Though Merlin is more well-known as the sage wizard who has a close hand in Arthur's birth and reign, he was originally an amoral womanizer who dabbled in dark magic and slipped into different forms.

A one-stop shop for all things video games. She has designs on Cumber the Ice King's throne, who has his own sights set on Uther's after learning his claim on it is false. The start of the first season finds him as a washed-up drunk with a sordid past. There was another Igraine mentioned in the Vulgate Merlin who was the sister of Arthur. Morgan fools everybody at Camelot with her disguise, even Merlin. As previously mentioned, Uther sires Arthur through magical trickery, making Arthur an illegitimate heir. She soon organizes domestic activities in Camelot, and becomes a mother figure to the entire court, with Arthur telling her she is not just a mother to him, but to the entire realm. Played by Shalom Brune-Franklin, "Igraine" is the name that Morgana, Arthur's sister, uses during her time as a nun. In divided Medieval Britain, Arthur became a symbol of national unity, eventually transcending to global culture. Before her coronation, Morgan visits Igraine's room. When Igraine grew up, she first married Gorlois, and they were very happy together. That night Igraine conceived Arthur.

At Camelot, Igraine is imprisoned in her quarters as Morgan takes control of the castle in Arthur's absence.

Igraine was originally brought up with her family, and describiuu.

Igraine has lived a life of deep pain and agony over the loss of her child - whose fate she had not known until now. Igraine gasps that Uther didn't banish her - he was going to kill her, as he did her mother. The love triangle between her, Arthur and Lancelot tears the brotherhood of knights apart.

Though an ally of Nimue and the Fey, her dark future as an evil enchantress is set-up when she borrows power from the Spider God and takes on the mantle of the ghostly Widow.

Cursed's Morgana (the Italian version of the name) has a bickering relationship with Arthur though isn't actively conspiring against him... yet. They all seem to have a strange apathy, and are completely disinterested in doing anything at all!

She married Gorlois, by whom she had a number of daughters. Merlin tries to keep her spirits up, saying Arthur is still alive and will be able to stop Morgan. Later that night, Morgan poisoned her father, and Igraine was left a widow. Merlin says that he should never have let Morgan get that close. RELATED: Why Kit Harington's Dark Knight-Inspired King Arthur Trilogy Was Never Made. Anime/manga Features editor for CBR. Uther Pendragon had a relationship with her while he was under a spell which made him resemble her husband. Uther defeated Cornwall, and wanted to make Igraine his wife. They just want to stand where they are and do nothing. Merlin consented, on the condition that any child born as a result of the union be given to him - Uther agreed.

Perhaps one of the most famous knights in Arthur's court, Lancelot was raised by the Lady of the Lake to become an exceptional warrior.

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