This is Legends of Tomorrow after all. Of course she wins - she’s Sara - and Rory is able to lift the chalice and bring it to the Legends. While her behavior at the beginning of the episode may have induced an eye roll or two among the Legends and the audience, Charlie was determined to not give up on her.   |  She became a villain because of her circumstances, not because she is inherently evil. I was cringing through Nate falling, too, saying, umm, hemophilia? The team find themselves going back to college and forming a sorority in order to retrieve an ancient artifact; Nate falls under Dion's spell, letting him know of Sara, Astra, Ava and Charlie's plan to get the cup. And why was no one suspicious of the adults hanging out on the college campus and forming a sorority? © 2020 TV Fanatic Were the writers paying attention? The whole team head to the collage and they see Dion – who Charlie recognises as Dinoysis – that, being a Greek God in hiding hasn’t aged since Nate saw him umteen years ago. After the tour, Nate shows Lita around a little more, including the street of sorority houses. I watch every week and I still forget the names of the other Fate sisters. Billie, I think we're going to have to accept that everyone involved in the show has forgotten about Nate's hemophilia. As witnessed on DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 5 Episode 10, she can still fight like it's nobody's business. As Dionysus, the Party God tells the Legends they need to win a “Chug Challenge” to win the cup needed to drink out of to become Fates, Astra says: “This is ridiculous.” To which Charlie responds by saying “and that’s what makes it fun.”. Some links on this site are affiliated. Legends of Tomorrow 5.11: "Freaks and Geeks" Review. He was the head of the Sigmas when I was in school. After a disastrous attempt to join a sorority, Sara, Ava, Charlie, Zari and Astra decide to set up their own.

This is a fun episode and I’m glad it plays around with the sorority rather than a fraternity idea, as that would be a bit draining with the current line up of Legends. And there wasn't a rule that I couldn't break. Sara is Sara, no matter if she can see or not. With Caity Lotz, Maisie Richardson-Sellers, Tala Ashe, Jes Macallan. Powered by Content Blender Travel back in time to check out the early roles of some of Hollywood's heavy hitters. The guy hasn't aged a day.

Luckily, Charlie knows of an ancient Greek cup of the gods, The Chalice of Dinoysis, that bestows a day of immortality on those who drink from it. Morgan Faust (executive story editor), This was another solid chance for Mick to make surprisingly noble sacrifices for his estranged daughter, including an amusing payoff of Mick going back in time to change a building’s name, by making a donation far in the past. It's good having someone on the team being frustrated by their zany techniques. Home » ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ 5×12 Review: “Freaks and Greeks”, Explaining Legends of Tomorrow to a casual fan is hard, but there’s a line in “Freaks and Geeks” that does that perfectly. Sara seems to have adapted very well to being blind, but given the fact that her blindness also came with the power to see the future and that she has always been a badass warrior, was there ever any doubt? But it definitely will be fun. I really am missing Ray this week. They are all literal gods, even if it is for only one day. I'm enjoying, quite a lot, Mick and Lita's growing father-daughter relationship. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Luckily, Charlie knows of an ancient Greek cup of the gods, The Chalice of Dinoysis, that bestows a day of immortality on those who drink from it. I love this kind of reckless but oddly practical approach to using time travel to fix little things. Thanks to Charlie's character growth and her ability to connect to Astra, Astra finally came around and saw that being a Legend was not so bad after all. DC's Legends of Tomorrow airs on Tuesdays at 9/8c on The CW. Mick makes an effort to tour the Hudson University campus with Lita, but eventually has Nate pose as Lita’s father instead, when he believes that he’s hurting Lita’s chances of getting into the school.

Nate has to talk her out of burning down Dion’s frat house and instead, they concoct a plan to throw a bigger party so Dion loses his followers because that’s how he gets his powers because Greek Gods because Legends of Tomorrow. Astra was finally beginning to let down her walls and let herself have some belief that she could find a place with the Legends -- a place that would be welcomed with open arms if I had anything to say about it.
Look, when I joined the Legends, I was a punk, alright? But that best part of “Freaks and Geeks” once again belonged to one Captain Sara Lance, who proves that you don’t need eyesight to dominate gods at beer pong. I love Nate being ga-ga for the collage experience, of course he is! Eventually, when Nate pops up to see how they’re doing, Rory pretends that Nate is Lita’s father to try and impress the snooty folks and runs off. After some quick digging, it’s determined that Dionysus is currently partying it up at Hudson University in 2020 as well, where he poses as a student and frat house leader named, “Dion.” Even better is that Dion was also a frat leader of Nate’s, despite Nate going to a different university. All of the women are from extremely different backgrounds and personalities, yet they mesh together very well and are a joy to watch. Plus, Lita is great and continually challenges him. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Thus, the stage is set for a big batch of shenanigans, as the Legends determine that they must start a sorority in order to win the right to drink from Dion’s cup. RIDE 4 will race onto Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 in early 2021. Lita decides not to attend this University and the misfit sorority decide to stay together after the Legends have gone. Action, Adventure, Drama. Instead, Nate simply ends up under Dion’s spell, after drinking some of his enchanted beer, and becomes an out-of-control party animal… Except one that can still ferry valuable information to Charlie and Astra at one point? The next episode seems action-packed so I'm excited. And isn't becoming a Legend all about redemption? (I keep thinking of your astute observation from a few reviews ago, Mikey, where you pointed out that Nate has lost his two best friends in quick succession. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Mainly, Mick tries to get Lita in there by having Nate pretend to be her dad. Astra, Charlie is only trying to get you to follow the plan so they can help you! Reviews; Books; Search. Andrew Kreisberg (developed by),
I hope this episode doesn't turn her off of college forever. Dionysus showing off where he kept all his secret magical booze. The sorority stuff is fun and we get some montage stuff and everyone bonds a little - with one of the misfit pledges who joined them taking Astra to one side and thanking her for believing in her. The idea is no doubt to have Nate struggle with a time when life was simpler, long before he joined the Legends. We appreciate your support.

She’s resistant to their stupid plan and wants to grab and snatch and steal what they need. Not every episode has to be a genre parody but there are lots of 80s collage movie tropes that might have been fun to play with here that never quite get tapped into. Not only would she add more girl power to the team, but we can already see the beginnings of great dynamics between her and different members of the team. DC's Legends of Tomorrow (2016–) Dir: Mick’s new character direction remains a good one, as does Astra learning to evolve beyond her dark origins in Hell. Maybe we should just start telling ourselves that it got un-happened in Crisis. For an enhanced browsing experience, get the IMDb app on your smartphone or tablet. Every announcement from the first-ever DC FanDome - Compiled. I mean, what other show would have the fate of everything be decided on a game of beer pong?   | 

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