Tiki | Jeff Andonuts | Flint and Alec went to find the missing Claus. Protect her two twin sons Lucas and Claus. I am Hinawa, a resident in Tazmily Village. Samurai Goroh |

Hinawa appears in Super Smash Bros. Brawl as a sticker. Wario |

Duster/Wess 25. Toon Link | Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. Boney, F-Zero series Hinawa Spend her time with her family.

Pit |

She was the loving mother of Lucas and Claus, the daughter of Alec, and the wife of Flint.

Mother 3(JPJapanese: マザースリーRomaji: Mazā Surī) is a role-playing game created by Shigesato Itoi and produced by Nintendo. Camilla | Hinawa has long, brown hair and blue eyes. He is shown to become violent under certain saddening circumstances; this is shown when he lashes out at his surroundings and other people (Tessie, Abott, Ollie, and Bronson) when informed of his wife's death. Incineroar | Attaching this sticker to the bottom of Ness or Lucas's trophies in The Subspace Emissary decreases the damage they take from physical attacks (such as kicks and punches) by 4. Paper Mario | Porky Minch, Dragos

Mewtwo |

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Looking after my twins, my husband and cooking, ((I don't have the time to RP as Hinawa anymore. Corrin |

Max Brass | MOTHER 3 has plenty of characters, but these are the characters that are without a doubt the most impactful.

Browse the user profile and get inspired. Hinawa (Japanese: ヒナワ Hinawa) is a character in Mother 3.

Kiddy Kong | Enemies Super Mario Bros. franchise Lucas sees his mother floating on the clouds and jumps off the cliff to reach her and falls, ending Chapter 6. Palutena | Game Boy Advance - Mother 3 (JPN) - Hinawa - The #1 source for video game sprites on the internet!

Her spirit also makes an appearance during the final boss fight, calling Claus to help him come to his senses. Mother 3

Jenna | Sprites Jody Summer, Animal Crossing franchise I do check my normal account everyday, since I get about 300 deviantations in my messages and I don't want it to overflow. Waluigi | Do-Gooder Sprites



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She has red lipstick, wears a white-red shirt and dress, and brown shoes. She is a sweet young woman living in Tazmily Village, and first appears in the prologue of Mother 3. Fiora | Heroic BSoD: After the news of Hinawa's death is relayed to him, he refuses to speak, grabs a piece of wood, and attacks the townfolk until they knock him out and put him in a cell until he calms down. Lucas/Boney 21.

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I appreciate it ^-^, Your welcome! My husband is Flint, and my two sons are Claus and Lucas. The blogger made Hinawa the commander of the Pigmask army and basically Hinawa and Claus’s roles were switched with a few differences. He can hold up to only one supporting spirit.

Hinawa keeps begging Claus to stop, and finally begs him to join her. Eevee |

Bye. Flint's name comes from a flintlock rifle, given that Hinawa's name is derived from the Japanese name for a matchlock gun.

https://earthbound.fandom.com/wiki/Hinawa?oldid=61774, Hinawa's name comes from the Japanese word for "matchlock" (火縄銃, It was hinted that she was going to be playable in, Her name could be a possible reference to, She is the only non-playable character in the, In Chapter 1, when playing as Lucas, you can dash into Hinawa’s chair before leaving to play with the Dragos.

Protector of Innocence Blaziken | Me @ me: How could you have ever forgotten about the brilliance that is this game huh.

Hector | O_o)), Thank you very much for the favorite.

Twintelle | Ultimate as an attack spirit.

Flint is the lead protagonist of the game's first chapter, and appears several times later in the story as a supporting character. ....what;s a movie? She will give you a. 1,231 notes. During the final fight with the Masked Man, then revealed to be Claus, Hinawa's voice scolds Lucas and Claus for fighting and begs Claus to come to his senses and join her. Pichu | Hinawa is called "Favorite Mom" by her two sons, Lucas and Claus.

Meta Knight | Azura |

Claus does not get his mind back, though. Roy | She is the late mother of Lucas and Claus, the late wife of Flint, and the late daughter of Alec. Lucas The protagonist of the second half of the game. After the end of Chapter 5 when Lucas and co. fell from the ship's ladder, Lucas finds himself alone in the middle of a sunflower field. Is anyone else experiencing this? You incompetent fool, ‪(zelda having hinawa’s spirit breaks me ;-;)‬.

so maybe this October lmao, heres the earlier bits of Momtober, mom 1 and mom 2, Then you can stay inside in your pajamas for the rest of your life, I love how 4th wall breaky that line is lmao, Then you can never progress through the game. Yoshi | He reflects on Flint's obsessive nature, visiting Hinawa's grave and searching for Claus, and gives Lucas the Courage Badge in Flint's stead. Leading them off a cliff, the two land safely in a pile of brush near the Old Man's Paradise that was set up by Alec. Hobby

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