Popular dances are Sau-Sau, the island tango, the Tari-Tarita and other dances from Tahiti. Rapa Nui, or Easter Island as it is currently called, is a small volcanic island that encompasses The religious practice that persists in the island up to this day is called Ivi Atua, and it is based on the immortality of the soul. sculptures of particular ariki who were buried in this ahu. Some moai have hats of red volcanic stone known as Pukao. The Rapa Nui currently speak Spanish and the traditional Rapa Nui language. These beliefs and their evolution significantly affected the course of history. capstones, usually made from reddish scoria rock, represent their ancestors’ hair or topknots.

Its isolation, in the Pacific Ocean, made its development very unique and different from its native people’s development and made it very hard to know much about its culture. Rongorongo, a system of glyphs discovered in the 1800s, is believed to represent an older version of the Rapa Nui language. About 1875, 500 As of 2011, Rapa Nui's main source of income derived from tourism, which focuses on the giant sculptures called moai.

felt was similar to the stones they were used to carving. Genetic analysis performed by Erik Thorsby and other geneticists in 2007 revealed genetic markers of European and Amerindian origin that suggest that the Rapa Nui had European and Amerindian contributions to their DNA during or before the early 1800s.[7]. Its platforms stand out, which are of various types, but the most spectacular are the so-called ahu moai, built to display the moai or the giant statues that represent the ancestors. The moai rest on large stone platforms called ahu, the most famous of which are Ahu Tongariki, the largest ahu, and Ahu Vinapu. The carvers then used traditional Rapa Nui (“Great Rapa”) or Te Pito o te Henua (“Navel of the World”) was first settled about.

Theories have even been said that the only way they could carry those giant stone throughout the island, it was with the help of beings from other worlds. This idea that Rapa Nui society collapsed came out of the imbalance between general resources present on the island, mainly population, timber and food sources, and the energy- and resource-intensive feat of transporting and raising the moai. system in the form of their rongorongo tablets, a few samples of which have survived to © 2013-2020 Imagina Rapa Nui Easter Island. James Cook and Jean-François de Galaup, comte de Lapérouse, visited the island for a few days in 1774 and 1786, respectively. [citation needed], Crops grown on Easter Island included sweet potatoes, yams, taro, bananas and sugarcane. fascination of everyone who sees them. Archaeological finds show a multitude of composting pits and irrigation systems. The adventurous chief, Hotu Matu’a, led his people to the isolated island of scoria is not very durable, and ongoing conservation of the existing moai is a major concern. The Tangata manu is the mythology of the Birdman religion and cult which had creator god Makemake and competition with eggs to choose the birdman who would remain sacred for five months. They speak both the traditional Rapa Nui language and the primary language of Chile, Spanish. The religious rituals started from birth, when the umbilical cord was cut, and extended through their whole lives, including rituals for the first haircut, the first tattoos, initiation and coming of age rituals. Adzes, blunt round stones, were used to complete stone images and wood carvings. However, the decipherment of rongorongo is an ongoing process and it is not yet clear whether Rongorongo is a form of writing or some other form of cultural expression. He effectively ruled the island from 1878 until his cession to Chile in 1888. The moai rest on large stone platforms called ahu, the most famous of which are Ahu Tongariki, the largest ahu, and Ahu Vinapu. It is now home to a mixed population, mostly of Polynesian ancestry. The people of Rapa Nui share a Polynesian heritage with their “cousins” throughout the rest of Polynesia. The military built a number of new military facilities and a new city hall. From these samples, 22 no longer present on the island were shown to have existed at some time there. Previously, the date of arrival was estimated to be around 700–800 CE, but more-recent evidence from radiocarbon dating supports an arrival date as late as 1200 CE. Because of the US space program, NASA extended an existing runway into a full-length airstrip capable of handling an emergency landing of the space shuttle. A common hypothesis is held that the apparent decline of Rapa Nui culture and society before European discovery in 1722 was caused by the over-exploitation of the island’s environment, most notably through deforestation of almost all the island’s trees. There were also a series of prohibitions and precepts that governed the daily life of Rapanui, who were known by the name of tapu (taboo). The greatest evidence for the rich culture developed by the original settlers of Rapa Nui and their descendants is the existence of nearly 900 giant stone statues that have been found in diverse locations around the island. According to research and oral traditions, it was once covered with trees, which were all cut down, possibly to aid in the construction and transportation of the almost 900 moai or stone monuments for which Easter Island is most famous. Ancient Origins articles related to Rapa Nui in the sections of history, archaeology, human origins, unexplained, artifacts, ancient places and myths and legends. There are also signs of Easter Island's once possessing a far more diverse collection of fauna. The first human inhabitants of Rapa Nui (the Polynesian name for Easter Island; its Spanish name is Isla de Pascua) are believed to have arrived in an organized party of emigrants. The skeletal remains of 25 different species of nesting bird have been located on the island, but have since been reduced to 16. Deforestation would have caused a decrease in crop yields due to soil erosion, loss of wood as a resource to construct fishing boats, among other things, and would have necessitated a halt to the construction of the moai erected around the island. ma’ea or stone into moai. In this method, farmers would lay rocks out in patterns in their fields, forcing the plants to grow in certain areas.

But most of the islanders, including the four carvers who came to the Polynesian Cultural Read more », The Tangata Manu or Birdman ceremony probably initiated in the 18th century in honor of the Make Make god and lasted until the arrival of the Catholic missionaries in 1866. have been lost forever. Rapa Nui Religion.

Read more », The moais or Easter Island statues represent the most important pieces of Rapa Nui art and they have become its trademark. He worked to develop tourism on the island, and was the principal informant for the British and German archeological expeditions for the island. When a tribe chief or any of the important members dies, a moai was ordered to be sculpted in the Rano Raraku quarry and was later transported to its village and placed on an ahu or ceremonious altar. [8] Felipe González de Ahedo visited the Rapa Nui in 1770 and claimed the island for Spain on a document which the islanders wrote on in rongorongo, the now undecipherable Rapa Nui script. )Greeting: Lorana. Rapa Nui, or Easter Island, is well known for its Moai.

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