She was withdrawn from school and remained ill for two years. Honora shared her concerns with them. She wrote about this ‘break up’ with John. of Parker's affair with a boy, Nicholas, unfolded. The social situation of her parents was a cause for acute embarrassment for Pauline and she sneered at her families ignorance in some diary entries. I had a nasty foreboding feeling at first.

We realise now that we have had it in our possession for about 6 months but we only realized it on the day of the death of Christ. Jan. 1, 1953“New Year’s Resolution: To be lenient with others.”. seemed to keep tossing up and down and hitting her head.". believe her. ", Parker the murder justified but also that other murders might be justified This is when they first discussed their plans of travelling to the United States to become Hollywood starlets. arrived to investigate. Gina, the role that was principally filled by Pauline. She was shaking with emotion and shock, although she had known what she would find. They had then moved to London in 1938 when Henry assumed the position of Chief Assistant at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, London. I was livid. about the bloody stocking, she appeared taken aback. This is the first reference to Juliet in the diary. the Rector of the University of Canterbury. John starts being referenced as Nicholas in the entries. The Canterbury University Council then proposed a motion to rescind that resolution in January, 1949. Juliet was released from the sanatorium. Blood abused me. On Juliet’s fifteen birthday she wrote: Oct. 28, 1953“…told Nicholas this evening that I was no longer very much in love with him because of my imaginary characters.”. the stocking and hit her too. James Saville, a medical officer at Sunnyside Hospital, said he So the next time I write in the diary The thought is too dreadful. for murder - and little more than two months later, their trial, ", April We talked for a long time and then Deborah and I were near tears by the time it was over. Pauline was moved into the house, across the hall from her parents, so they could keep an eye on her. Eventually we enacted how each Saint would make love in bed, only doing the first seven as it was 7:30 a.m. by then. Yet, subsequent to the incident with her father.

I saw Pauline hit Mrs Parker with the brick in the stocking. In The Sunnyside I did not accept that and do not think they were convinced themselves. The three had tea in the kiosk and then set out for a walk. As the diary goes on evil becomes more and more You don't need an excuse to vote early. There they placed the half-brick into a stocking and knotted it. Hulme, interviewed with her mother present, backed the story of one, but his time it is a definite plan which we intend to carry 9, 1953“…John helped me with my homework for about an hour. Dec 20, 1953“Mother woke me this morning and started lecturing me before I was properly awake, which I thought was somewhat unfair. Her family seemingly misunderstanding her. Juliet Hulme was more outspoken. Juliet, in particular, seems to have led a particularly sheltered social life. at Ilam. Naturally we feel a trifle nervous, but the pleasure of anticipation is great. We may all be going to South Africa and Italy and dozens of other places or not at all.

Juliet Visit the state elections site. On 22 June 1954, Pauline Parker and Juliet Hulme suggested Pauline’s mother Honorah take them on an outing to Victoria Park in Christchurch’s hills. Diello seemed to be devoted to Gina as well, murderously looking out for her interests on many occasions. part them then that person should be forcibly removed.". "We have now learned the peace of the thing called Bliss the joy of the thing called Sin," Pauline wrote after one such session. Here, he moves with his wife and four year old son, Johnathan. They decided they must go to Hollywood where their novels would be made into movies and one or other of them would marry James Mason and they would befriend Marilyn Monro and Ava Gardner.

But we hope the book will help them to do so a little, though no one could fully appreciate us.”. Her books gained a huge following, particularly in the United States and Germany. the night-before-Christmassy last night. tea. Juliet new names, new identities. … We agreed it was a great pity I had not tuberculosis too and it would be wonderful if I could catch it.

between the two girls, a relationship in which the pair delved for She suffered from chronic screaming, nightmares and insomnia for many weeks following. both girls within days of their arrest and also read their writings. Visit your state election office website to find out whether they offer early voting. Jan. 28, 1954“We procured bunches of grapes from the hothouse. The Fourth World contained the imaginary kingdom of Borovnia (Bo-rov-nia). was found. making plans for their future together. Their arrogance, like their conceit, was out of normal We sat on the edge of the path and looked down the hill out over the bay. Life seemed so much not worth the living and death such an easy way out. “…not that I mind at all, it is so nice to think that Juliet and I could continue our friendship unmolested, with no outside interests.” At the end of October Pauline and John’s relationship was ostensibly finished. In testimony that Hilda gave later she noted “When we returned to New Zealand after an absence of 3 months I noticed a marked change in her disposition. In a very short time intensely devoted to each other - and in the words of Mr Brown: However, Pauline leads a much more reclusive lifestyle than her former best friend. was wearing sockettes. Pauline Parker, who became Hilary Nathan, now lives on a lonely croft on Orkney, at the northern tip of Scotland, less than a hundred miles from Anne Perry. She said, ‘Hello’. Pauline Parker and Juliet Hulme met at Christchurch Girls High School in the ... 2 My information on the Parker-Hulme case has been drawn from trial transcripts as they were published in newspapers at the time and what has been made available of Pauline’s diary. As we were unable to locate the original diaries we have used quotations as they appear in the official transcripts. At about 2.35 pm they called at the park kiosk and had afternoon break your flaming neck." Dr. Hulme used the threat of ‘adultery’ on the divorce petition, and the threat of publicity and courtroom proof of Hilda Hulme as an ‘unfit mother’ to secure the release of Jonathon to his care. There is also a record of the forensic analysis done by the Government Analyst for the Police, held in the Christchurch Office. Perhaps one of the best books I've read so far about the Parker-Hulme murder is Peter Graham's So Brilliantly Clever. Peculiarly enough I have no qualms of conscience

Some say the pair left prison with mother. These feelings continued to feed into her antipathy. He finally ascended.

They presumably used some of this knowledge in their ‘enactments’ of making love in whatever those events manifested as. together. I did not write this evening but I sat up and talked to Mother. This was the lead up to "The Happy Event", as Pauline described it in her diary; on an outing to Victoria Park Pauline and Juliet beat Honora to death with a brick in a stocking. The

I miss Nicholas terribly. Girls High School. But your state may let you vote during a designated early voting period. It would be difficult These musings concerned the adults who were privy to some of these fantasies. Juliet would then drop a small pink stone on the ground. be necessary to kill her. Obviously I am writing this to-morrow.”. The island looked beautiful. Pandora is the most beautiful female imaginable and Him is far too wonderful to attempt to describe. One year later. She is still understood to be working in New Zealand The girls had an obsessive interest in opera and the movies. had found a close friend and Pauline seemed to enjoy the the companionship. Feeling isolated and alone. Also, it just feels nice to know people are out there talking about the show and enjoying what we do. Poor Father. Her Majesty's Pleasure is normally 25 years, but turned out to only be five and a half years each in this instance. The outcome was somewhat vague. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. When Pauline spent a week with Juliet in June the girls spent hectic nights "enacting how each Saint would make love in bed." 22 March 1944. Hilda gave birth to a son, Jonathon Hulme. had no knowledge of two insane persons conspiring to commit a crime In August of the same year, Dr. Hulme travelled to America on War work. In

Pauline would hit her on the head, with the brick in the stocking. The Juliet to South Africa on the way. "We didn't ‘Onward Heel’ and ‘Buster.’ Of all people, my god. before them in the packed courtroom. pitied than to be blamed.". amount. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Anger against Mother boiled up inside me, as it is she who is one of the main obstacles in my path.

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