MOVE THE FOUNTAINS, NOT!!!!! You can search for … Have questions? Mirror links again for anyone who missed them up top: Episode 1:, Episode 2:, Episode 3:, Episode 4: Edd will be near the restaurant. Internet culture enthusiast and creator of The Netstorian. In my original live stream recap post, I included a few explanations on how I was able to play the game. Edd will also tell you that you can rent a boat at the boat house when first spoken to, and that Suzy has bubble gum (another item required to fix the piles) after you trade the chocolate bar for the scotch tape (Suzy will give you the gum after you trade with Ed). ( Log Out /  Cartoon Cartoon Summer Resort is a browser game from the official Cartoon Network site that uses various characters from various series to create 4 episodes that players play through solving puzzles and fixing problems that the cartoon characters have in a semi-sandbox like play setting, set at …, Edd offering to trade his burger for ketchup. Just want to chat about the Internet? Longhair from Longhair and Doubledome will be your character for this episode. The following explanations are merely my own anecdotes so this is something that could be a different story for others. Talk to the guests to find out what is missing! Dealing with obstacles on getting the game to load is what comes next. The Gee-Bee CD that Og finds is a reference to The Bee-Gees. Try it for yourself and see. This process takes no more than a few hours and we'll The beetle named Paul is a reference to former Beatle, Paul McCartney. I can’t actually recall if I’ve ever gotten them to work on Chrome before. on 07/01/19 Multiple hints point out that Edd and Blossom have a crush on each other. When you reach Edd near the beach, he will give you some scotch tape in exchange for a chocolate bar (which you can receive from Chicken once you're done helping him with his troubles of finding Cow). Only browser I’ve managed to get these games working on.” [/Edit]. -Chrome: This browser has been the most challenging to make the games work on. ", Episode 4: "Fine, go ahead and move the fountains. send you an email once approved. Summer Resort - Episode 3: Vivian Vs. Like many Cartoon Network games, CCSR was one that I thoroughly enjoyed playing when I first got online as a kid. Enter the URL for the tweet you want to embed. Edd thankful for the ketchup and honoring the trade. There will be a disco that night, and your primary objective for this episode is to pair 10 people with each other, to their designated dance partner. -Safari: I’ve had the most luck playing these games on Safari. As of the published date of this post, you can no longer download Shockwave from Adobe. When I do, it’s exciting for me because I enjoy communicating with you all! Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Even though there are only five cannons, there are seven items that you can collect to plug them.

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