Using “business” as an excuse to justify increased danger and delays clearly demonstrates their priorities. Not many can afford the toll (which is much more annually than many people’s income tax). Copyright © 2020, Province of British Columbia. We expect that some trucks may opt to take alternate routes; however it’s important that we maintain truck access for all drivers, including trucks that want to continue using the crossing. No vehicles with a gross weight over 64,000 kg”. For more tips of travelling during this work, check out the TransLink website: All rights reserved. We hear your concern and frustration and want you to know that the safety of the travelling public is our top priority. Now trucks are going to be allowed on the bridge with only one lane, despite the fact that they have repeatedly demonstrated an inability to stay within it? Pedestrians and cyclists will still be able to use the bridge, even during evening and weekend closures. “This is an essential transportation link that British Columbians rely on, and it’s our job to make sure it’s safe and gets people moving better,” Horgan said in a release. I drive the Pattullo every day and rely on it for work. Sure if the access was better you would get more trucks on board using this bridge, especially from all the truck locations and Delta port in and around the Pattullo. Go to: and click on the TRAVEL TOOLS tab. Thanks for connecting with us here and sharing your concern. No one wants trucks on the bridge but despite all the complaints your mind is already made up and all of the comments re said trucks on the bridge…which is one of the main reasons it needs upgrading and work…..will be completely ignored. No vehicles with a gross weight over 64,000 kg. “We have an expectation for the province to fund (the bridge),” Hepner said last November. It’s like Translink just loves to waste money on unnecessary crap. Pattullo Bridge re-opened early after weekend repairs; now open to 1 lane in each direction. The new bridge is scheduled to open in fall 2023. The bridge deck can eventually be expanded to six lanes. Los Angeles is a city of sprawl. Translink has also added extra service hours on a number of routes to reduce travel times and delays. Now back to our beloved Vancouver. Using Transit down the King George route is 1:41 (their #s), Transit down hwy 99 over Oak Street is 1:38 and 99 over Knight is 1:58. Perhaps this project could be accelerated to avoid the September 2016 back to school crush? I’ve been using the Pattullo daily since 1995 and rush hours were never fun but until the Port Mann tolls kicked in its rarely been horrendous. With only one lane the feeder streets will be even more clogged if slow moving trucks are allowed on the bridge during rush hour. Now imagine now that these same drivers only have use of one lane where they felt they needed 2 lanes to cross the bridge. Easily drivable to anywhere you want to go. As far as urban “sprawl” and density issues go, The City of Vancouver has a number of links to more information about their urban planning strategy that we encourage you to check out here: The request for qualifications (RFQ) phase of a competitive procurement process is to be launched later this spring, with start of construction in summer 2019. We would be happy to discuss this further with you if you would like. The time and safety of residents in the area who have no realistic choice but to use the Pattullo Bridge daily certainly isn’t a concern for Translink. I can’t change my hours either. Get a roundup of the most important and intriguing national stories delivered to your inbox every weekday. Hope that this helps! Maybe it’s time to send some of those research dollars in the direction of determining additional sites for river crossings. Initially, the premise was that tolls would help pay for the replacement bridge. The span will be closed from 8 p.m. tonight until Monday morning at 5 a.m. Crews will be setting up to begin deck repairs over the next few months. TransLink has more information on their website here: Hope that this helps! I would say that 95% of the time these trucks will use both lanes for the entire trip over the bridge. Just another cash grab to make us pay tolls both ways. Wanna make it safer? It IS an old bridge that Translink continues to throw money at for no real good reason and the netting on the north side approach is hilarious. government to re-consider an opening of four lanes to six lanes to accommodate certain population growth in the region,” said Anita Huberman, CEO of SBOT. They say the toll is needed to pay off the crossing, but it’s not fair to place all that debt on the commuters from Langley, Surrey, Cloverdale, Maple Ridge, etc. The others are pre-existing. But there don’t just need to be higher-volume crossings of the Fraser River, there also need to be MORE of them. Your explanations that the Pattullo is a vital route for businesses ignores the fact that they will still not be able to stay within the lane. Thanks for connecting with us here. Most trucks need to use two lanes to get across the bridge. I see that there are many people who have stated the obvious numerous times; large trucks on the Pattullo Bridge are a both a hazard and a major source of delays, even with all lanes available. Thanks for your question. Translink will be increasing service hours on several routes and also encourage the option of carpooling during this time. Translink: I agree with all the comments regarding the large semi trucks using the Pattullo bridge now and during the construction. Once the bridge re-opens on Monday, it will only have one lane operating in each direction until Sept.30. They say it’s for the environment, but no admits to the elephant in the room : overpopulation. The Alex Fraser Bridge is the responsibility of the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, so I have forwarded your comments about access from Highway 17 onto the bridge, to our district office. Life in Westminster will be grid lock most days and trucks will exacerbate the problem. We hear Mars can be pretty hot during the summer and encourage you to try giving yourself extra travel time and carpool or carshare if possible during this rehabilitation work. How are they going to do get across with one lane closed. The extra air pollution alone from all the idling cars alone is enough, adding in the 18 wheelers grinding their gears and blood pressure is completely unnecessary. For most of us, there is no logical alternative route to access the city so we are forced to take the Port Mann Bridge twice a day. Start by taking a look at all the small communities that once had the words “Landing” or “Crossing” in their name. I understand that the Pattullo bridge needs to be upgraded, but this re-routing seems like a convenient cash grab. In addition, the Pattullo Bridge will be closed to all traffic two nights a week and one weekend a month to give crews additional time and space to get work done as quickly as possible. Due to this rehabilitation project & the extreme increase in major traffic congestion that is going to ensure; Front Street is already closed. I’m hoping that during the day, even with one lane each way, I’ll still be able on occasion to use the Pattullo, if not, I won’t be shopping or dining in Surrey. Reduce the tolls until construction is over. Only two lanes will be open during the five months of work. Keep the trucks off the Pattullo or limit them to certain times of the day or even better, allow them the Port Mann at reduced rates until construction is over. When planning your trip, you’ve got access to a lot of information to make sure you’re in the loop, including: Please plan ahead and give yourself some extra time, no matter which route you take. Because the Pattullo Bridge is an important truck route in the Lower Mainland and truck route networks like this are vital to the economy to help make sure goods get to the people and businesses that use them every day, trucks will not be banned on the Pattullo during rehabilitation. There will also be some improved road connections at the ends of the bridge in New Westminster and Surrey. Commentdocument.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a2215fd9f588786bd2e43c3a903d3ecd" );document.getElementById("b0032368cc").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Here’s a point I think we are missing. Well it has been one week of this mess, and I think enough time to see that this really is a disaster for a great many people and businesses. Have them take Port Mann or Alex Fraser. Thanks for your feedback here. To find them, go to Translink’s. We hear you and are sharing these comments forward for review. On the Pattullo’s 80th birthday last November, Surrey Mayor Linda Hepner said the region deserves this infrastructure improvement and in order to meet the timeline for replacement, construction and provincial funding decisions need to be made immediately. The work that will be done will only start wearing down the surface of the bridge. The trucks need to be banned from the Pattullo at least during the repairs! It’s awful for trucks. “We must prepare for transportation infrastructure for future population growth.”. The bridge repairs are necessary and this plan is the least impactful to drivers at this time. I can not “change” my work hours as it was suggested. This website is the home for the B.C. I don’t know how many of these professional drivers I’ve seen whip up the right lane on McBride on the New West side to go as far as they can and cut others off, goes for a lot of right lane bandits in any event, if you must cut others off…expect karma is all I’m saying and no, your not more important that those who have been patiently waiting in the left lane because of people that seem to think last moment cutting in is the right thing to do. Because the Pattullo Bridge is an important truck route in the Lower Mainland and truck route networks like this are vital to the economy to help make sure goods get to the people and businesses that use them every day, trucks will not be banned on the Pattullo during rehabilitation. “Clearly mobility pricing will also play into options. So people move to the burbs and end up needing bridges because they can’t afford to live where they work. Regular truck traffic will continue over the bridge during rehabilitation however, the current restrictions for trucks will remain in place on the Pattullo Bridge throughout the repair work: I just love driving in every morning from South Surrey to Burnaby and reading the warning sign saying “plan an alternate route”.

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