Blue Star Juniper  — Juniperus Squamata ‘Blue Star’ — is a member of the Cypress family. If needed, use an insecticidal soap spray following package directions. Blue Star Juniper is often used as a low groundcover or specimen shrub. 'Blue Point' Juniper Juniperus chinensis. It tends to fill out right to the ground and therefore doesn't necessarily require facer plants in front, and is suitable for planting under power lines. Consider the plants growth at maturity, when selecting a site. I say “supposedly” because I had to look super close to find some, which I circled below. Amazon — surprisingly has this in stock and for a comparable price of $30.99 with free Prime shipping. If you purchase something through any link, I may receive a small commission at no extra charge to you. When you buy a Blue Star Juniper, it will usually be about 1 foot in height and width. Junipers are hardy plants that are tolerant to a wide range of soils and conditions. Select an area in your landscape to plant the juniper that receives full sun to partial sun. For blue color companions, consider perennials like Lamb’s Ears, Lavender, Artemisia and blue grasses such as Elijah Blue Fescue. The main features to note are a natural mounded habit, semi-sharp needles which are densely packed, and outstanding blue color. If the soil is already wet, there is no need to water the plant. Juniper plants are relatively drought tolerant once established. Considered drought-tolerant once established, it won’t need as much water except during extreme heat. Exposure: Full sun. can be used for erosion control on slopes, develops interesting texture and highs-lows as it grows, keeps its color for reliable Winter interest. This small shrub looks great planted among gravel and rocks as well as near pavers and pathways. Evergreen and coniferous, junipers range from low growing ground covers to tall trees. Copyright Leaf Group Ltd. // Leaf Group Lifestyle. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Here is one of our beds in mid-May, after the Heath and Daffodils finished blooming. Zones: 4-9. Place the plant into the hole and cover the hole with soil, patting it down firmly around the base of the plant with your hands. Pet Scribbles is where I share my craft tutorials, home and garden projects, and occasional stories about my cats. After a rainy and wet Spring, you might see some dieback at the stem tips, which can be snipped off with no harm to the plant. Fothergilla: a unique, easy-care flowering shrub! It will reach heights up to 12 feet tall and get can get as wide as 6 to 8 feet. Do not plant the juniper any deeper than it was growing inside its original container. Junipers are tolerant of a wide range of lighting conditions. And cats. An evergreen that’s blue? If you have pets that will be curious enough to nibble on your garden plants, please consult the internet to see which garden plants and shrubs are safe for your pets. February 21, 2020 By Laura Leave a Comment. Any supplies used may be given to me free of charge, however, all projects and opinions are my own. Learn how your comment data is processed. Sign up to get all the latest gardening tips! Compost is always good too. The various shades of blue and green look so happy together! Those dying stems usually pull off easily or simply use hand pruners. Their striking blue color makes up for their short height. Intolerant of wet soils. But don’t make it suffer shade or wet soil. Blue Star Juniper also does well in raised planters or large containers, mixed in with other plants. But no matter how its color slightly changes, it remains an overall blue shade of evergreen that you can rely on in your landscape. Homemade sprays are usually made with dish detergent which can damage plants. After setting your Juniper in the planting hole, use one hand to hold the plant straight and your other hand to begin back-filling your soil mixture around the root ball, tamping as you go to remove air pockets. …then you want a Blue Star Juniper (or two or three) in your garden. Make sure the planting site drains very well and does not retain water, as junipers are not tolerant of wet conditions. Helpful tip: Use commercial sprays as opposed to making your own homemade spray. Juniperus chinensis 'Blue Point' is a uniform-growing dwarf conical selection of Chinese juniper with dense branching holding prickly blue-gray foliage.

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