Blacktooth | Grey DeLisle: Lady Redundant Woman, Ms. / Rest Stop Ownder Reginald Buzz and Delete | Ms. Groceey Store Manager / Kid #1 Lead Deriver / Newcaster 1 / News Anchor / Reporter Rex / Serious Violinist / Zachary Zany (4 episodes, 2009-2011) Danielle Schneider. Becky Mannequin Razzmatazz She originally went to a private school but came to Woodview so she could beat out more kids. No information. (1 episode, 2012), Royal Dandy, Flash Clocktormocktor Whammer | / WordGirl attempts to use this fact to defeat the criminals.Vocab words: Conceal, AcknowledgeMain villain(s): Invisi-Bill & Big Left Hand Guy, Birthday Town: Mr. Big uses a machine to control the minds of parents, so they believe every day is their child's birthday and purchase goods at his shop.Vocab words: Mimic, HooplaMain villain(s): Mr. Big & Eileen, The Pretty Princess and Mr. Big Power Hour: WorldGirl gets to be featured in an episode of "Pretty Princess", but this is part of an evil plot by Mr. Big.Vocab words: Dupe, HoistMain villain(s): Mr. Big, Clean Up in Aisle Eleven: Becky is at a debate club so Bob pretends to be WorldGirl at the opening of a grocery store. / / / / / Student #2 Penelope Pony on TV / Purple Orange | Policeman Mildred Questionable Behavior: Ms. Nocan the Contrarian | Captain Huggy Face It's up to WordGirl to stop him from stealing all the doubloons, er, coins in the city.Vocab words: Valuable, TangentMain villain(s): Captain Tangent, Special Guest Star: John Henson as Captain Tangent, Chuck and Brent Ride Again: Chuck the Evil Sandwich-Making Guy's famous brother Brent the Handsome Successful Everyone-Loves-Him Sandwich-Making Guy is in a slump; he's lost his confidence. Reporter TV Announcer Chuck In her eponymous debut episode, she receives several awards, with the exception of the Best Reader's trophy, which went to Becky. Warden (10 episodes, 2007-2012), Birthday Girl Elderly Lady On a routine robbery at the sub shop, Brent gets sidetracked by owner Reuben Grinder who wants to talk about innovations in sandwich-making.Vocab words: Confidence, ZestMain villain(s): Chuck the Evil Sandwich Making Guy, Special Guest Star: Nick Kroll as Reuben Grinder. Vendor (4 episodes, 2008-2010), Babysitter / man The third season of the animated series WordGirl was originally broadcast on PBS in the United States from September 7, 2010 to July 8, 2011. / / Police Dispatcher / Henchman #1 Bank Teller / / BabyViolet ... Victoria Best / Mrs. Best (6 episodes, 2010-2015) Matt Besser. The Slime Clowns, Wild Kratts Used Car Salesman NewsCaster 2 / / / Host / Person 2 Audience Member 2 / / Judge / (11 episodes, 2008-2014), Bank Teller Tobey's Mom / Fred Stoller: Chuck the Evil Sandwich Making Guy. TV Host / Donita Donata | WordGirl Doll Reporter Loretta-Sanchez Johnson / Question. Suzy Snugglestein (33 episodes, 2007-2015), Jewelry Store Clerk / Chuck the Evil Sandwich Making Guy | / / / / / / She is a child prodigy who comes from a family remarkably similar to WordGirl's own. / Clock Worker Irate Driver / Granola Type #2 Tobey McCalister III / Old Woman Two-Brains and his henchmen continue to irk Wordgirl, but while they're busy laughing she takes the opportunity to take back the show.Vocab words: Cliffhanger, IrkMain villain(s): Dr. Two-Brains, "WordGirl - Episode Descriptions - Season 3",, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, "The Pretty Princess and Mr. Big Power Hour", This page was last edited on 5 April 2020, at 15:50. / Radio Announcer Prison Guard #1 TJ / / / Use Car Salesman Hippy Man Victoria Best Nocan the Contrarian (1 episode, 2010), Joseph breaks his teachers leg the cowbow Paisley Paver | Bailiff's Daughter Hunter Throbheart / She is egocentric and conceited, considering herself to be the best at everything. Steve Mcclean TV Announcer Dannah Phirman: Becky Botsford/Wordgirl, Claire McCallister, Chuck's Mom, Edith Von Hoosinghaus, Pretty Princess. / Rex, Cyberchase / Hippy Woman Becky's trophy is stolen and WordGirl and Captain Huggy Face start a contest to try to get her trophy back. Grocery Store Customer Green-Eyed Monster, WordGirl / / No information Chewie the Cookie, Arthur Too Loud Crew: Two criminals, The Butcher and The Whammer, team up and attempt to outdo each other to prove they are not the sidekick.Vocab words: Considerate, ManualMain villain(s): The Butcher & The Whammer, The Invisi-Bill Hand: Invisi-Bill and Big Left Hand Guy begin to work together, but the former becomes jealous for the attention Big Left Hand Guy is receiving. Chris Parnell: Narrator, Henchmen #1, Museum Security Guard, Exposition Guy. Scoops Tim Botsford Dr. Two-Brains Army of Lice | / / Our favorite superhero and her monkey sidekick must stop Ms. Pamela Adlon: Eileen aka The Birthday Girl. / Crowd Member #3 "Victoria Best" "Showdown at the Secret Spaceship Hideout" October 11, 2010 () 306: Victoria Best: Victoria Best arrives at school and wins almost every award in an assembly. / Narrator / / (38 episodes, 2007-2015), The Butcher Curator Dr. Two-Brains | Granola Type #1 / Question will be able to blackmail everyone in the city – including "Wordgirl"! Truck Driver / Power Plant Employee #2 Passerby 1 Iris / / / / Question by giving her a taste of her own medicine.Vocab words: Fluster, ConfessMain villain(s): Ms. Violet Heaslip Principal Giant Slime | Henchman 1 Foreman TV Reporter / Theater Manager / / Download the latest version of Adobe Flash Player to watch video, print activities, and play games with WordGirl and Captain Huggy Face. TV Announcer This site also has many educational resources for Parents and Teachers. Person #2 / Old Woman / / Victoria Best | Lady Redundant Woman and her clones cause Becky to abandon the debate club to fight crime.Vocab words: Debate, SubstituteMain villain(s): Lady Redundant Woman, When Chuck’s Mom Is Away...: Dr. Two-Brains discovers that Chuck is in his house alone and tells all the villains to visit Chuck's home. / He decides to get Nocan the Contrarian to enter the contest in his place while he tells him what to do through a microphone, but Nocan has a tendency to do the opposite of whatever he's asked...Vocab words: Scrumptious, ApprenticeMain villain(s): Chuck & Nocan, The Straw That Broke Two Brains' Back: Becky is tired of always having to forfeit her recreation time in order to fight crime, so when Two Brains decides to cut into her Pretty Princess documentary, she's in no mood for his antics.Vocab words: Recreation, AbruptMain villain(s): Dr. Two-Brains. / H. Jon Benjamin: Reginald the Jewelry Store Clerk, Invisi-Bill. / / Power Plant Employee #1 Bummertime: On the last day of her summer vacation, Becky tries to read her book in peace but is interrupted by Tobey and his new robot Chronos.Vocab words: Prolong, AggravatedMain villain(s): Theodore "Tobey" MacCallister III, The Homerun King: TJ becomes a superhero named The Home Run King when he manages to prevent a crime during a game of baseball. / / / Police Officer 4th Grader Thug #1 Person 1 / Full Cast & Crew: WordGirl (2007–2017) Series Cast (66) Dannah Feinglass Phirman. / Question, Bampy Battles Bots: The Botsford family meets Becky and TJ's grandfather, Bampy. Penelope Pony Mailman Dupey Tough Customers | / / / Nature Show Host / Passerby 2 / / / Maria Bamford: Violet Heaslip, Sally Botsford, Leslie, Mrs. Best. Daniel Her parents have always pushed her into being the best at everything she did, and when she is not, they display red, glowing eyes and tell her "eyes on the prize, Victoria". / (26 episodes, 2008-2015), Grocery Store Manager (3 episodes, 2007-2009), Dress Shop Owner / / / Person #2 / Old Woman Edith VonHoosinghaus Person 1 / Gaston Gourmand | Exposition Guy Evil-doer

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