The Thaiger Pte Ltd is registered in Singapore. If you believe you fall into either of these categories, contact your local Thai Embassy or consulate to discuss your circumstances BEFORE you purchase a ticket or make any other arrangements. Enter your e-mail here for the newsletter! There are also plenty of good visa agents who will be able to provide you with advice and solutions, at a cost, allowing you to remain in the country. Is it from 4th to 6th or from 5th to 6th? Inquiries should be sent to, Two day alcohol sales ban for religious holidays starts Sunday. Foreigners with permanent residences who have been stranded overseas for the past 6 months, and long-term foreign residents (retirement visa), can now re-enter Thailand, under a number of restrictions, including where you are travelling from. You will certainly need to do a 14 day quarantine upon your return and the capricious nature of various embassy and immigration officials could make the many steps to get all the paperwork a nightmare. The exact date of the holiday is determined by the waxing moon and the lunar months, but is usually held in July or August. With the debt moratorium ending this month, Marisa says most hotels have restructured their debt with creditors. The current student protests are fairly limited and are publicised ahead of time so you can avoid those situations. The staff didnt even know as once it reached 11am they opened the fridges then it was only when they went to ring up the sale that they realized they could not sell it and supposed to remain in force until Tuesday….. Today is Asanha Bucha Day – Why is the day special for Thai Buddhists? According to The Pattaya News, neighbours say the Greek national has threatened them, as well as “throwing sewage” at their homes, and damaging their fences. Legal issues, Correction requests and Press Release Contacts, Advertise with us/Have us attend your event. For more on that, see below: Interior Ministry orders Governor’s to continue enforcing measures and orders previously made. She says banks are trying to avoid nonperforming loans, which are loans more than 90 days overdue. Legal issues, Correction requests and Press Release Contacts, Advertise with us/Have us attend your event. Thai officials have also said they will only accept tourists from “low risk” countries, without specifying what those countries are. The group landed at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi airport on a chartered flight laid on by Spring Airlines, a low-cost Chinese carrier. An explanation. Just hoping your situation is going to improve won’t work. To stimulate domestic tourism and help revive the economy after the pandemic, hotels plan to offer expats a 1,000 baht discount on rooms until the end of the year. Once in Thailand they will be tested again and will required to stay at the medical facility for at least 14 days, during which they will be able to start their chosen treatments. Those seeking Covid-19 treatment are barred.”. The man’s name has not been disclosed. Caretakers will have to go through the same screening procedures as the patient. Under the new regulation, 60 day visa extensions will be issued to those who are unable to travel back to their home country. Share. People wanting to visit Thailand for medical procedures at this time will need to contact the Thai Embassy in their country to organise the visa and paperwork. Contact Us:, The Pattaya News is your number one source for Real, Unbiased, Impactful and In the moment breaking news based in Pattaya, Thailand. Essentially, this means that the alcohol ban in each province stays. We also own and operate, © All rights reserved, Copyright The Pattaya News Company Limited, 2020. Even though Thailand is reopening borders to foreign visitors on the new Special Tourist Visa, the amount of international tourists expected to come in over the next month or so is a tiny fraction of the number of tourists arriving this time last year. Thai Meteorological Department announces winter in Thailand today, Heavy rain expected this weekend in Thailand due to second Tropical…, More information on three further locally spread cases of Covid-19 in…, International tourism numbers could plunge to an 80% drop in 2020,…, Loy Krathong brings out many domestic tourists in Pattaya, Thailand-English Video, Pattaya, Thailand holds Bikini Beach Run 2020-English Video, Thailand and Pattaya daily English video news recap for Halloween, Diving boat catches on fire near Koh Larn-Video, CCSA: No relaxation on social distancing measures, masks anytime soon in Thailand due to illegal border crossing concerns, Thailand week in review: The top five national stories in Thailand for the last week, Top five local Pattaya stories for the week ending October 31, 2020, Thailand’s Condominium Association introduces proposal to Thai Government of granting longer visa status to foreigners who spend 5 million baht on condominiums, United States to suspend trade benefits for some Thai products by end of the year, Special Feature: Life after tourism in Pattaya post Covid-19, a tour in photos, Thai Finance Ministry only predicts 8 million foreign tourists next year but slightly raises 2020 GDP outlook, Thailand and China sign high speed rail project between Bangkok and Nakhon Ratchasima. Thailand Public Holidays 2020. It’s the 7th edition of the “Covid-19 Related Travel Restrictions: A Global Review for Tourism”and identifies an ongoing global trend to gradually restart the world’s tourism machine. Various news outlets around the country have published a variety of confusing headlines on the matter. In 2019, almost 40 million tourists arrived in Thailand. Thailand's retraction of a nationwide blanket ban on alcohol sales, which led to panic-buying and fears of a fresh wave of COVID-19 infections, has been defended by industry leaders who claim alcohol and social gatherings don’t necessarily go hand-in-hand. At this stage, a model to allow limited tourists to re-enter the country, on extended tourist visas, with some restrictions, is being hammered out by the CCSA in conjunction with the Public Health Department, TAT and Ministry of Sports and Tourism. He has lived in Pattaya for over six and a half years as a full-time resident, is well known locally and been visiting the country as a regular visitor for over a decade. The UNWTO reports acknowledges that many destinations “remain cautious” and some are even re-closing borders and tightening up restrictions again. They accuse him of destroying fences with a hammer, while threatening and screaming at residents. The UN World Tourism Organisation has published its latest update on the state of the world’s re-openings in the Covid-era. His full contact information, including office contact information, can be found on our Contact Us page below.Stories please e-mail The ‘Love Is Not Tourism Thailand’ Facebook page, which includes families torn apart by the pandemic, is calling on the Thai government to help reunite their families. Adam Judd-Thursday, 30 April 2020, 13:07. Since the coronavirus outbreak, occupancy rates have fallen drastically and many hotels temporarily closed. The new visa regulation will be in effect until September 30, 2021 and may be extended beyond that time. Caveat emptor! Violators face up to six months in jail and/or a fine of 10,000 baht. A debt moratorium, put in place to help businesses hurt by the pandemic, is ending this month and hotels need a boost. It was a non-starter after the government encountered resistance from some in Phuket. The government noted that it doesn’t have the ability to fully re-open to tourism at the moment as they have to be able to process incoming visitors and find approved locations for them to serve their 14 day quarantine.”The target is to welcome 100-300 visitors a week, or up to 1,200 people a month, and generate income of about 1 billion baht a month.”. By. Articles may be shared if source and original link to the article is given. Spokesperson Dr. Taweesilp Visanuyothin says the visitors must have an appointment letter from a doctor in Thailand and entry certificates issued by Thai embassies across the globe. Could you please state the actual days alcohol is being banned? They will also need to produce proof that they tested negative for Covid-19 before their arrival. The discount is valid until December 31. In the police report, neighbours say the man is from Greece and around 50 years old. No less safe than usual and certainly there has been no civil unrest that would make you ponder your personal safety beyond the usual precautions you would take anywhere in the world. 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