Like Planet Nine it would cause the perihelia of objects with semi-major axes greater than 300 AU to oscillate, delivering some into planet-crossing orbits and others into detached orbits like that of Sedna. [154][155], Precise observations of Saturn's orbit using data from Cassini suggest that Planet Nine could not be in certain sections of its proposed orbit because its gravity would cause a noticeable effect on Saturn's position. [11][138] Brown and Batygin initially narrowed the search for Planet Nine down to roughly 2,000 square degrees of sky near Orion, a swath of space that Batygin thinks could be covered in about 20 nights by the Subaru Telescope. [136][159], William Folkner, a planetary scientist at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), has stated that the Cassini spacecraft is not experiencing unexplained deviations in its orbit around Saturn. Même si le modèle prédictif qui a abouti à formuler l'hypothèse de la planète Neuf est crédible, en l'attente d'une confirmation par observation directe, les perturbations étudiées pourraient tout aussi bien avoir une autre cause, qu'il s'agisse d'un ensemble d'astres non planétaires massifs ou d'un phénomène encore inconnu. Avec la récente mise en évidence d’une probable neuvième planète dans le Système solaire, doit-on s’attendre à en trouver d’autres ? Most would have orbits with perihelia ranging from 5 AU to 35 AU and inclinations below 110°; beyond a gap with few objects are would be others with inclinations near 150° and perihelia near 10 AU. Their work is very similar to how Alexis Bouvard noticed Uranus' motion was peculiar and suggested that it was likely gravitational forces from an unknown 8th planet, which led to the discovery of Neptune.

La planète serait une sorte de petite Neptune avec une structure en couche comme suit[17] : Jakub Scholtz et James Unwin évoquent la possibilité que Phattie soit un trou noir primordial[18]. Sa température serait de 47 kelvins (−226 degrés Celsius)[17]. 109.7K. The second would have a semimajor axis of 300 AU. This article is about the hypothetical planet first suggested in 2014.

[18][19] The announcement in March 2014 of the discovery of a second sednoid with a perihelion distance of 80 AU, 2012 VP113, in a similar orbit led to renewed speculation that an unknown super-Earth remained in the distant Solar System. En tout cas, la Nasa compte sur nous. [177] He signed a statement with 34 other scientists saying, "We further believe the use of this term [Planet Nine] should be discontinued in favor of culturally and taxonomically neutral terms for such planets, such as Planet X, Planet Next, or Giant Planet Five. [33][40] Instead, its growth was halted early, leaving it with a lower mass than Uranus or Neptune. Et la plus petite ? In their initial article, Batygin and Brown proposed that Planet Nine formed closer to the Sun and was ejected into a distant eccentric orbit following a close encounter with Jupiter or Saturn during the nebular epoch.

[163], An analysis by Sarah Millholland and Gregory Laughlin identified a pattern of commensurabilities (ratios between orbital periods of pairs of objects consistent with both being in resonance with another object) of the eTNOs. At aphelion, the largest telescopes would be required, but if the planet is currently located in between, many observatories could spot Planet Nine.

Little effect is found on objects with semi-major axes less than 150 AU. "Constraints on the location of a possible 9th planet derived from the Cassini data" A. Fienga, J. Laskar, H. Manche, M. Gastineau.


[143] This radiation signature could be detected by Earth-based submillimeter telescopes, such as ALMA,[144] and a search could be conducted by cosmic microwave background experiments operating at mm wavelengths.

This search covered regions of the sky away from the galactic plane at the "W1" wavelength (the 3.4 μm wavelength used by WISE) and is estimated to be able to detect a 10-Earth mass object out to 800–900 AU.

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