Check the storage area for any risky spots. Make sure an adult is nearby if older children are handling fireworks. Note: An allowance may be claimed under one heading only. Protecting the fireworks. The room should be well ventilated with air freely flowing in and out the openings. A risk assessment … This will rule out many commonly considered locations, including attics and cellars. Don’t let young children play with or ignite fireworks—even seemingly harmless sparklers. The temperature must be constant most of the time because fireworks require a certain level of temperature in order to keep it cool always. To ensure your fireworks retain their properties, you need to keep them dry, … Visit the Fusion Fireworks store in Australia Firework storage – the legal side summarised. Your consumer fireworks will be classed for transport as either 1.4G (0336) or 1.3G (0335) by the UN. Phone: +1 (219) 931-5600 Conduct a risk assessment to find out if a fire starts, what your plan of action is. All fireworks, all the time. This is a safe place for fireworks. Storage of explosives with a licence. The fireworks web site by Bob Weaver. For fireworks, small arms ammunition and similar pyrotechnic articles, the mass of the explosive will be only a fraction of the total mass of the item. We supply the best quality fireworks for sale at a reasonable price. Don’t shoot off fireworks in metal or glass containers. Fireworks supplied in their own individual boxes (referred to as “cartons” in the trade) will have an orange hazard diamond on the side to indicate their classification. Keep in mind that rooms where the temperature changes a lot can easily get humid and are therefore not suitable for storing. Looking to buy fireworks at wholesale price? It takes a great deal of heat to get the firework lit - the high temperature of a lighter is what sets them off, not generalized warmth. Storage tips Yes, you can save fireworks for the following year safely. Purchase your fireworks online and pick up at our main store location: 14 Gostlin St, Hammond, IN 46327. Sparklers burn at temperatures around 2,000 degrees.

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