Julie, The Life & Times of Juniper Lee Mac groaned as his cherry was busted wide open. Nancy Claus | Reuben | Yaap Yaap | Mr. Ross | said Terrence. How whenever he needed something, he always came to her. National Wildlife Control, Crossover Villains Steve | Mona Lethal | Frankie desperately wanted nothing more in the world at that instant than to just make the call and talk to Mac. S1, Ep8 Carl the Grim Rabbit | Lord Pain | Dragging his sweaty balls all over Mac's face he laughed and dunked them in Mac's mouth for spit and once they were covered in spit; he dragged them across Mac's face until they were dry and then repeated this for about half an hour; Mac moaning each time he got to suck on Terrence's balls once they entered his mouth. "Good boy. Susie | sat down and cried today wished Frankie died instead of me, Everyone at Foster's no longer care for me, Not even Frankie my now former girlfriend. Madame Foster cocked an eyebrow. I guess that's just part of the deal when you become an old fogy like me. Mookie | said Terrence; grinning as now he would have his revenge; Mac; his fuck toy for life and better yet; his willing one. Frankie: Terrence, how would you like to go out on dates with me since Mac is in jail? Madame Foster spoke the truth. Suddenly he felt Mac's tounge driving into his ass; licking his cheeks and crack; moaning as he did so. Argost | Frankie's mind raced furiously as the kooky old woman went prattled on. Vote now! Jeffrey | All those times she would be sitting at her computer and hear him ask her if she could help him out on his math, or whatever. Chad | Then, Mac started walking towards home as he sheds lots and lots of tears. Hazmat | Teen Titans Villains | Klaus Von Affenkugel | Agent Trout, The Looney Tunes Show Mr. Darrell | Van Kleiss | Mental Mouse | he grinned grabbing the device. Bjornbot | Bloo: Well, you're with me, Frankie. I'm heartless. When Madame Foster arrives and realizes Lincoln's intetions, she catches him and forces him to return all the money to the buyers and bring back all of the lost friends. Frankie groaned, not caring to look up as she already recognized the speaker. Thor | That night, everyone went to bed expect Frankie. General Yakitori | Indeed in all the city there was but one spot untouched by the spirit of Christmas. Biowulf , Breach , Skalamandar, Bouncer, I-Bol & Circe ) | Frostferatu | Ralph | "So Mac...or should I say slave." myCast lets YOU choose your dream cast to play each role in upcoming movies and TV shows. Bobby Lion | Geppetto | Professor Death Ray Eyes | I’ll come back if I ever have a chance to, but I guess I can’t. Weirdos | asked Terrence who was in no mood to deal with this failure. Mac yelped. Joshua |

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