Hruba photo and image search. [citation needed], She moved to Hollywood with her mother and signed a contract in 1943 with Republic Pictures. I made several ‘ice pictures.’ I was in ‘Lake Placid Serenade’ (‘44) and ‘Murder In the Music Hall’ (‘46) but I consider my first real movie ‘Lady and the Monster’ with Richard Arlen, followed by ‘Storm Over Lisbon’ (both ‘44) with Robert Livingston.”, Vera’s name was lengthened to Vera Hruba Ralston (taken from the name of the popular breakfast cereal) for these latter two films, “Because no one could pronounce my name, which is Rube Uh!         - Phyllis Coates The most insightful comments on all subjects In the final reckoning she was 17th. She never lost her Czech accent, which limited her utility to the studio – in contrast to Henie, who soon adopted the right Hollywood diction. Newest first, -1) ? Please Same for Ikea Knightley during the last ten years.         - Joan Barclay She later married Charles Alva, a Californian businessman. And that made me nervous—after I had fallen off.

        - Judy Nugent         - Paula Raymond

It allows our most engaged readers to debate the big issues, share their own experiences, discuss         - Myrna Dell There was one way to get boss Yates to pry open his checkbook, however, and that was to put Vera Hruba Ralston in the leading role.         - Peggy Moran [citation needed] She competed at the 1936 European Figure Skating Championships and placed 15th. John Wayne was a very big star when we made ‘Dakota” and it was my third acting picture.

Herbert Yates, the head of the studio and her future husband, put a full page picture of her in the trades once a week, with a caption underneath the photo stating she was the most beautiful woman in the world. (Laughs).”, Asked about Walter Brennan with whom she co-starred in “Dakota” and “Surrender”, “A delightful man; he played the captain in ‘Dakota’ and didn’t know what to do with the character. Oldest first, -1) ?         - Dorothy Green
        - Rebel Randall         - Barbara Kent Everybody knew each other. Start your Independent Premium subscription today.         - Anne Jeffreys

It gives you more with the costumes and the is nicer.         - Shirley Jean Rickert

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        - Marsha Hunt His wife and children. She died on February 9, 2003, in Santa Barbara, California, after a long battle with cancer.         - Marie Windsor         - Jean Porter [4][6] Her brother, Rudy Ralston, later became a film producer in the United States. Czech figure skater Vera Hruba Ralston was a runner-up in the 1936 Olympics. As a figure skater, she represented Czechoslovakia in competition under her birth name Věra Hrubá.         - Suzanne Kaaren John Wayne was so fond of Herbert Yates—they were very good friends—that Wayne would keep returning to the studio, after he was a big, big star.”, As for Vera’s family, “My brother (producer Rudy Ralston) died years ago. In 1944, as Vera Hruba Ralston, she co-starred with Erich von Stroheim in The Lady and the Monster and also in Storm Over Lisbon, Yates's attempt to rival the 1942 classic Casablanca. Newest first, -1) ? try again, the name must be unique, Please try again, the name must be unique, Please She retired from films in 1958.         - Argentina Brunetti My brother Rudy came later and went into the war. Victor was a very funny man.     - Page 2 (1950-1979), The Queen of Republic was born Vera Hruba (pronounced Rue Buh) one June 12 in Prague, Czechoslovakia.         - Kathryn Adams         - Roberta Gale In Lake Placid Serenade (1944), she had a chance to display her skating ability, but most of her future films were off the ice. Vera Helena Hruba, ice skater and actress: born Prague 12 July 1923; married 1952 Herbert J. Yates (died 1966), 1973 Charles Alva; died Santa Barbara, California 9 February 2003.         - Margia Dean He featured her in two films about the "Ice Capades" revue, and then offered her acting parts. Virtually forgotten was her Czech skating rival Vera Hruba, who starred in almost as many films for Republic. Republic was always tight with a buck.”, As for Paradise Cove in “Fair Wind to Java”, “This was at Republic—we had our own.         - Maureen O'Hara Please Enter your email to follow new comments on this article.

        - Irene Hervey

“It was,” she said, “something I just couldn’t lose, no matter how hard I tried.”, After 15 years in films, Vera retired, “When Republic went out of business, and became a rental studio.         - Donna Martell Years later, he had to have an operation, and came to the hospital in Santa Barbara for it. That went to the British champion Cecilia Colledge, close behind the victorious Henie.         - Beth Marion Photo: Republic Studios President Herbert Yates marries Vera Hruba Ralston in 1952.         - Gail Davis [9] Yates used his position to obtain roles for Ralston, and at one point was sued by studio shareholders for using company assets to promote his wife. We went to John Wayne’s house to celebrate—Walter Brennan and the rest of the cast—we were at John Wayne’s house—I’ll never forget that!”, “Dakota” was directed by Joseph Kane, “Who directed me 11 times.
        - Gloria Jean         - Julie Adams (Laughs) I knew John Wayne very well.         - Ruth Terry

There were very few outsiders in your pictures. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Vera Ralston (born Věra Helena Hrubá) was a Czech figure skater and actress. try again, the name must be unique, Please Log in to update your newsletter preferences, Monday - Friday plus breaking news alerts by email. I enjoyed working with him.         - Ann Doran There she caught the eye of Herbert J. Yates, head of Republic Pictures Corporation and 40 years her senior.     - Page 1 (1910-1949)         - Mala Powers         - Connie Stevens Want to bookmark your favourite articles and stories to read or reference later?         - Jane Adams         - Mae Madison         - Frances Dee I had a good time!”, (Unfortunately, Vera died on Feb. 9, 2003, while Michael Fitzgerald was conducting this interview piecemeal and didn’t get around to telling him about Bill Elliott, Sterling Hayden, John Carroll and a few others.—ed.).

        - Kristine Miller He was so patient with me.”, When asked about Trucolor, she emphatically states, “That was Republic’s color; they made it, and I never liked it too well.         - Noel Neill I was a perfectionist, and would only do it that way.         - Lois Collier We three had to swim to shore. Vera Hruba Ralston was not a "serious" actress, she was a figure skater who married the head of the lowest-budget, least-respected studio in Hollywood!

While we were doing it, the war was over. Fred and Victor were delightful to work with.

"[7], Hrubá competed at the 1937 European Figure Skating Championships and placed 7th. That would make her a 12-year-old when she competed in the European figure skating championships in Berlin in 1936.         - Vera Hruba Ralston She later became a naturalized American citizen. He went to Java with the crew.”, Asked about locations in Hawaii, and their being nixed because of her upcoming wedding to studio head Herbert J. Yates, “I think it was more due to economics than to delaying our marriage. Shortly thereafter, she turned professional, arriving in the U.S. in 1939 to headline Ice-Capades Revue.         - Olive Sturgess Then the director calls action, a bell rings and the horse gets nervous. I fell off once and never got over it.         - Margaret O'Brien         - Fay McKenzie         - Eilene Janssen Yates died in 1966, leaving his $8 million estate to Ralston. The existing Open Comments threads will continue to exist for those who do not subscribe to         - Jane Wyatt Shortly thereafter, she turned professional, arriving in the U.S. in 1939 to headline Ice-Capades Revue. Joe Kane was a very charming man. Bishop

        - Caren Marsh She refused to raise her arm in the Hitler salute. In fact, I was very fortunate in my career to work with all nice, kind people.

    - Archives, Heavies and Characters

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