Penzion Lenka - ubytování Jizerské hory Penzion Lenka - ubytování Jizerské hory


Pension Lenka – winter holidays in the Jizera Mountains

The Bukovka Ski Area is close to the guesthouse, making it easy for you to ski, so there is no uncomfortable skiing on the back. You can use 3 ski lifts with a transport capacity of 1800 people per hour.

The mentioned area of Bukovka is suitable for beginners – small poma, as well as for demanding – anchor. In case of limited traffic or poor skiing conditions in Bukovec, the ski slopes of Lucifer are available.

Winter holidays in the Jizera Mountains – ski trails near the boarding house

Because we are located in the Jizera Mountains, where the Jizerské 50th runs, ski tracks are a matter of course, you just have to choose.

The entrance to the ski tracks is almost on the contour. One of the most beautiful cross-country ski resorts in the Czech Republic – the Jizerská Ski Trail, which is currently 155 km, is waiting for you. At each significant crossroads you will find clear landmarks with details of the length of the remaining route to the destination and possible other directions. Refreshments offer seasonal kiosks, which are open on weekends throughout the season.

Pension Lenka – summer holiday in the Jizera Mountains

Jizera Mountains offer a lot of activities not only for tourists but also for cyclists. The Jizera Mountains offer a terrain that is also suitable for children, so you can enjoy wonderful excursions with the whole family.

Hiking and cycling

A large part of the Jizerské magistrály runs along well-tailored routes, suitable not only for hiking but also for cycling. In the other seasons we offer bike rental and news – motor scooters. Bicycle trails are famous here, so there is also the annual ČT Author Cup, which is about 300 meters away from our guesthouse.

For hikers of tourism we recommend appropriate trips, whether to beautiful waterfalls, or to the dam. There is also a sightseeing train nearby.

Tips for excursions:

  • Nature trail – Černá Desná Waterfalls
  • ZOO Liberec
  • The Pěnčín area