Their \"popularity\"also varies from country to country. Easter falls on the first Sunday following the full moon in the springtime (after the Vernal Equinox), in other words, the Sunday after the fourteenth day of the first ecclesiastical lunar month of the spring. Dates of many of the most important Christian holidays are related to the dateof Easter. The material on this Website is intended for personal, non-commercial, or educational use. The lunar calendar is different to our normal calendar (28 day cycles), meaning that the calculation is a complex one and there are many scientific formulae used to work it out. All rights reserved. Catholic And Orthodox Easter 2021 Catholic Easter Sunday in 2021 was on Sunday, May 2nd. Usually people go to Church on Easter Sunday to join the community in celebrating the Easter Holiday and then Easter … This day celebrates the resurrection of Jesus from the dead on the third day after his crucifixion on Orthodox Good Friday. Orthodox Easter Sunday in 2021 was celebrated 7 days later, on Sunday, April 11th. In the United States the Romanian Orthodox Episcopate Church, Russian Orthodox Church, and Greek Hellenic Orthodox Church celebrate the day along with other smaller Orthodox Churches. This year, Easter Sunday will fall on 4TH APRIL 2021 for Catholic and Protestant churches, and on 2ND MAY 2021 for Orthodox churches. This year, Easter Sunday will fall on 4TH APRIL 2021 for Catholic and Protestant churches, and on 2ND MAY 2021 for Orthodox churches. Orthodox Easter for the year 2021 is celebrated/ observed on Sunday, May 2. Jewish Passover (Pessah) will start on 28TH MARCH 2021. Easter dates from 2021 through 2036 When is Easter Sunday 2021? That said, Easter always occurs between March 22nd at the very earliest and April 25th at the latest.

Unlike Christmas and All Saints’ Day, the date of Easter changes from year to year, it being a "moveable feast". Below you can find a list of most of them in 2021 year.Please note that some of them are only observed by the Roman Catholic church whileother by most of the Christian churches around the world.
Orthodox Easter 2021 : May 2, 2021 : Sunday : in 185 days: Orthodox Easter 2022 : April 24, 2022 : Sunday : in 542 days: Orthodox Easter 2023 : April 16, 2023 : Sunday : in 899 days: Orthodox Easter 2024 : May 5, 2024 : Sunday : in 1284 days: Orthodox Easter 2025 : April 20, 2025 : Sunday : in 1634 days Orthodox Easter 2021, 2022 and 2023 Easter in Romania is celebrated according to the Julian Calendar used by the Eastern Orthodox Church, rather than on the date used in Catholic, Protestant, and other Western churches that use the Gregorian Calendar. Any reproduction, distribution of texts or graphics, in part or in whole, for public or commercial purposes, are prohibited without prior written authorization from ELFINET Sarl. 2021: 30 Apr: Fri: Orthodox Good Friday: 2 May: Sun: Orthodox Easter Sunday: 3 May: Mon: Orthodox Easter Monday: 2022: 22 Apr: Fri: Orthodox Good Friday: 24 Apr: Sun: Orthodox Easter Sunday: 25 Apr: Mon: Orthodox Easter Monday: 2023: 14 Apr: Fri: Orthodox Good Friday: 16 Apr: Sun: Orthodox Easter Sunday: 17 Apr: Mon: Orthodox Easter Monday: 2024: 3 May: Fri: Orthodox Good Friday: 5 May: Sun: …

Its exact date depends on the lunar calendar. Next: Happy Easter Wishes in all Languages, Easter symbols: Paschal Lamb, Rabbit, Light, Bells, etc, Easter Eggs: Origin, Symbolism And Traditions. Jewish Passover (Pessah) will start on 28TH MARCH 2021.

Easter for Catholic and Protestant churches. Therefore the Orthodox Easter period often occurs later than the Easter period that falls around the time of the March equinox. Orthodox Easter Day 2021 Sun, May 2, 2021 Many Orthodox churches base their Easter date on the Julian calendar, which often differs from the Gregorian calendar that is used by many western countries.

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