, before completing his PGCE at York University.

The SchoolsCompared.com verdict 2020-21 on The English College Dubai. Brighton College Dubai offers pupils a vibrant and challenging learning environment, and a distinctive British independent school ethos which reflects the values and dynamic culture of Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. But this is a community school that works together to be more than the sum of its parts. • Outstanding school communication Five classes a semester and one in the summer, plus meetings means you won't find time for lunch unless you make yourself a priority and learn to let go of what you can't do or finish. Samantha Rowberry, Head of Drama, said: ”The English College is a school where our students [have the confidence to] take risks, it’s a place where they can break out of their comfort zone; being able to have empathy, being able to create, being able to innovate.”. School Leaders Reveal All.

History (1) IGCSE Dubai College.

The school is a particular favourite of families in both Jumeirah and Al Safa given its location. We have been rooting for the school for so long now because it does so much, so well. We rate the new facilities and serious level of investment in children as some of the most impressive made by any school in Dubai. As one parent told us: “it works beautifully.”. “The teachers at The English College insist you have the best environment and resources needed to study.

Further Pure Mathematics (Option)

Academically, pastorally, across History and Music, Drama and the Arts, Mathematics and the whole child –  across every aspect of our school, the achievements of our children positively sparkle. New capacity on completion of all-through school in April 2020: 1300

Mark Ford, Principal, has managed the transformation of the school that has come with the ambitious new investment in Secondary, Sixth Form and Sporting facilities with gentleness and conviction, bringing the school and parents with him whilst maintaining the intangible magic of the much loved historic school.

The English College Dubai, Al Safa 1. More on this below. Teaching goes from strength-to-strength. To my knowledge, DC is the only English curriculum secondary school in Dubai which has 100% selective entry into Year 7. YEAR 12: 61,765 The balance here is a genuinely wonderful education that endures as a beacon at the heart of the school and its community life. YEAR 6: 51,750 (Discounted 51,000)

Sport, Fitness and Health at The English College Dubai. The English College, for us, has always stood out in the breadth of subject choice it provides its students across IGCSE, A Level and BTEC. Children join UAE Government to Make a Difference. The English College offers so much to children because of the quality and breadth of education on offer. “A school cannot transplant from one environment into a totally alien environment and expect to be producing the same thing right from the start,” Dr Ferrario said.

“Just because Repton has 450 years of tradition in the UK, that doesn’t mean it will immediately reproduce that tradition. Alumni of The English College include Akhil Kapoor, the famous Bollywood Actor. Fabulous and supportive teachers. Very Good and Outstanding levels of attainment in English, Mathematics at Science at both Primary and Secondary phases with particular strength in Mathematics and Science; Students are highly skilled in the use of Information Technology; Stand-out assessment of children in Secondary school and Sixth Form with effective individualised learning that focuses on individual child needs, Impressive and innovative thematic approach to learning that provides an inspirational environment for children that engages them academically. (1) Is that due to good teaching, good students, or good pre-selection? Media Studies (Option) This school is an outspoken, shining light for the power of smaller schools to know, cherish and nurture the gifts of all their children.

Drama (Option) NCSA is NOT worth it. Mark Ford joined The English College in August 2019. Current role: 728 111 Primary “Mad” English Woman, Greta Thunberg, GEMS and Dubai Expo. It makes me feel really great because we have a lot of sports to choose from. Computer Science (Option) With the new campus in place, the value proposition here for parents is very strong given the equation of fees, history, reputation/cache and small school dynamics. AL DAR UNIVERSITY COLLEGE in Dubai is one of the oldest universities of higher education Dubai-UAE, offers success by providing a balance of academic excellence, real-world experience and collaborative research. Emirati: 13 The English College achieves at an extraordinary level for its children against expected benchmarks. Embed. The context to the new campus is of a school today that has a hugely warm feel capturing the strong traditions of the established British school with extensive new landmark facilities designed to take the school into the 21st century. The programmes are delivered by outstanding, high calibre teaching faculty and a school leadership team passionate about ensuring every child has a rich, positive and rewarding experience at the school. The English College – Academic Attainment and Examination Results. It’s worth saying that at the outset. Proven ongoing investment is a key measure of a school because it demonstrates, in the most substantial way, a commitment by school leadership to children above profit. But it is the intangibles that light up the corridors that make the school. The Primary School building is a case in point, telling its story through colourways and murals that seem to us, and many parents, an imperative part of the school’s warmth, feel and culture. His early years in education were in the UK state sector, sector, followed by his first international posting at Hillcrest School in Kenya.

Dubai College has been doing that for 30 years.”. A’ Levels are Dead. Value for money.

As of 2020, and with its new (and extraordinary) Secondary School campus and Sports Complex now opened for the 2020-21 academic year, The English College has made that decsion by placing Primary provsion firmly within the heart of the school. From September 2019: We include the following architectural renders of the school’s new development because they clearly highlight the heady ambitions of the school as it beds in its new facilities in the years to come. Jumeirah College, and its "Street 29" neighbour, Jumeirah Primary School, are among the first Dubai schools who will link with ArtsEd's UAE-based organisation (being set up on the QE2), to provide support for, and greater emphasis on, the Arts and Performing Arts for students in Dubai.

via the button at the bottom of the screen. Gloves Off. Updated September – October 2020 – The English College. A beautiful aspect of The English College as a result is that teachers know and value students who they do not teach. Top 10 Tips to Inspire a Love of Books. Children first. Some other numbers: The National newspaper today (19 September 2008) had an article about the new headmaster of Dubai College, Dr Carlo Ferrario (previous head was Eric Parton).

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