Juan: This simple name is a strong and traditional one that means “gracious” or “merciful.” It’s a form of the English name John. 25. 55.
David: With roots in the Hebrew language, this strong and traditional name means “beloved.” Fernanda: This bright name is a Spanish feminine form of Ferdinand. He’s very loyal when it comes to relationships, he’s a bit shy but that’s what makes him so adorable . / ɝ/= The open-mid central unrounded vowel, or low-mid central unrounded vowel, is a sound known as difficult to master, the position of the tongue is halfway between a back and a front vowel sound. Angelina: This heavenly Hispanic name means “angel” and is the feminine form of the Latin name Angelus. [13], Mapelli Mozzi is a co-founder of the British-Rwandan charity "Cricket Builds Hope", which aims to use cricket as "a tool for positive social change" in Rwanda. Gustavo: The Spanish and Portuguese form of Gustav, this historical name means “royal staff.” I operated the diffusion station, the hydrolysis reactor, the fermentation tanks and the continuous distillation tower at the 20,000 L/hour alcoholic drink production facility. Eduardo: This bold name means “prosperous guardian,” and it’s the Spanish and Portuguese version of the English name Edward. Esteban: The Hispanic form of Stephen, this popular boy name means “crown” or “wreath.” Arturo: The meaning of this popular Hispanic name, which comes from the name Arthur, is under debate. You can use the Baby Name Generator to search for names by first letter, name origin, gender, or even look for names inspired by themes like nature, royalty, or mythology. Teflpedia.com, (2015).

José: Linked back to the name Joseph, this name has popular variations in several European languages, too. Sign up for a trial and get a free 7-day access to all audio and video recordings on EasyPronunciation.com! It means “renowned warrior” and is the Spanish, feminine form of Louis. 79. International Phonetic Alphabet - IPA Chart, Insert phonetic transcription into subtitles, Merge Two Subtitles in Different Languages, practice pronunciation with short simple sentences (video vocabulary builder for beginners), insert phonetic transcription into subtitles. Please buy a subscription to get access to this tool! Here are 4 tips that should help you perfect your pronunciation of 'eduardo':. It loosely means “adventurous,” coming from a Germanic name meaning “journey” and “brave” or “daring.” We hope you’ve found the perfect Hispanic name for your baby boy or your baby girl on our list. For even more fun and inspiration, check out these names inspired by 90s TV shows. Practice Your Pronunciation.

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