Every level grants the boy or the dog an extra 0.5%. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. - By leveling up. The player is not able to freely combine alchemy ingredients, though. The boy needs less experience than the dog to levelup. At level 1, the base Evade % of the boy is 36,5. - By leveling up. With equal experience on both characters, the boy or dog will never be more than one level up apart. The Boy begins the game with 21 HP and the Dog with 27, and they each gain 9 HP when they level up. This happens oftenly when defeating Magmar (Omnitopia). Note that this is only true from level 4 and onward and that the formula may sometimes be off by a very tiny negligible amount (under 3 exp). - When in Omnitopia, the dog in toaster form is granted an extra 80 attack. Reflect will divert any spells cast onto the target, back at their caster. Thus, having a high evasion could effectively allow you to chain multiple charged attacks, increasing your DPS. This happens when the player gains 'too much' experience in 1 kill. In rare occasions, the player may underflow the value of 'experience needed'. This is possibly due to rounding. Because the player can only gain a maximum of 1 level per kill, as a side effect, this may sometimes result in the player not receiving any experience at all. - The alchemy formula Speed adds Hit %, depending on its level. Formula: (B7 + B8)/2 = D7. When this happens, the same charged attack is performed again (or the charge can be kept if the attack button is held down whilst evading). Because of this, the experience needed becomes negative, creating an underflow. After reaching level 40, the dog may at times level up twice due to a bug. When the Boy's HP becomes zero, unless Pixie Dust or Regenerate are in effect, the game ends. When level increases, all stats gain a little buff. This will be a huge number (but is in reality a small negative number). At this point, the experience needed value will display its normal expected amount (and will no longer be underflowed). Barrier and Aura will render the targets invulnerable, making all enemies ignore them. For Secret of Evermore on the Super Nintendo, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Alchemy Damage Formulas". Determines the reduction of damage taken from enemy alchemy spells. Because of this reason, if the boy is playing alone, the dog is not gaining any experience the boy is getting. - By leveling up. - The game also has a mechanic where an enemy has -30 Hit % when attacking the character that is currently not controlled by the player, which also indirectly increases your Evade %. Interestingly, the maximum HP the boy can reach is 957; the maximum HP the dog can reach is 963. Go here for more info on this specific enemy. Some reports claim the experience is not received upon their defeat. It is quite an expensive alchemy spell, costing 48 Gold Coins per cast (when buying from Lance). Lance brings down a spiked projectile to stab enemies. It executes quickly and is impossible for enemies to avoid. Unlike traditional RPG magic systems, Evermore does not use MP for its equivalent of spells, but each spell is made on the spot by combining the necessary ingredients to create an alchemical reaction. The … At level 1, the base Hit % of the boy is 33. Level 0: 9-16 Damage Level 1: 17-29 Level 2: 30-58 Level 3: 47-91 Level 4: 65-124: Level 5: 89-166 Level 6: 117-215 Level 7: 136-262 Level 8: 177-308 Level 9: 231-390: How to Obtain: After defeating Thraxx, make your way across the stone ledges until you are above the cavern where you obtain the Jaguar Teeth. - The Thug's Cloak charm adds 2.5%. The experienced gained is not split amongst the amount of characters are on screen/are in play. Each attack you make thereafter (under 100% stamina; it's just a quirk) will deal 999 damage. As a result, it will state that the player needs: (2^32 - (killed unit exp - next level needed exp)) experience. Experience is only gained by the characters that have their HP and energy box displayed.

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