A spokesman for the prime minister said on Saturday that Muscat "has pledged various times he wants to see this case through. The email said the Panama companies expected payments of up to $2m (£1.5m) within a year from 17 Black. The intelligence report had also ended up in the hands of Nationalist MEP David Casa, who published it last July, despite such action being punishable with five years’ imprisonment and a fine of up to €116,468. Protest in Valletta on Friday in front of the Maltese Parliament, Pressure mounting on prime minister to resign.

The start of a large-scale internal audit was the change of the Director's staff.

Yorgen Fenech’s Tumas Group is a business partner in the Electrogas consortium. Prime Minister Joseph Muscat refused to issue a pardon on Friday. A leaked FIAU report confirmed that 17 Black had received at least three payments – one single payment of €161,000 from Mario Pullicino, the local agent for the tanker supplying gas to the LNG power station and two separate payments amounting to €1.1 million from an unnamed Azeri national. Do you agree to share your location with us? Both Mizzi and Schembri, close allies of the prime minister, have denied any wrongdoing.

Her claims were published without any evidence and she was unable to discover who owned the company. Jurgen Balzan 9 November 2018 The owner of the elusive Dubai-registered company 17 Black has been identified as Yorgen Fenech who is a shareholder and director in Electrogas – the company that built and runs the new Delimara power plant – according to a joint investigation by Reuters and The Times of Malta. You can sign up to receive it directly here. Mr Muscat declined to comment further out of concern that any comments might prejudice a case. Mr Muscat said he instructed police to be on the lookout for unusual actions by "people of interest" in the long-unsolved murder. Mizzi and Schembri have denied this was the case, but while Schembri said he set up his company to expand his private business interests, Mizzi insisted he had set it up for family planning purposes. Malta's Prime Minister Joseph Muscat has not directly tied the arrest to the murder of Ms Caruana Galizia, but he did say that it appeared to result from comments he made on Tuesday regarding the suspected middleman's possible pardon. Maltese military intercepted Yorgen Fenech's luxury vessel Gio while he was on course for Sicily in Italy. Businessman Yorgen Fenech has been charged with complicity in the 2017 murder of journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia.

Prominent Malta businessman Yorgen Fenech arrested on his yacht while trying to leave country's waters, Yorgen Fenech has been arrested while trying to leave Maltese waters, Police aboard the yacht "Gio" after it was intercepted on a course for Sicily by the Maltese military, Daphne Caruana Galizia was killed in a bomb attack in 2017, Yorgen Fenech is seen at the Oracle Casino in St Paul's Bay, Malta, in 2014. Theuma, who was arrested earlier this year and allegedly pleaded guilty for his involvement in the crime, gave evidence that led to the arrest of Fenech.

He told reporters: "If I had not given these instructions, maybe today we might be speaking of persons of interest who might have escaped.". Secret Panama companies owned by then Energy Minister Konrad Mizzi and Keith Schembri, the government chief of staff, stood to receive payments from 17 Black for unspecified services, according to a December 2015 email which was uncovered by Maltese financial regulators. The yacht, which left the Portomaso marine shortly before dawn on Wednesday, was forced back to port and Fenech was arrested. Malta's government said it would offer a pardon to the suspect. The ratio of shares of the company is approximately the following: 33.34% each belongs to Fenek, SOCAR Trading and Siemens. It was not immediately clear whether there was a connection with Fenech's arrest. Privacy Policy | The Times of Malta and Reuters reported today that the police have received a report from Malta’s Financial Intelligence Analysis Unit (FIAU) which named Yorgen Fenech as the owner of 17 Black. What Could Be The Link Between Electrogas, 17 Black And The Panama Papers?

Fenech pleaded not guilty. Send Facebook Twitter google+ Whatsapp Tumblr linkedin stumble Digg reddit Newsvine. He was also arraigned on the further charge of promoting, organizing or financing a group with the intention of committing a crime. Fenech has been linked with Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, who may resign over the case. The billionaire hotelier was arrested on his yacht earlier in November in connection with the 2017 car bombing that killed Caruana Galizia. Schembri was questioned by police but was ultimately released, as they said they did not have enough evidence to hold him. You can find more information in our data protection declaration. Maltese Bus Stop Comes Alive With Terrifying Banshee Prank, Fundraiser Launched To Cover Sliema Double Murder Victim’s Family’s Legal Fees, Malta Closes Bars For A Month, Limits Public Gatherings To Six People, 'Disgraceful': Pair Fined For Not Having A Mask After A Late-Night Swim In 'Desolate' Għar Lapsi, Emma Muscat Breaks Down After Seeing The Lobster She Just Ordered Prior To Cooking, Robert Abela Saves Motorcyclist After Luqa Hit-And-Run, Maltese Animal Rescuer Puts Personal Car Up For Sale To Cope With Sanctuary Expenses, Smoking Exempt From Malta’s New Mask Law, Chris Fearne Confirms, Former Maltese Seminary Student Condemns Priest Training ‘Prison’ And The Way He Was 'Abandoned', Terry Ta’ Bormla Thanks Bernard Grech For Calling Her But Says She’s Not Returning To PN, The Times of Malta and Reuters reported today, Mizzi and Schembri have denied this was the case.
Legal notice | Fenech will reappear in court within the next 15 days to start the compilation of evidence against him. 'Thank God For The Police': Maltese Woman Speaks Out After Footage Of Driver Crashing Into Her Parked Car Goes Viral, NET Presenter: 'I Want To Be Malta’s First Trans Woman Politician', WATCH: Xaraboo! Reuters’ sources also confirmed that 17 Black had changed its name to Wings Development in March 2017, a few weeks after now-murdered journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia had first named the company in a cryptic blogpost. Prominent Malta businessman Yorgen Fenech arrested on his yacht while trying to leave country's waters.

The Times of Malta and Reuters reported today that the police have received a report from Malta’s Financial Intelligence Analysis Unit (FIAU) which named Yorgen Fenech as the owner of 17 Black. A resignation date of January 18 has been suggested by some local media. The sources also revealed that 17 Black’s bank account at the Noor Bank in Dubai were frozen last September and that UAE financial and law enforcement authorities are examining 17 Black’s activities following a request for assistance from the Maltese authorities. | Mobile version, New arrest in Malta journalist murder puts focus on political corruption, Fenech had offered to give evidence against government insiders, prime minister planned to announce his resignation. His name was on leaked documents as a source of income for companies named in the Panama Papers. Local newspaper The Times of Malta reported that the prime minister planned to announce his resignation imminently, following angry protests in the streets of Valletta. Hunters Point Finger At BirdLife Malta For Planting Poisoned Maltese Sausage In Aħrax, WATCH: Shyli Rose Turned Down $20,000 From A Buyer Who Wanted To Sleep With Her, PL Deputy Leader Backs Voluntary Euthanasia Following New Zealand Referendum, James Bond Actor Sir Sean Connery Dies Aged 90. Fenech had offered to give evidence against government insiders in return for a pardon earlier in the week. Fenech refused to comment on whether he owns 17 Black or Wings Development but strongly denied having any links with the Panama companies or any politically exposed persons. A source in the United Arab Emirates told Reuters that Fenech’s ownership of the company was confirmed by banking correspondence that summarised 17 Black’s banking activity in Dubai. A 2018 investigation by Reuters news agency indicated that another company from which they aimed to make money was owned by Fenech. Contact Officials said on Tuesday they had arrested the suspected middleman in the murder of Maltese journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia in 2017, and that he was offering to identify the mastermind. Her murder and its aftermath have thrown Malta into political chaos. Each evening at 1830 UTC, DW's editors send out a selection of the day's hard news and quality feature journalism. Nexia BT’s email states that the two companies will be involved in businesses around the world and that they will be primarily funded from two Dubai companies called 17 Black and Macbridge. It has been alleged that Fenech has close ties to associates of Prime Minister Joseph Muscat.
Fenech had previously implicated Muscat's chief of staff, Keith Schembri, who resigned from his government post earlier this week.

There have been many changes recently relating to the introduction of GDPR from May 25th 2018, therefore, before you continue we wish to advise that in continuing to our website you are consenting to our Terms of Use and understand the new privacy policy that is in effect. Read more: New arrest in Malta journalist murder puts focus on political corruption. This new information will likely raise further questions as to whether Mizzi and Schembri had set up their Panama companies to receive kickbacks from the Electrogas power station. Yorgen Fenech's name was on leaked documents as a source of income for companies named in the Panama Papers. Yorgen Fenech's name was on leaked documents as …

The other partners are Azerbaijan’s state-owned energy company Socar and German manufacturing giant Siemens. The businessman is a very prominent hotelier and director of the Maltese power grid. A photograph of Keith Schembri with Melvin Theuma, an alleged go-between in the murder, was published on Saturday by Malta Today, another local news outlet. Mr Fenech is the son of late businessman George Fenech and comes from a family that run one of Malta’s most powerful business groups – Tumas Group. He will make announcements in due course." Tumas Group, along with the Gasan Group and pharmaceutical importer Paul Apap Bologna, are the Maltese partners in the Electrogas consortium which runs the LNG power station in Delimara. Caruana Galizia reported before her death that Keith Schembri and former Tourism Minister Konrad Mizzi, one of those who resigned this week, owned secret companies in Panama. Ms Caruana Galizia wrote in her blog about a mystery company in Dubai called 17 Black Limited, alleging it was connected to Maltese politicians, eight months before she died in a car bombing in February 2017. © 2020 Deutsche Welle | Businessman Yorgen Fenech has been charged with complicity in the 2017 murder of journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia.

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