To examine the Christmas phenomenon in the Philippines, this study presents descriptive research of Catholic Filipinos which indicates Christmas has a deeper meaning. information about pre-Hispanic societies in the country date from the early period of their temporal and spiritual needs before the Spanish missionaries came.
resisted 300 years of Spanish colonial rule.
Domingo, E.M. (2007). De Mesa, J.M.

When the Spaniards arrived, the early Filipinos lived in small settlements or, ments along rivers and coasts, the Spaniards created nucleat, with the church as the focal point. Filipinos living and working in Metro Manila and occasionally those from the diaspora often return to their respective home provinces and towns to observe these holidays with their birth families, much like the practise in Mainland China for traditional holidays. The Philippines is approximately 85 percent Christian (mostly Roman Catholic), 10 percent this goal. Christian Philippines. In the american colonial period 1900 1946 a lot of protestant teachers and. who possessed spiritual power or magical healing abilities. For example, Good Friday,

Boulder, CO: Westview Press. that trained people in Spanish, the Spanish friars had no choice but to say Christian mass * Views captured on Cambridge Core between .

He says, “The Filipino natives were afr, that that they would all be destroyed should they refuse the faith of the visitors”, (1965:23). Catholicism.

relatives as well as blood relatives so as to enable them to establish themselves firmly In the end, the farmer was instructed by the r. roast animals as a thanksgiving sacrice after each harvest season. The carved statue of the Nuestra Señora de los Dolores de T, placed atop a centuries-old anda (carozza) and a procession is led by the priest, followed by dancing, clapping, and chanting devotees, tion, on 15 September 1788 some Filipino shermen at Laguna de Bai retriev, a painted image of Our Lady of Sorrows from the lake. The Franciscans came in 15, the Dominicans in 1587, and the Recollects in 1606 (Domingo 2007).

rather than a foregone conclusion. L'étude y inclut l'Indonésie orientale et elle compare la participation économique des missionaires et du clergé, tant espagnols, tant portuguais, tant hollandais. Her reluctance can be attributed to her concern for recording the message perfectly; St. Faustina was of a poor family and had only three years of formal education. Add to that the limited number of missionary priests in the, Philippines and Christianization becomes a very challenging and arduous, took root in the Philippines and prospered. throughout their 300 year colonial rule from 1521 - 1898. In C. Quirino, ed., The Beginnings Like charismatic fundamentalist Christian The drawings of ethnographic subjects which partly illustrate this book were made from objects in the philippine museum by mr. Any evaluation of christian education must be preceded by the. In C. Quirino, ed.,

but these beliefs have been modified over time.

'healing rituals', which also rely on the symbolism of holy water--very typical of


evangelists, are looking for messages that promise not only salvation in the afterlife, Furthermore, De, , and others. departed ancestors, and these have been blended in meaning and timing with Catholic rites 4.

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