This creates a global village focused on American values, which also destroys other nation's culture. In effect, Welch set out to focus the company on the businesses where it had the potential for greatness, and to jettison everything else. Synergy is the promotion and sale of a product throughout the various subsidiaries of a media conglomerate, e.g. Synergy is when a conglomerates subsidiary’s promotes a product owned by the company themselves. Having chosen one of these approaches, the next step is to identify the few differentiating capabilities that might be legitimately shared across business units, things that one business does well and that will be relevant to others. Disney are a very large multinational media institution. The role of synergy is extremely important in the current climate of media mergers because synergy creates the most money. Of course, the very diversity that defines a conglomerate makes it hard to enforce the discipline of coherence. What is cultural imperialism, and what does it have to do with the United States? In media economics, synergy is the promotion and sale of a product (and all its versions) throughout the various subsidiaries of a media conglomerate, e.g. Such products prove to be beneficial tot he film franchise and Disney as a conglomerate as it easy promotion of products under the Star Wars brand and the development of a larger audience by capturing those who  necessarily Star Wars fans but consume Lego products or just toys in general. Disney is a great example because they are one of the first ones to really incorporate synergy. Conglomerates are formed to create synergy in order to cross promote. Cultural imperialism is the phenomenon of American media, fashion, and food dominating the global market and shaping the cultures and identities of other nations. Both are adjunct professors of strateegy at Northwestern University’s School of Management. Throughout the history of Disney, it wasn't till they began to expand and synergize that they began to make large amounts of profits. To try to reform media control and conglomerate power. films,soundtracks or video games. What are the differences between freedom of consumer choice and consumer control? What are some of society's key expectations of its media organizations? But it stands together as a relatively coherent entity, through the power and universal applicability of the things it does well. Film On october 2012 the media conglomerate Disney have purchased the rights to the megafranchise Star Wars for $4.05 billion and announced that they are planning to produce 3 new films, the first of which is planned for release in … 2 in its market; he also insisted that every business provide value no competitor could match, and that they all should be able to gain leverage from GE’s distinctive strength in complex, engineering-intensive industrial enterprises — or they wouldn’t fit. This benefits media conglomerates as in some ways the production of these games are quicker as all they have to do if lift assets such as sound directly from the films and place them in the games if they wish. Synergy is the promotion and sale of different versions of a media product across the various subsidiaries of a media conglomerate. Disney Synergy Perhaps no company is better than Disney at taking a character, TV Show, or movie and turning into a money making franchise. Consumers have very little control of the latter. The trick with conglomerates is to manage those diverse businesses in ways that create meaningful and relevant scale. In addition to creating a series of movies, episodic TV shows and online serials, Disney takes the characters and licenses them for toys, games, apparel and a wide variety other merchandise. Welch articulated both what GE did well, and what it would not do at all: a critical challenge for all large companies, especially conglomerates. You should also ask a question that often goes unasked: How might the individual businesses reconsider their strategy in light of what the enterprise brings to the table? 1 or No. That was the point of his famous requirement that every business had to be No. Harvard Business Publishing is an affiliate of Harvard Business School. Through the indirect payments of advertising, "the client is the advertiser, not the viewer or listener or reader.". A promising sign is the media reform movement. What are the benefits of 3D films for audiences a... Cinema Exhibitor's Association Annual Report 2011. For example, if you have a world-class distribution system for your consumer-packaged goods businesses, and you try to merge it with your specialty chemicals supply chain; the specialty chemicals business will no longer be able to rely on the capabilities its portfolio really needs. But very few conglomerates are set up to embrace this sort of abrupt shift of direction, and it takes a long time to execute. The film franchise is known for the 3rd highest grossing film series, generating a total box office revenue of $4.49 billion. This is done as Star wars fans will come to these attractions to consume Star Wars based media and, however this demographic may also be exposed to some of the more traditional disney media texts during their visit and the same works the other way round with Disney fans wanting to consume Disney products but being exposed to mass imagery of Star Wars. First, it has applied a few critical capabilities to all the disparate parts of the enterprise, Second, it has taken advantage of its diversity in other ways, not forcing scale where scale would merely add cost and complexity. This can be evidenced by the cross media text image above of Disney's Mickey Mouse and Star Wars, The soundtrack for the film franchise was produced by Composer John Williams, the first score to Star wars episode 4 was released in 1977, episode V's in 1980, VI's in 1983, I in 1999, episode II in 2002, episode III in 2005 and finally in 2008 the soundtrack for Star wars the clone wars was released.

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