Meaningful Activities for Learning & Creating. This ornament is fast, easy and very thrifty. Add the second biggest cone over it, place a dot at the tip and add the next smaller size, and so on. Cut each circle in half using normal scissors so that you now have eight halves. Take each of the four sizes and start to assemble your tree. Sometimes you see a craft and think, oh that’s cute! These have got to be the cutest paper reindeer ever. Next find the mid point of the folded paper strip by folding it in half, put some glue in this area, and twist once to make a butterfly shape. If you can’t make this 3D paper tree now, pin it to your kids’ crafts ideas board on Pinterest and it’ll be here for when you’re ready. Christmas Crafts for Kids: Shape Paper Christmas Tree, Prepare the Paper Pieces for the Christmas Tree Craft, How to Make the Paper Shape Christmas Tree, « DIY Craft Stick Santa Claus Ornament for Kids, Yarn Wrapped Craft Stick Reindeer Ornament Craft for Kids ». As always we would love to see your creations, if you’ll snap a photo and tag us on Instagram @easypeasyandfun or use #easypeasyandfun we would love to take a peak. Create this simple paper Christmas tree at your Christmas party, while everyone is waiting to unwrap the gifts. This paper shape Christmas tree craft was always fun to do with my students back when I taught Kindergarten and first grade. Not only did the Christmas trees look great on our walls, but the kids were able to practice shapes and spatial awareness while creating them. Love this Christmas tree craft! Make a contemporary paper version of a Christmas village. Read More…. And thank you! […], […] is another super simple craft for very young children that only requires scissors, glue, and construction […]. Oooh! I have seen something like this in a really chic home decor store $$$! See more ideas about Christmas paper, Christmas paper crafts, Crafts. Insert the first wire end through the top tip of the tree and secure it inside the tree with tape if you can. Paper Cone Christmas Tree Craft. 25 People Who Just Couldn’t Believe It When They Had Their Online Shopping Delivered. We used this. A whole forest of trees can be created which also looks really great. The tutorial author explains all in the video. You can help yourself with a craft stick (or anything really) and run it across the folds. ; Paper tube fireworks – Grab some paper tubes and make these 3D paper fireworks! Take the next smallest and place using the same technique a little lower so there is a little gap between the tabs. Cut out the adorable paper deer and Christmas trees with the free printable templates available for download. Fill the small kraft paper boxes with little treasures suitable for the recipient, then embellish them with red and white decorative items. Thank you ! Continue this all the way down your tree. To All the bold colored trees looked so festive hanging up in the classroom. Take the paper straw, and push it through the hole. Let the tree dry.7. attach to the previous one. Reclaimed Wood Card Holder from The Merry Thought. This Christmas tree ornament has primitive charm and is easy enough for children to make. I’ll send you any twists I do – just in case i run out of time and have to combine -lol Thank you again and Have a Merry Christmas. Once you finish stacking and gluing, trim the tops of the paper Christmas trees to a pointy shape. All you’ll need to complete this easy Christmas craft is some paper and glue! (This post contains affiliate links.). amzn_assoc_region = "US"; The purpose of all the folding is to create folds that radiate out from the centre point of the paper square - the photos for steps 3 & 4 show this clearly. It is so much easier to follow a demonstration than trying to make sense of a list of written instructions. We’ll be trying this out for sure. ; Mess-free glitter fireworks – Yep, that’s mess-free and glitter in the same craft! Print out our template. Mele Lolohea says: 20/11/2016 at 12:49 Please send more of these i really like it. 1.5″ wide by 11″ long. Thanks to all the people who put this site together. To add decorations, create a garland like this. Would you mind if I shared them on our Facebook page? Thank you and merry Christmas! I'm Chelsey, a former teacher and parent living on the central coast of California. She is also the founder of Magical & Free DIY Halloween Witches Broom {2 Ways! Merry Christmas! Hold together with a paper clip. Take the yellow star and glue it on top of the tree. 3D Paper Christmas Tree. I just love it! Paper Tube Santa from Aira Tran via YouTube. Copyright: Please read this Copyright Information about using the images of this website. We even turned this craft into a coloring page style craft. Fiddle Leaf Fig Propagation: 100% Success in 2 Easy Ways! }, Homemade Salt Dough & Air Dry Clay Ornaments (3 Ways! If you want, you can decorate the tree with little ornaments (pom poms, gemstones)…, Click to open: Paper Tree on a Straw Craft Template. 4. You don't have to have an artistic bone in your body to get good results from this craft project. We love the festive season, we love all the crafting that comes with it and all the memories that crafting together makes. Print the template (you can get it at the end of the tutorial) and let’s craft! Sparkling patriotic rocks – Perfect for hiding around town or decorating your 4th of July party. They will touch on the paper creating an arch. You will need 5 strips of green construction paper in these sizes: 1. This craft project is fun for both young and old alike and looks great plain and decorated. If you need written instructions, you could always use a language translator to guide you while making this craft. Who would have thought paper cupcake liners could look this good? Continue adding beads in this manner at 1.3 cm or 1/2 inch intervals until the garland is long enough. The office supply store has so many choices of colors! You can never have enough paper tube Santas. White Cardstock. Create a fun 3D Christmas card to give to loved ones. All you need for the basic tree is just green construction paper or cardstock, scissors and glue. You'll be glad to know that everything in the scene including the frame is built from paper. These are great for younger kids to do as they will get their fair share of scissor skill practice and working with folding paper as there are quite a few accordion folds involved – great for fine motor and for folding confidence as they are easy to master. 16 Surprising Facts about Human Body. As is evident from the above tutorials, you can use a variety of paper such as toilet paper rolls, construction, scrapbook and craft paper for them. Sign up for the weekly Twitchetts newsletter to get that and more. We've been busy making all kinds of Christmas tree crafts for kids so we decided…, Ready for Christmas crafting? All you need for the basic tree is just green construction paper or cardstock, scissors and glue.

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