She has blonde hair and wears glasses. Bob (also known as Big Boss or "Bob Sir") is Dad's work boss. At times, he tries to take credit for Henry's rare good deeds, as shown in Horrid Henry's Perfect Day, and in Horrid Henry Horrid Headmaster, when he recorded what Henry said when Henry discovered he had to fill end of term reports ("No holiday for me, then.

As the primary antagonist of the series, Moody Margaret is the most prominent arch-enemy of the series' protagonist, Horrid Henry. Henry calls him "Stuck-Up" because of how rich, greedy and spoiled he is compared to him.

Despite her title as head teacher, she is somewhat kinder to Henry than Miss Battle-Axe.

She then makes a cameo appearance in Horrid Henry's 3D Nightmare buying a Blue Gizmo. He is said to be fussy, as when he visits he inspects the staircase for dust when he comes in.

She can scream very loudly in episodes, the loudest possibly being Moody Margaret Moves In. He is voiced by Aidan Cook. She wears pointy glasses and has gray hair.

Like Margaret, he tries to be a non-stoppable but mostly doesn't get away with it. He is sent away after Henry adds extra ingredients to his pasta sauce to make it taste bad. They are both members of the Secret Club. He has messy light brown hair and pale skin. Register Start a Wiki. Razor Ron is a barber who hates children. They often yell at Henry, punishing him by banning him from watching TV and/or from using the computer, but mostly resort to cancellation or downward re-assession of pocket money, giving it to Peter. He grounds Bill for a month and sends him home. Henry is the main character of the series and is portrayed as a determined and relentless young boy. She seems to have a particular disliking towards Henry, as of his Horrid behavior in which disrupts her class. She has blonde hair in a bun and wears a black leotard over a pale pink jumpsuit. Voiced by Sue Elliott-Nichols.

2/10. She once babysat Henry and Peter. He is voiced by Joanna Ruiz. Fang (Best Animal Friend)Rude Ralph (Best Friend)Beefy BertAerobic AlBrainy BrianGreedy GrahamAnxious AndrewWeepy WilliamBasherPerfect Peter (Sometimes)Vomiting Vera (Sometimes)Fluffy (Sometimes)Lazy Linda (Sometimes)Gorgeous Gurinder (Sometimes)Singing Soraya (Sometimes)Moody Margaret (On Very Rare Occasions) They have two dogs and run a karaoke club of Scandinavian folk songs. His hairstyle and voice often mistake some for thinking he is a girl. Anyone up for a Horrid half term?! He is voiced by Joanna Ruiz. He is shown to be one of Henry's close friends. Become King of the World and have the world be exactly how he wants it to be.Defeat his brother Peter.Defeat his archenemy Moody Margeret.Defeat the Secret Club.Defeat all of his enemies (all failed).

Gordon has black hair and dark skin. Pick the nearest number to your age! She is shown to be the female equivalent of Henry, Margaret hates Henry, although on some occasions they work together, usually to get Peter into trouble; her friend is Sour Susan, even though they fall out most of the time they are together.

It's theorized that his behaviour may stem from envy from his brother Peter who receives better treatment and affection from their parents and the fact that people don't trust him. Voiced by Wayne Forester. He was created by Francesca Simon. Fluffy is shown in most episodes sitting by the sitting room window sill at night and as he clicks the TV remote control button next to him, the scene changes to sunrise. A Dog who appears in Horrid Henry and The Lost Dog, who Henry finds and part-time owns for a while. There’s a spooky crossword or two waiting for yo. His best friend is Anxious Andrew and Brainy brain and sometimes he is shown to be hanging out with Greedy Graham and Jolly Josh.He is a member of the purple hand gang Aerobic Al's dad comes to some school events, mostly to see his son end up winning. He wears an orange shirt with blue outlines, blue sweatpants and red sneakers. She is voiced by Joanna Ruiz. He tries to close Ashton Primary school and send all the students to Brickhouse School so he can earn enough money to close all the schools in Ashton. His vocal effects are provided by Tamsin Heatley. They're very loud and only appear in Horrid Henry's Sleepover and Horrid Henry's Skipping Lesson. He mostly says "Donald". This is why he is rather annoying and this is the reason why Henry despises him, but he still lied to Mum that he broke the vase and Peter didn't, in Horrid Henry, Nothing but the Truth. When she came, Henry hid her homework and "accidentally" poured red grape juice down her new white jeans. Henry's neighbour, main enemy, and arch-enemy, Moody Margaret, attend Henry's school and owns her club named The Secret Club in her back garden. Horrid Henry notably enjoys watching television and his favourite shows include Mutant Max, Rapper Zapper and Terminator Gladiator.

A little girl appears as a minor character in Horrid Henry's New Shoes when she is buying trousers at the same time as Henry and Mum. She makes a cameo appearance in Horrid Henry and the Killer Boy Rats, when she is shocked and is seen when Henry sings, "Slimy, slimy, slimy!" He is voiced by Tamsin Heatley.

He wears a red hoodie and white capri pants. He is resistant to defeat as teachers, relatives, and babysitters in the series try their best to avoid him. Sometimes he can be naughty (In "Horrid Henry Tidies Up", he laughed at Henry when his trousers fell down. Horrid Henry Henry is rather horrid, as one can deduce from his name. Ralph lives the life of luxury that Henry dreams of having, is a member of the Purple Hand Gang and is often involved with Henry at schemes and plots. He is voiced by Joanna Ruiz in the TV series. Well, with a perfect little brother called Peter and a Mum and Dad who don’t understand that Gross Class Zero is essential TV viewing, who can blame him?. He especially loves the Killer Boy Rats. Beefy Bert is usually seen in the crowds of children at Henry and Peter's school, and is normally seen with Ralph and Al. Category:Horrid Henry Characters | CleverClaire99 Wiki | Fandom. He has acted in many films. He is voiced by Emma Tate.

Peter often shows off to Dad by being well behaved while Henry misbehaves. He has black hair and wears a white shirt with blue stripes, and blue capri pants. Despite sometimes working for Henry (for revenge on Margaret), Sour Susan is Margaret's best friend and the seconder of the Secret Club. None of your business! Horrid Henry owns a club in his back garden, in which he names it The Purple Hand Gang. She is voiced by Emma Tate in the series. He often shouts "GO TO YOUR ROOM, NOW!". He is shown to be one of Henry's close friends. A little bit messy. Voiced by Tamsin Heatley, Great Aunt Greta is the great aunt of Horrid Henry.

Miss Lydia Lovely is Peter's teacher. When Henry forged sickness, she came over and could find nothing wrong, but she said that the only cure was an injection. Miss Lovely's personality reflects that of: Moody Margaret is Henry's next-door neighbour, she hates Henry and all boys. He is shown to be one of Henry's close friends. Fluffy is the family's grey cat, who feuds with Henry's hamster, Fang. Jolly Josh's personality reflects that of: The personalities of the Killer Boy Rats reflect that of: Kasim is a boy in Henry's class.

It has also been further hinted that deep down, Henry never really means to be horrid, and only acts that way as a wanting to get attention and need to feel important, especially when dealing with his younger brother Peter, implying he has low self-esteem. Often in trouble, not always his fault. Out of all the children in her class, she likes Peter the most. Sometimes though, Henry can treat his friends like underlings and not listen to them when they warn him about something. He is shown to be one of Henry's close friends. Mrs. Battle-axe's personality reflects that of: Henry's Mum's personality reflects that of: Nick is a boy who joined Henry's class as a "new" boy. He is often seen with Rude Ralph, Beefy Bert and Gorgeous Gurinder. Because she is blind and deaf, she thinks that Henry is a little girl called Henrietta, that Peter is a teenager, and that Fluffy is a dog called Fido. He only appears in Horrid Henry Plays Air Guitar. Mischievous Trickster, Horrid BoyHorrid ChildBratLord High Excellent Majesty of the Purple Hand GangKing Henry the Horrible.

He is the complete opposite of his brother, Perfect Peter, he hates school, homework and especially Perfect Peter and Moody Margaret and, sometimes, his own parents. Lord High Majesty of all, he’s horrid, really horrid; lead singer of the Zero Zombies and a mega cool air guitarist, never does his homework, tries not to do his chores. She appears as Miss Rancid, the substitute teacher in Horrid Henry and the Terrible Teacher and she is fired when Miss Oddbod sees her chasing Peter. Jazzy Jim is a minor character in Henry's class who likes music. In the TV series he is one of Henry's good friends. There are some occasions where he does that on another person, such as Bossy Bill in Horrid Henry Goes to Work and Slimy Sammy in Perfect Peter's Pen Pal. Soggy Sid's personality reflects that of: Sour Susan is Margaret's assistant and best friend, although they often fall out and say they hate each other as they are always arguing on what games to play, roles in those games, etc. She may annoy her enemies by copying some of Margaret's words followed by "Yeah". Henry teases and abuses him by calling him names, the worst being "smelly nappy baby". Horrid Henry Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community. An Indian girl in Henry's class who loves singing. He makes friends with Henry soon after he joins Henry's class and invites him to stay all night at his house. She was voiced by Emma Tate. Margaret's mother is voiced by Joanna Ruiz and her father is voiced by Aidan Cook. Their names are Patrolling Patrick and Vigilant Vincent. Conductor's Double - Shining Time Station, Dick Dastardly - Wacky Races/Dastardly and Muttley, Gobbo the Goblin - Noddy's Toyland Adventures, Sheldon J. Plankton - SpongeBob Squarepants, Yankee Doodle Pigeon - Dastardly and Muttley, Ring-a-Ding/Dum-Dum - Wacky Races/The Perils of Penelope Pitstop, Mrs. Tubby Bear - Noddy's Toyland Adventures, Muttley's Girlfriend - Dastardly and Muttley, Martha Monkey - Noddy's Toyland Adventures, Burne Thompson - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Chug-a-Boom - The Perils of Penelope Pitstop, Mac/Pockets - Wacky Races/The Perils of Penelope Pitstop, Ringo Starr Mr. He invited Henry to his party at Lazer Zap in Horrid Henry's Birthday Party in the books. Tough Toby is a boy in Henry's class who acts very tough, Henry is a fair-weather friend to Toby. He is tidy and clean. Gorgeous Gurinder is a beautiful and gorgeous girl who appears to be best friends with Singing Soraya and Lazy Linda. Become King of the World and have the world be exactly how he wants it to be. Vic Van Wrinkle is the strict, fiery-tempered headmaster of "Brickhouse School" and the main antagonist in Horrid Henry The Movie. He also likes playing hockey, swimming and other athletics.

Henry on the other hand is usually getting yelled at by his parents, and when he does something horrid, Mum will say "Go to your room now, Henry!" Miss Battle-Axe is voiced by Aidan Cook ( wayne forester in an interview with BFI ) and portrayed by Anjelica Huston. Susan is mostly a parrot to Margaret, and usually says "yeah, Henry" after Margaret offends him or proves him wrong.

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