Enjoyed our roundup of the best artificial Christmas trees? Clear lights look gorgeous in any environment, and they are a great choice for people who want to add multi-colored ornaments to their tree. The NCTA’s Jami Warner told us the average artificial tree lasts 10 years. Want even more considerations? A Costco membership can score you an amazing deal. We offer finance for all orders above £500. This is a great choice for those searching for a natural looking tree to provide a traditional look for your lights and homemade or purchased decoration theme. Great opportunities are available every day to purchase artificial Christmas trees, made in the USA or elsewhere. You can often get a 7- or 8-foot live Christmas tree for around $30 at Costco—a great deal by any standard. Just think how nice it would be to have the holiday tree ready in a snap! We've designed Sun Selects to help you to find the best products that won't break the bank. Best Overall: Green Spruce Christmas Tree with White Lights. You should consider the customer reviews along with the ratings when determining which artificial tree to purchase. Buy Artificial Christmas Trees in New Zealand At Flexilight, we want you to have the best and most magical Christmas possible. Artificial trees that are pre-strung with lights offer more than just convenience. If you want a traditional, realistic tree then a top rated tree will be one that best mimics that fresh-cut look with a sturdy construction that will last for many seasons. The branches are movable to create a fuller looking tree to make it look like some of the classic trees you saw as a child. And the best part is that these artificial trees are so easy to manage. When you buy artificial decorative trees with lights, the cords are neatly hidden from view. If you can find a pre lit LED Christmas tree clearance sale, you can get a fantastic tree at an incredibly low price. Check the reviews, then use the links on our site to find the best prices for your new holiday tree! These trees can be decorated just as you would a real tree, but without dying needles and watering them. It is a great choice for people who want pre-lit Christmas trees because it has clear lights woven into the branches. Fortunately, you can preserve your family’s tradition by purchasing a real looking artificial Christmas tree. Once your artificial tree is finished delivering its holiday cheer for the season, you can certainly store it in its original box, although this might un-fluff the tips and could damage the lights (if pre-lighted). Just be sure not to place your tree close too close to electrical outlets, heat sources, or other potential fire hazards (also, be sure to verify that the manufacturer applied fire retardant to your tree). The unlit trees come with no lights, while the lit trees come in many different varieties. To avoid these allergens, you can spray down your artificial tree with a garden hose and allow it to dry for at least 24 hours before bringing inside. All Rights Reserved. Buying one of these outstanding Christmas trees can really transform your home during the holidays. The tree is completely fire-resistant, while all the materials are non-allergenic making it an ideal choice for an office space or for a business involved in the hospitality industry. To find the best deals on artificial Christmas trees, first do your research and decide on which options are the best fit for you and your budget. 'Really very happy with this tree. It comes with a sturdy stand, which ensures your tree is never going to feel unstable or wobbly. This minimizes hassle during the holiday season. Some purchases may qualify for free Prime shipping, and you can also pre-order your tree and choose an exact delivery date. Compared to other artificial xmas trees with LED lights, this tree is a great choice with lights already installed and the full and realistic look of a live tree. This will necessitate making plans in advance so that tree arrives in time for Christmas. We have listings of all the top pre-lit artificial trees on the market, ensuring our readers only have to choose between the very best quality trees. For a quotation, please send us your address and details of what you would like to order to [email protected]. Most trees you buy will display their height and width on the box or the online listing, so use this as a reference point as you measure out the area in which you want to put your tree. In less expensive models, if one bulb breaks, it could short out all the remaining lights, leaving you with a dull-looking tree. They range from life-like trees to pink, silver or blue metallic trees. But, with the overwhelming number of options, the decision of where to buy an artificial Christmas tree can be difficult. This website is reader-supported. Finding a realistic looking Christmas tree can seem challenging. You can read the instructions and assemble the tree in less than a minute. Purchasing an artificial Christmas tree means a decrease in stress at the holiday and the ability to reuse a tree for several seasons. Some trees even feature “snow”, or flocking, on them, and you can find these white Christmas trees for sale through our site. No matter which style of tree, you should consider the customer reviews along with the ratings when determining which artificial tree to purchase. Finally, you might want to avoid plastic or flimsy metal stands. That isn’t the case anymore thanks to the wide variety of artificial trees, including pre lit Christmas trees. You can add all of your favorite family ornaments to your tree because of the lavish number of realistic looking branch tips (the 7.5′ model has over 2,000!). Yes, customers can choose from lit and unlit trees, depending on their preference. Most artificial trees come with a tree stand, which ensures that the tree stays securely upright at all times. This makes for a high-quality tree that may be a bit harder to re-arrange if you don’t get the perfect layout on the first try, but makes for a great addition to your holiday décor. There are many types of artificial Christmas trees available online and at most stores. The answer depends on what elements are most important to you. The needles are 100-percent PVC, providing a fire-resistant and non-allergenic option for your household. This tree is unlit, with a diameter of 59 inches, 2,514 branch tips and a construction that keeps decorations secure since the branches are hinged to the center pole. With this tree, people are happy to find a lifelike appearance without the hassle of falling needles or going out to choose a new tree each year. In fact, depending on where you live, your tree may have been trucked in from somewhere hundreds of miles away, which you might imagine has a greater negative impact on the environment. The color on the tree is incredibly bright, while the branches have a wonderful, thick quality. Among artificial trees, pre-lit options will almost always be some of the highest-priced. Artificial Christmas Tree Buying Guide: 7 Important Things to Consider. Make the most of Chrismas with our Christmas Sale! But if you are not too fond of adding ornaments to the tree, multi-colored lights are going to make your tree look like a Christmas wonder. For those who prefer their Christmas trees as classy as possible, the National Tree’s Dunhill Fir Tree is a fantastic option. These are the best products related to Best Artificial Christmas Tree based on product quality, customer satisfaction, and price: Artificial Christmas trees are a great option for the holidays, since once purchased they can be reused for many seasons. You can use this tree year after year. Lack of decorating versatility. Regular holiday light sets are inexpensive because they are usually not made to last. The hook-in branches are individually added to specific spots on the tree’s central pole. Fiber optic is another option which is sometimes combined with pre-strung lights. Artificial lighted Christmas trees feature different light varieties, depending on the model you purchase. Among the artificial pre lit Christmas trees on the market, this tree really stands out. If your preference is a classic, full tree with clear lights you can’t go wrong with this Blue Spruce. They can go with the trees with clear lights or multi-colored lights. When it comes to the best deals on artificial Christmas trees, the decision hinges on the quality, the price and the particular elements that you’re looking for. $54.99 - $64.99 #46. Additionally, there is a two year warranty on the bulbs and a five year warranty on the tree itself. ... AMhomely Christmas Tree Sale, 7.5ft Hinged Fir Pencil Artificial Christmas Tree With Metal Foldable Stand Merry Christmas Decorative Xmas Home Decorations Décor Ornaments Party Gifts (White 6FT) 1.3 out of 5 stars 7. For the price I am super happy with this tree and have seen far worse for more money! Both lit and unlit trees have their merits, with some people preferring to add their own lights to the tree, while others go for the LED Christmas trees to increase the convenience factor on their purchase. There are a variety of trees to choose from both real and artificial. Lighted models, even cheap pre lit Christmas trees, are true time-savers and, because the light strands are woven evenly throughout the tree by the manufacturer, you get a picture-perfect tree every year. “Fraser fir is the number-one Christmas tree sold in the U.S.,” she said. Lastly, the length of your warranty can vary widely between manufacturers. There are indeed some trees that can be used outdoors, but you need to be sure you read the packaging well and look for the words “safe for outdoor use”. There is also a great metal stand that comes with the tree, so you do not have to worry about it being imbalanced when you set up multiple ornaments or lights on the three. The product includes extra bulbs in the packaging, while the manufacturer also provides a warranty on the lights and the tree material. The 7.5-ft model is great for smaller apartments, while the 9-ft model would look great in your home’s drawing or living room.

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