While not openly apparent, she tends to lean towards the toughest and most aggressive male; little does she know why her efforts to attract Kevin’s attention have been in vain. This though fueled his obsession and psychosis. The other became the personality for Johnny’s ever present best friend, Plank. For months Eddy struggled with the loss of his brother, whom he idolized. She may have recovered physically, but mentally she was shattered. Dying during various periods of time between the 1900s and 2000s, the Peach Creek kids are all stuck in an endless purgatory. It wasn’t until years later that Katy would make the transition from sweet and soft girl, into the aggressive, hard-talking Kevin. What do you guys think? I didn't write the theory, I just did the design for the kids, but yes! I've heard it takes place during the summer AFTER Seasons 5-6 and I hear it takes place during one of the weekends when everyone's off from school. His spiral into delusion began years earlier when his family sponsored a play at the local art center in which Rolf would play one of his ancestors from Eastern Europe. When I first started reading this, I thought it was going to expand on how Ed, Edd, and Eddy is just one kid, Edward, with MPD. I don’t know what’s going on with that but I guessing it has something to do with his hat. Reply. After losing his job and falling into a deep depression, he eventually committed suicide. I still remember when the Ed's were destroying his room while his hat was tied to the light and he couldn't let go of it, and then it accidentally came off. She was eventually committed to the cul-de-sac after attacking an innocent man who made the simple mistake tapping her on the shoulder to ask her for directions. Lists of fascinating, far-fetched, and possibly true fan theories about shows and movies that were made (let's face it) for children. That would explain why Ed got so mad with Eddy and Double-D when they were trying to watch the zombie marathon and trying to use somebody's TV and eventually they settled with Rolf's TV and found out it was tiny. He would do whatever it took to get the money to buy his brother one of those jawbreakers. His parents get mad at Edd even if there’s a speck of dirt on the wall (though that might be hyperbole). 've been thinking about doing this for a LONG time since I first found out about this. He wanted to be a monster himself, so that no one else would push him aside and forget about him again. Kevin was then place in the cul-de-sac to live out his sentence as the kid with a secret to protect; formally Katy, now known as Kevin. While we don't know much about his parents, other than being boorish, but if what we saw of his brother during his brief appearance in the movie was Eddys every day then it's no wonder he turned out how he did. Furipa93 Professional Digital Artist. It is an "all in their heads" but an amazingly detailed one. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts Actually Rolfe is a normal American teenager by the name of Peter. Online. 6 months ago. Ed, Edd n Eddy are all victims of abuse Ed's abuse seems o be more emotional abuse. Inside that fun-loving chillaxed girl is a scared rabbit that suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. humor that went well above the age range of its intended demographic, why do all these kids have such deep-seated emotional issues, Peach Creek kids are all stuck in an endless purgatory, expose that Double D is a cancer survivor, Ed, Edd, and Eddy are all victims of parental abuse and neglect, young adults hooked on drugs masked under the veil of a kids cartoon show.

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