[89], In the 2017 series, Magica is "a vile sorceress with a mysterious, ancient grudge against Clan McDuck". [96][82][98][58] In "Astro B.O.Y.D.! ", Beaks' life is saved by Gizmoduck when his autonomous car system, B.U.D.D.Y. Glomgold's aversion towards Scrooge is both personal and professional, as he doesn't shy away from attempting to kill him and even shows up at his (ultimately fake) funeral to celebrate his death before he is even buried. [12] Whilst overseeing preparations for the invasion, Lunaris' associate Penumbra works against him to foil his plans, but he catches onto her quickly and stops her before she can destroy his rocket fleet. ", she reappears in the present day after Louie invites her to McDuck Manor to help him become a better con artist, before getting caught up in a scheme to con Doofus Drake out of several million dollars in party favors. Roxanne made her first appearance in the 1995 film. She is inspired by the Norse goddess. Full Name is introduced during a flashback to the 1960s, when Mrs. Beakley (known then as Agent 22), teams up with Scrooge as part of a S.H.U.S.H. A shepherd girl who helps Launchpad train for a Viking chariot race. Civilian Legend of the Three Caballeros: Felldrake Sheldgoose | Baron Von Sheldgoose | Leopold the Terrible, Video Games [162][48][163], Cite error: The named reference "The Forbidden Fountain of the Foreverglades!" ",[35] Magica (trapped in a shadowy form) pressures her "niece" Lena into infiltrating the Duck family so she can steal the Number One Dime and regain her corporeal form. The descendant of one of El Capitáns shipmates, ruling over a superstitious tribe in the Andes. ", while forced to work as a birthday party magician, she joins Glomgold's alliance to destroy Scrooge and his family, only to be defeated once again. ", after recovering from amnesia caused by the events of "The Shadow War! assignment to prevent F.O.W.L. Launchpad's estranged father who also appeared in a flashback scene in the. "DuckTales introduces the Three Caballeros at Comic-Con", "Frank Angones on Twitter: "We wanted to give Daisy a proper introduction as her own person, independent of Donald, and see them meet for the first time. Huey, Dewey, and Louie Duck (all voiced by Russi Taylor in the 1987 series, DuckTales the Movie, and DuckTales: Remastered; Danny Pudi, Ben Schwartz and Bobby Moynihan, respectively, in the 2017 series) are the nephews of Donald Duck through his sister Della, friends of Webby, and the great-nephews of Scrooge. Duke Baloney, better known as his persona Flintheart Glomgold, is one of the main antagonists of the 2017 DuckTales reboot series. [103] The group was later reworked for the Darkwing Duck animated series, appearing as recurring antagonists opposed by the spy agency S.H.U.S.H.[104]. Glomgold is the first antagonist to appear in the reboot series. [68][147] He can count at a blazing speed, but he generally is incompetent with almost everything else. After Della fixes the Spear of Selene and returns to Earth, Lunaris deceives his people into thinking that Della is their enemy, and declares war on Earth. In the DuckTales reboot episode The Duck Knight Returns!, Jim Starling starts out as Darkwing Dark originally did: egotistic and glory seeking, but well meaning. In the 1987 series, he uses the motto "If it has wings, I can crash it". Julie's mother and a recent lottery winner who gets off on the wrong foot with Scrooge. ", Beaks found and re-purposed an android he dubbed B.O.Y.D. Drake Von Vladstone (voiced by Frank Welker) – Drake Von Vladstone, alias Count … [22] He is of Irish descent and his ancestor Rhubarb McQuack played an important role in the American Civil War,[23] and prior to the series Launchpad used to perform with his parents and sister as the stunt pilot team "The Flying McQuacks". An imaginary fourth brother made up by Huey, Dewey, and Louie dressed in a yellow t-shirt and beanie. agent encountering Launchpad while he is undercover as Bruno von Beak. The commander of a crew of alien Microducks, originally created by, An antagonist to Scrooge and rival for Goldie's affections while he was working in the. was first introduced, albeit without Von Drake, as a recurring organization in the Darkwing Duck animated series.[104]. Auric's queen who is jealous of Mrs. Beakley. Goals [149] Additionally, she makes minor appearances in "The Big Flub" and "A Case of Mistaken Secret Identity". In the 2017 series, Donald's role is significantly increased to involve him in the adventures of Scrooge and his nephews, which included changing a part of his background with his uncle. Dubbing himself "Mega-Beaks", he severely damages Gyro's lab and the Gizmo-suit, kidnaps Huey and Webby, and attacks his own company before being confronted by Fenton and Gandra, who manage to defeat him and turn him back to normal. [130] Often referred to as Donald's uncle, he is usually described as scientist and self-proclaimed universal expert. Vast wealth and resourcesHigh pain tolerance [157] While she lives an active lifestyle, and is deeply concerned with her son's well-being, she is also a devoted telenovela fan, as seen in her debut in "Who Is Gizmoduck?!". Everyone assumes that Jim was killed when the set explodes on him. Thus, he is totally enraged whenever his plot is foiled or when Scrooge outsmarts him, as well as whenever he loses or appears to be losing. ", during the nephews' hunt to reclaim D'jinn's lamp,[122] and "Moonvasion! [98] In "Happy Birthday, Doofus Drake! Type of Villain The manager of Scrooge's Texan oil reserves which are suddenly dried up. Which is happening in Season 3! A Norse warrior and participant in Jörmungandr's wrestling tournament. Flintheart Glomgold | Magica De Spell | Beagle Boys | Count Dracula Duck. [93], Mark Beaks (voiced by Josh Brener[59]) is an African grey parrot[94] who is a young tech industry billionaire and the founder and CEO of Waddle. [141][142], In the 1987 series, Fenton doubles as Scrooge's accountant (as himself) and his personal bodyguard (as Gizmoduck), hired by Scrooge in the five-part story "Super DuckTales". When she got caught in a cosmic storm, Scrooge tried to guide her through it, but contact with the Spear was lost. [32], In the 2017 series, her character is more down-to-earth than the other residents of McDuck Manor, often offering advice to Scrooge and the ducklings. [133] Their physical appearances and much of their character traits are taken from "The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck" and related work. Magica De Spell (voiced by June Foray in the 1987 series and DuckTales: Remastered; Catherine Tate in the 2017 series[86]) is a powerful Italian sorceress, created by Carl Barks in 1961, and constantly after Scrooge's Number One Dime. However, due to an unpredictable scheme by Glomgold, he is defeated by Scrooge's family and Penumbra; leaving his engine adrift in Earth's orbit as its new moon. [99] In "GlomTales! Like the original NegaDuck, he is voiced by Jim Cummings, who also played Steele in Balto, Fuzzy Lumpkins in The Powerpuff Girls, Pete in Disney's Mickey Mouse cartoons, Nessus in Disney's Hercules, Long John Silver in the Pagemaster, Ed in Disney's The Lion King, Hernán Cortés in El Dorado, the Medicine Man in Young Pocahontas, Razoul in Disney's Aladdin, Dr. Robotnik in Sonic the Hedgehog SatAM, Lord Boxman in OK K.O.! Upon hearing about a Darkwing Duck movie, he saw this as a chance to earn his stardom again and was overjoyed, until he learned that he would be replaced by the younger Drake Mallard. In the 2017 series, Launchpad initially works for Scrooge as his limo driver, before being placed in charge of piloting various craft including the airplane "The Sunchaser", which becomes his signature vehicle. James Starling Growing jealous of the new star's rising popularity however, he decides to wear the Gizmosuit himself, but ends up causing mayhem before he's stopped by Fenton. Inspired by the terrorist organization S.P.E.C.T.R.E. While the mother and father of Scrooge occasionally have appeared or been referred to in the comics, the names Downy and Fergus were created for their appearances in Don Rosa's 12-part comic book series "The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck". A French spy attempting to steal Scrooge's gold. Donald and Daisy being estranged felt very similar to Donald and Scrooge being estranged", "Frank Angones on Twitter: "‌or potentially having this be an opportunity to introduce Daisy, leaning into her reporter persona from Quack Pack, trying to expose the family as insane and dangerous rich folk living on a hill? Supervillain In the same episode, he also turns on his own henchmen and leaves them to drown in Atlantis, proving his claims of his employees being the greatest treasure of all nothing but a farce, and in "Moonvasion" where even though General Lunaris had seen through all of Scrooge's plans, Glomgold's stupidity from his unorthodox plans helped thwart Lunaris' plans due to their unpredictable nature, though Glomgold was also trying to use this incident as a way to get his company back, after having previously lost his bet with Scrooge. In the 1987 continuity, Dijon debuted in the movie, as an inept thief with kleptomania, working for the wizard Merlock. DuckTales (1987): Flintheart Glomgold | Magica De Spell | Beagle Boys (Ma Beagle, Grandpa Beagle & Beagle Babes) | El Capitan | Armstrong | Cinnamon Teal | Millionara Vanderbucks | Boll Weevil | John D. Rockerduck | Peg Leg Pete | Dijon He is based on Professor Waddlemayer from the original, A St. Canard police officer who is terrorized by invading supervillains. After accidentally being summoned back to the world of the living by Black Arts Beagle in "McMystery at McDuck McManor! Though he nearly catches Donald, the determined duck is able to escape to Earth in Lunaris' prototype rocket; leading the Moonlander to believe he could not have survived. First, it was obviously too big for this episode. ", to help Scrooge defeat the Moonlanders with one of his insane schemes, since General Lunaris had a counter for all of Scrooge's plans, and trick him into returning his company to him. An acquaintance of King Homer who is proven to have remarkable strong lungs. Bullying and even attempting to kill Scrooge McDuck.Trying to get more money and treasure.Plotting.Scheming.Trying to outdo Scrooge at anything. [7] In "The Shadow War! While she admittingly "always loved gold more than she loved Scrooge", the pair's mutual affection and respect go deep. In the 1987 series, Scrooge is constantly seeking ways to further increase his wealth (his favorite pastime appears to be treasure hunting), and to avoid losing it. In the 1987 series, he first appears in the second part of the pilot episode,[80] and typically comes up with schemes to earn money at Scrooge's expense, in order to surpass Scrooge and capture the title of the world's richest duck. History Talk (0) This page has all the villains of the comics, TV series, movies and other media that is related to DuckTales. Crimes DuckTales (2017) "[110] where she and Scrooge raced John D. Rockerduck to the Fountain of Youth, became young again, and rekindled their romance. [53] Due to Scrooge using magical druid stones to rebuild their ancestral castle so his parents could move back in there, Downy and Fergus have become immortal, and the castle is only accessible to the rest of the world once every five years. A super-spy who hypnotizes Donald into betraying the Navy, but eventually regrets her ways and helps the ducks. Ducktales (2017): Flintheart Glomgold | Gabby McStabberson | Beagle Boys (Ma Beagle & Grandpappy Beagle) | Magica De Spell | Lena De Spell | Mark Beaks | Falcon Graves | Briar & Bramble | Zeus | Toad Liu Hai | Air Pirates (Don Karnage) | Doofus Drake | Dijon | NegaDuck | Atmoz Fear | General Lunaris | FOWL (The High Command, John D. Rockerduck, Phantom Blot & Steelbeak) | Taurus Bulba | Quackerjack | Megavolt | Bushroot | Liquidator | Paddywhack

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