Give the guy his due however, he had a tremendous career. That had nothing to do with me. Do you have any interesting, happy, or humorous memories of Steve? A passing taxi driver cranes his neck: Was that really Archigoles? That’s a load of nonsense. Cec Rhodes. How good a player was he? So I was not worried. Lord MacLean granted an interim interdict to Mrs Maureen Archibald, the former wife of the footballer. Guy had a superb career and was succesful most places he went, however I must admit to thinking he was overrated and was always disappointed when he got a game for Scotland. Start date 28 Sep 2016; The Fighting Cock is a forum for fans of Tottenham Hotspur Football Club. This is an interview with the author in 1980 when the striker was still with the Dons: ‘Two years ago, I was presented with a marvellous and treasured memory. I remember a goal he scored against England at Hampden in 1966 that typified Law. Denis had it. As a subscriber, you are shown 80% less display advertising when reading our articles. He describes Messi as “too greedy”, an accusation that could never be levelled at Archibald, whose talent was to bring out the best in strike partners. Clubs played for: Fernhill Athletic, East Stirlingshire, Clyde, Aberdeen, Tottenham Hotspur, Barcelona, Blackburn Rovers (loan), Hibernian, Espanyol, St Mirren, Clyde, Reading, Fulham, East Fife, Home Farm (1973-1996). If Archibald were to leave the country and take his daughter with him, that would be a clear breach of the original order. V popular at Spurs, had his own song "We'll take more care of you, Archibald, Archibald". If anyone finds it, can they please give me a call!’. He returned for the final but some still doubt whether he should have started over Alonso. Bet Roy Aitken still was called up for the squad. However, the truth is that both the Pittodrie club and Spurs were more successful than Barcelona in recent seasons on the European stage. can't remember much about him but his signing was to replace Maradona at Barcelona, I may be wrong but I always thought he was a bear. always thought he was up there with davie dodds in the looks department. Lord MacLean granted interim interdict but made it plain that it only, prevented Emma from being taken out of the country and did not in any. Good. My play was totally different.”. A corner-kick was swung over from the left wing to the near post and Denis appeared from nowhere, leapt high above the defence, snapped his head and sent a really fierce header whizzing past the great Gordon Banks, who didn’t even get the opportunity to move a muscle. “I don’t see what the relevance is,” he replied, in a somewhat blunt manner – it is a glimpse why some had warned me that Archibald is a challenging interviewee. I was not coming in to do what Maradona had been doing because obviously Maradona is extremely special. The only thing that would break it was if they could not agree a fee. Maradona has gone and I have arrived. Possible Associates . He was a showman, a character and an entertainer. Archibald sat in the stand and watched his countrymen earn a famous victory in the second-leg at Camp Nou. “My most flamboyant act was managing not to sweat when I shook each player’s hand in the dressing-room,” smiles Archibald. He was an obvious believer if you don’t fight the fight then you want score the goals. That is what I told the press when they asked me: how does it feel to be coming in to replace Maradona? Very good player, who certainly knew where the net was. The extrovert Mexican striker was the club’s preferred choice to replace Maradona, to the extent that he was on standby in the same hotel as negotiations with Archibald and Spurs officials continued downstairs. Mark was not working out. Sadly, though, I have lost that treasured photograph from all those years ago. And as a manager coming in you have to win your first argument.”. This is the man who will replace Diego Maradona. Aware of how the club’s two foreign stars, Bernd Schuster and Maradona, had warred prior to his arrival, he sat down with the German midfielder in the centre circle following a presentation day to discuss how both could work well together on the pitch. I said I am sorry to disappoint you. True enough, before he was huckled own the steps of the tunnel by the security guard, footage has survived showing Archibald waving to the fans, who hand him an ovation in return. Just incredible. Despite the climate, his limbs remained as white as the crisp shirt he is concerned about splashing as he prepares to engage with a plate of prawns. “If the ball hits the back of the net it’s what gets you the points. I am coming in to play the way I can play and that’s it. But he did take Maradona’s No 10 shirt – eventually. Their relationship survives intact to this day. He met his second wife Monica, got married in the city in a kilt and has since had two children, Kersty and Elliot, to add to Emma and Lee, from his first marriage to Maureen. That photograph has pride of place in my house. These are EXCLUSIVE extracts from Alex Gordon’s book, ‘DENIS LAW: King and Country;, which was published by Arena Sport in 2013. I would love to think that when I finally retire – and I hope that day is a long way off considering I have just turned twenty-four – fans might think of me along similar lines. That. The same could be said for the manner of Archibald’s eventual departure, following Johan Cruyff’s arrival as manager. That arm in the air salute was really his signature. Archibald family are very Evil and twisted, instead to helping your daughter you attempted to destroy the only person who actually put a roof over her head and tried to help her over come her addiction . But, of course, I realise I could never be another Denis Law. Law was a flamboyant character and a menace to rival defences with his incredible acrobatics in the penalty area. Amusingly, Archibald decided against signing because he didn’t like the hooped socks they wore. Here you can discuss the latest matches, our players and any transfer news surrounding Spurs. ‘People might have misconstrued his style as being slightly arrogant. Rangers continue to bathe in Britishness or is it all a PR Stunt? What does he think of Denis Law today? Steve Archibald playing for Scotland against England in 1981. I never rated Archibald and always thought of him as a very ordinary player in comparison to many of his peers. There could only ever be one Denis Law.’. Get involved with the news in your community, This website and associated newspapers adhere to the Independent Press Standards Organisation's Editors' Code of Practice. Was instrumental in getting Arteta to sign for us. However, if you offer a relevant product or service that may interest our readership, we are open to bribery and corruption... well, the odd advert or two to help cover the costs! That’s it. It wasn’t as if I was coming to replace Maradona as his substitute, as the papers reported. But they had won the league only once in the preceding 24 years. I know a bit more about the game. You are using an out of date browser. “I still tell Terry to this day that his biggest mistake was taking me off,” he says. Rather than give his advice behind closed doors, Mr Archibald, 50, used a Such self-assurance meant he possessed a fighting chance of replacing Maradona, who had left for Napoli after being bruised, battered and almost broken by one fierce competitor in particular: Andoni Goikoetxea, otherwise known as the Butcher of Bilbao. allowed Emma to be taken out of England and Wales, but only to Scotland. Usually with many Scottish players it is a case of young gifted players squandering great footballing ability and never realising their true potential. On the front page of the 25 July 1984 edition of El Mundo Deportivo, there is a photograph of Barcelona president Josep Lluis Nunez pointing towards a slim, blond-haired striker who looks more at ease than might have been expected. And it’s great that he is Scottish. Andy Halliday ready to create Hampden Park memories with Hearts with 2016 Hibs final in the past, Scottish Cup sponsors William Hill make inaccurate Rangers claim in tweet. But now her father, Steve Archibald, the former Spurs, Barcelona and Scotland footballer, has made it plain what he thought of that explanation with a very public appeal for his daughter to come to her senses and end the abusive relationship. Emma lives with her father and Mr Campbell said that there was a great, deal of speculation as to Archibald's future intentions as far as his, career was concerned. ARCHIBALD, Steve Steve also played for Barcelona - it would have been polite to have included that in his list of clubs! The fans were chanting my name and wanted me back in. What he achieved was just awesome; something special. ‘You look back at all those spectacular goals and they underline what a fascinating talent he was. How many times did you see him fail to make contact with a high ball when he swooped for it? “Maybe not just on the back of it, I suppose he thought he was a good player as well. “It didn’t mean anything to me. It may not display this or other websites correctly. These adverts enable local businesses to get in front of their target audience – the local community. We may then apply our discretion under the user terms to amend or delete comments. ‘He was the original. And more special than anyone I have seen, before or since. That is the question some Barcelona fans were asking. Thanks Cec.) Steve Archibald! I am grateful I got back in. until September 1996. It’s impossible not to think of him. He has been with Hibs for 18 months, but the club has allowed him to. And it’s a long list, including one game as a trialist for East Stirlingshire in the mid-Seventies. These were the two he brought in. His timing was immaculate. The Welsh player was signed to partner another new arrival in Gary Lineker in the summer following the European Cup final heartache and while Archibald recovered from injury. With rules permitting only two foreigners to play, the Scot’s prospects did not look good. I did not have any phobias about it at all. The man from Glasgow moved across the border to excel for There was little he was able to do for Mark Hughes, however. He is a former columnist with World Soccer magazine and Scottish correspondent of respected European journal L'Equipe. This is an interview with the author in 1980 when the striker was still with the Dons: Whoever it is takes over from Messi, they would never step on the pitch otherwise – they’d be petrified.”. “I was trying to get my fitness back. You leave him walking across the street.

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