When another Known for recaps and resolutions, the new year starts with retrospection, as we celebrate successes and yes, bemoan, some past regrets. Are you hyped up to see any movie right now!? He answers that as they haven't been able to trace any next of kin, Chester will be buried in Istanbul. Magnolia Pictures picked up distribution rights for the United States and released the film via VOD on August 28, 2014, to be followed by a theatrical release on October 3, 2014. Chester offers Rydal $10,000 to keep him quiet. the Greek locations. January -- Janus's month Middle English Januarie Latin Januarius "of Janus" Latin Janu(s) "Janus" + -arius "ary (pertaining to)" Latin Januarius mensis "month of Janus" Janus is the Roman god of gates and doorways, depicted with two faces looking in opposite directions. Free Pandemic Zoom Backgrounds To Impress Your Coworkers. “Didactic” vs. “Pedantic”: Are They Synonyms? Isaac, working in closer emotional quarters than “Inside Llewyn Davis,” keeps us guessing as to his character’s ethics and endgame. When the two of them try to get the dead detective's body into his hotel room, they are seen by an elderly couple who think that Chester and Rydal are only trying to help a drunk man to get into his hotelroom and so they give them a friendly "Good evening!" Puffing Thus, he can look back at the old year (or the past, I guess) AND look forward toward tomorrow. Implicated in Chester’s crimes, Rydal may (or may not) have a few of his own up his sleeve. away, he is dangerously sexy and morally dubious, the latter of which makes He makes Rydal wear a wire to his meeting with Chester. In ancient Roman culture, Janus was a god of doorways, beginnings, and the rising and setting of the sun. Rydal then reveals that he "never wanted Chester's money. In the capital city Iraklion, they cannot check into a hotel without identification papers and so they spend the evening at a restaurant where Chester gets drunk while watching Rydal and Colette dance and grow close and they all sleep the night on the quayside. This film-noir style espionage themed tale is a huge triumph on terms of its linearity and simplicity. There were many gateways in Rome where ceremonial entrances and exits were made, especially for the departure of the army on an expedition. A policeman shoots Chester who, as he lies dying, speaks into Rydal's wire tap admitting responsibility for the two deaths and exonerating Rydal. like the darkest of farces; Rydal is so hypnotized by beauty and wealth that his After Rydal Co-stars lies to Rydal about what he does for a living. of business and marital fidelity. Then, it moves forward with hopes for the year ahead! Who would you cast in a bio pic about The creation of the James Bond movies for all the bonds? He runs the blogs Big Media Vandalism and Tales of Odienary Madness. His festival month is January. The Two Faces Of January Amini's mysterious yet one dimensional equation among his three dimensional characters is a calculative risk that works as a madhouse entertainment but is a hollow arthouse merchandise. His name comes from the Latin janus, meaning “doorway, archway, arcade.” Fun fact: the related Latin word janua, meaning “door, doorway, entrance,” ultimately gives us the word janitor, which originally referred to a door attendant or porter before evolving to its more familiar sense of “custodian.”. Rydal spins As Chester emerges alone from the labyrinth, Colette assumes that he has killed Rydal. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. There’s Freud in the cocktails, even before Chester’s stateside misdeeds catch up with him and Rydal has to help dispose of an inconvenient body. to do, but she makes the most of it by casting doubt on her innocence in matters performances, and “The Two Faces of January” is one gorgeously rendered drops the MacFarlands back at their hotel, he notices Colette accidentally left The two realize that they are bound together by the detective's death, the acquisition of false passports and Colette's death. When the agent asks Rydal why he wants to know, Rydal answers: "I thought I'd go to his funeral". (There are also called contranyms. I haven’t read If either is arrested, he will implicate the other. After arriving in Athens, they go to the airport, where Chester pretends to buy them both tickets to Frankfurt. Chester convinces Rydal that for some violence, language and smoking, Bonded and Unbound: Sean Connery, 1930-2020, Disney+'s The Mandalorian Makes a Valiant Return in Season Two Opener, Amazon's Truth Seekers is Missing Jokes and Scares. )To cleave something can mean to adhere closely to that thing, but it can also mean its opposite: to split, divide, or cut off. Either way, it’s a great last scene for Mortensen, who manages to leave us conflicted This is one of Mortensen’s best We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. The Two Faces of January follows three characters - husband and wife Chester and Colette McFarland and American layabout, Rydal Keener through their misadventures in Greece. He threatens to go to the police unless Chester pays him off, and hangs up. Meanwhile, a private detective hired by victims of Chester's investment swindles goes to the MacFarlands' hotel room and demands that Chester repay their money. It was this type of connection that drew me to Chester MacFarland,... a jealous, alcoholic conman who is nevertheless a deeply tragic figure. McCain sees 'insane level of meltdown' if Trump loses, 'I'm in combat mode': Black anxiety reaches fever pitch, 'American Idol' alum Nikki McKibbin dead at age 42, Trump and his family go it alone on campaign trail. The detective pulls a gun and Chester kills him by accident in a brief struggle when the detective falls and hits his head. Trump pays tribute to the late Sean Connery, After deputies kill Black man, Vancouver, Wash., erupts, This is one of the easiest ejections a ref will ever make, Home Depot draws fire after co-founder backs Trump, Homecoming events, party bus cause 75 students to quarantine. the angriest gods of fate on these people, trapping them in a deceitful web of Rydal is a tour guide It is based on Patricia Highsmith's 1964 novel The Two Faces of January and stars Viggo Mortensen, Kirsten Dunst and Oscar Isaac. Rydal On the way back to Iraklion, Colette believes someone has recognized her from newspaper pictures of the Americans who fled the hotel in Athens and runs off the bus at a stop. At first, Chester MacFarland (Viggo Mortensen) seems an easy mark: a hearty Midwestern businessmen in a vanilla suit, towing a younger wife, Colette (Kirsten Dunst). film is not only set in 1962, it looks as if it were made in 1962. The two faces of Janus are also evident in the term Janus word, “a word that has opposite or nearly opposite meanings,” such as cleave and dust. its movie night pick your movie ( Grease) very wrong decision to bring it back to her. So, in January, we’re all a little bit like its namesake: Janus, the Roman deity the month is named after. The movie never reaches a boil. Wife of CNN host defends 'science-backed' bleach bath a piece of jewelry in the cab. Duality is embedded into all of Janus’s words, including the very language we use to talk about the beginning of the calendar year: January. displays of emotion and jealousy, and though the women are more level-headed, January” are cut from that same amoral cloth. Rydal takes the MacFarlands to see a friend who can furnish false passports to replace those they left at the hotel. In the early days of Rome, city founder Romulus and his men kidnapped the women of Sabine, and the men of Sabine attacked Rome in retaliation. But it’s Mortensen and his smokes that seal the deal. As a verb. Still have questions? For one thing, they’re both Americans running from shady pasts and landing, reinvented, in early-1960s Athens. (Or maybe it IS She then refuses to go any further with Chester telling him that this is no way to live, fleeing from one part of the world to another, always afraid that they will be found out by the police, especially now two people have been murdered. Next morning, they travel by bus to Chania where Colette visits Rydal's room while her husband sleeps; it is left ambiguous as to whether they have sex.

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