Since I obviously don’t have anyone to sparr with. I have definitely thought of making a 10 Bernard Hopkins boxing tricks. . I don’t want to be a bother and I know people have asked this before but when is the amateur workout coming out? If you don’t have enough time, just take out half the exercises and save them for next time. Neck bridges are indeed an extreme exercise and unnecessary/dangerous for 98% of people. Or I better forget about it? ?what’s the difference between chin up and pull up, what is it targeting for? I dont do this week in week out because of work commitments but this is based on a average week when im working at home. Go 3 times moving to your right, repeat again but moving to your left. Round 1: Combination of 5 punches, squat, 5+ combination, squat, 5 punch combo rest 15 sec. Yo bro ! The goal is developing your muscles conditioning or muscle memory. Use your momentum to complete the workout. Leg strength is definitely a huge benefit in boxing. I probably will not be doing one anytime soon (if ever). Bend your knees as you lower your hips to the floor. Hello.. If you don’t have a certain equipment, then you’ll have to improvise or skip the exercise altogether. Otherwise, I recommend for you to train in your local boxing gym and do what the other competing fighters are doing. @Jonny H – The fighters’ workout is nothing too crazy. The 3-5 miles will be done before you know it. Scroll up and read everything. Good luck, Kilsheir. Also show your sparring partner the same respect. Make sure you stay on balance and don’t build bad habits, though! For people doing this at home, who have no equipment, instead of sparring, i body box with friends, is that okay? Find a substitute/alternative, make up your own, or skip the exercise altogether. Throw a medicine ball back and forth between a partner. “unfunctional muscles” means they have no useful function in boxing, I should have added unfunctional muscle for BOXING… while at the same time those same muscles could be very functional for heavy benching or heavy shoulder presses for example…. Once they get good at this, have them play “foot-tag” without looking down at each other’s feet. This weekly plan includes boxing drills, conditioning, and sparring without taking up too many hours of your In regards with the core training, can I replace the 100 reps sit ups with an ab roller ? The *official* ExpertBoxing EASY boxing workout is for people to enjoy boxing while getting into great shape. There are so many tiny little details that have to be explained. If you want a free one, I’m sure you can find many on other boxing sites/forums out there. @mehran – These workouts are to be done all at once. Saved by Mags boxing. Some people might only do 3 rounds of jump rope, 3 rounds of shadowboxing, and 10 minutes of stretching. Do you have the Amateur or Hard boxing workout yet? The extra power they gain from this workout will come more as a result of extra flexibility, mobility, core strength and endurance, simply put, just learning to use their muscles properly. Bis 3 x barbell curls 40kg 3 x hammer curls, wednesday day off thurs-shoulders 3 sets presses 60lb dumbells, 3 side laterals 15lb, upright rows 3 sets 30kg. Sets of 10, sets of 20, sets of 25, etc. I’ve been looking for something like this for a very long time. that I decided to start BOXING again ! Could someone please tell what would be best? the reps and sets are all wrong for effective power training. Hello Johnny, Try mixing it up, speed workouts, accuracy workouts. Hi. I’m 35 years old guy, lack of exercise and I have arthritis. I just wanted to thank you for this awesome work out! Awesome ArticleThanks for the posting this great workout. Also if you do not have a partner, you will not be able to complete the amateur boxing workout. They have taught me alot in boxing. Apr 19, 2017 - Partner Boxing workout, each round twice through, once on gloves and once on pads. I did powerlifting for 3 years before I came to boxing. Or could you possibly make an article about it? @Oliver – I’m glad you said “intense but relaxing”. Nightmare training makes YOU a nightmare for your opponents. Boxing is a great way to keep your workouts fresh and interesting. Looking forward to the Intermediate workouts. I have workout notes from over a dozen different trainers that need compiling to make a really great quality amateur workout. While looking for one, should i just do bag work? 2 rounds of jab defense for each fighter. It’s not out yet but I’ll let you know! You can look up google and youtube for this. Do those at the end of your workout. Some exercises are easier when you go a little faster. I love the energy. I realize I need to work the pulling motion harder so I throw in seated rows after each round to work out the rear shoulders and back. I’d pay for this, where is it? 2) Don’t go to your max every day when training. You’re at the right place, Will. That’s how people get seriously hurt all the time so I don’t recommend it. Question about the workouts, alot of the workout equipment I don’t have, ie medicine ball, heavy bag, what do i do if i cant do them? this apllies to all workouts. hi johhny .. thx for ur great article … is it okay to do these workouts on separate training times every day ,,, like early morning and the afternoon ? Soon enough! beetwen sets? It would take a whole video series to really explain and demonstrate all the little details of a COMPLETE boxing workout. Focus on relaxed speed, do not focus on power! Stop shadowboxing with dumbbells. Hey Johnny!! Is there an alternative to running or do I have to just make myself do it? It’s fun and challenging enough for you to make great progress but still easy enough for beginners to try out.

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