They were great listeners, addressed all our concerns and even pulled and processed all the paperwork from our financial institutions. In terms of the first question, most elder law attorneys do charge for the first meeting because the purpose of it is to be informative, and these meetings can easily take one to two hours given the complicated nature of the relevant laws and client situations. My husband and I had put off doing this and Scott really made the process easy! However, because of the Medicare gap, it has become the de facto long-term care insurance provider for a high percentage of elder Americans. With the risk of appearing self serving, following is a list of questions you might ask a prospective elder law attorney before hiring him or her. My wife and I were educated and guided through the process of creating a family trust.Both of our parents had attorney’s that “worked” with wills/trusts, but came up short. Trust Administration & Probate Definitions. Very competent & informative – friendly atmosphere – ready to answer the most mundane questions – relaxed. In planning for the present and the future, the attorneys at McCandlish Lillard take the time to get to know our clients in order to provide individuals and families with our candid expertise, our careful attention, and our compassion to understand and address your legal issues in the areas of Elder Law, Special Needs Planning, and Estate Planning. These reports are being offered free of charge, so you should definitely take advantage of this opportunity to build on your knowledge. When you schedule a consultation with an elder law attorney you should be prepared to have a meaningful conversation. Ask the questions that matter most to you, and listen carefully to the answers. The idea is to acknowledge that living assistance will be needed on an ongoing basis, and the level of need is likely to increase over time. Are they responsive? Click here to learn more about our operations. Medi-Cal Planning Can Preserve Your Legacy. You will see that I left out one question that you might expect: "Do you charge for the initial consultation?" What Questions Should I Ask an Elder Law Attorney? The majority of elders need living assistance of some kind, and many senior citizens ultimately reside in assisted living communities or nursing homes. On the other hand, most attorneys will be happy to talk with you on the phone for five to ten minutes prior to your making an appointment, and it may be easier to have several of those phone calls rather than scheduling one or two in-person meetings. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. If you are looking for assistance with estate planning, wills and trusts, we highly recommend Schomer Law Group. That said, you may feel more comfortable meeting a prospective attorney in person, even for a short 15- to 30-minute meeting, before deciding to hire him. In-home care is not covered either unless it is convalescent in nature and of limited duration. We knew we had to update our 10 year old ( 20 page ) trust. You have a few names of possible attorneys that you got from friends, relatives, other advisors, and the internet. Is Probate Always Necessary In California? These documents may provide for asset protection during life, asset distribution upon death and may allow the estate to avoid probate. We would be glad to work with you to create a pragmatic plan for aging that culminates in the appropriate passing of your legacy. “Money is no object” may be the knee-jerk reaction, but for some people, this is unrealistic. At the same time, we got into this area of the law because we care about people first and foremost, so we take the human element to heart. In addition to the full-blown Medi-Cal coverage that will pay for a stay in a nursing home, there is a Medi-Cal Assisted-Living Waiver program. Medicaid is thought of as being a program that is exclusively designed for those who have significant financial need. The objective is to work within the program rules to be able to obtain eligibility while simultaneously facilitating the retention of a maximum store of assets for the well-being of your family members. You can call us at 310-337-7696 to schedule an appointment, and we have a contact form on this site you can fill out if you would rather send us a message. However, long-term care is considered to be custodial care. After attending a seminar with Scott Schomer we realized that the time had come to get a trust. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. It is not looked upon as being medical in nature. He is very passionate in making sure his clients get all that they need and we really appreciated it. I would highly recommend him and look forward to the many years he will be available to assist our family. Posted by Fortunately, government assistance is available to fill the financial void. Best education you can get and the best gift you can give your family. 2021 Social Security COLA Has Been Released. Lawyer for the Situation or for the Family, Why Would Anyone Do Estate Planning? Clearly, challenges are looming, but you can manage them effectively if you take the right steps in advance. Attorney Advertisement. Are their answers clear? In addition to the physical surroundings, there is the caregiving part of the equation. Topics: This waiver will pay for in-home care if you can gain eligibility, and it carries this name because some of the requirements are less stringent. Will Your Parents Need Nursing Home Care? Estate Planning and Medicaid Planning Attorneys in Cincinnati, Ohio - The Zimmer Law Firm. long-term care planning, Elder law attorneys help clients address the eventualities of aging from a legal and financial perspective. 222 North Pacific Coast Highway., Suite 130, Scott P. Schomer Certified As Specialist In Estate Planning, Trust And Probate Law, Trust and Probate Litigation: Verdicts and Settlements. by Telephone only during the COVID-19 Pandemic Click here to learn more about our operations When you discuss this matter with your elder law attorney you will hear some things about Medicaid planning. Mr. Schomer was excellent in getting our family trust and estate affairs in order. We will then draft up the specific documents that you require. An applicant cannot qualify if they have more than $2000 in countable assets, but a home is exempt, along with personal and household belongings. Elder care advocates and residential design experts have addressed the challenge, and they have developed the “aging in place” concept. Click here to learn how Zimmer Law Firm is supporting clients during the COVID-19 pandemic. These may include: Wills. I would be concerned that attorneys who don't charge would treat the initial meeting as a sales opportunity. Afterwards we made an appointment and were impressed by the attention Scott Schomer and Liran Aliav gave to our case answering all questions and making suggestions how to minimize the estate tax. You can visit our special reports page to access downloadable copies of the reports. There's a lot that goes into setting up a comprehensive estate plan, but with our FREE worksheet, you'll be one step closer to getting yourself and your family on the path to a secure and happy future. Scott and Cesar were very knowledgeable, helpful and listened to our ideas of what we had to say. Any questions that we have now and in the future they are available to assist us to solve them. What's It Like to Meet with an Attorney to Do Your Estate Plan. Elder Law ♦ Estate Planning ... We will be able to answer these questions and many more when you come for a working consultation at our office. This having been stated, in 2012 the average annual cost for a private room in a nursing home in the United States was around $90,500. Long-term care is the big question, but there are other concerns that you may think of when you are preparing for your elder law consultation. Schomer Law Group Your attorney is there to provide answers, and you should try to come up with some questions in advance to use your time wisely. If you have no other question for your elder law attorney, you should certainly ask about long-term care expenses and how you may be able to address them. When your parents are going through their golden years, you may start to provide more and more assistance to them. Logically thinking, your first thought may be that you will have to bite the bullet and pay for these costs out of your savings if they do present themselves at some point in time. Elder Law Associates PA is a full-service estate planning firm, using wills and trusts to accomplish the most proper end-of-life plan for our clients. Receive weekly email updates about legal developments that affect you. © 2020 American Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys, Inc. If estate and incapacity planning documents need to be completed; If and when pre-planning has been done; The costs of hiring an elder law attorney or Medicaid planning specialist might seem high in the short-term, but in the long-term, seeking assistance can protect many assets that would otherwise not be protected.

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