An episode all about ageism that also predicted the industry's TV reboot phenomenon. it was funny, escpecially, "squidward, we already did babble like an idiot" this was the only emotional episode, but it was so funny. Out of guilt, Squidward decides to give SpongeBob the greatest last day of his life. Love this one is my favorite HOW IS IT NOT #1?! | | Rodger Bumpass, Patrick: "no, THIS IS PATRICK! Memorable lines, funny scenes and clever plot make this one of the finest SpongeBob episodes ever. But the monotony of it all reminds Squidward how much he secretly loves the spontaneity of SpongeBob. 10 SpongeBob meets the strangler. For your next SpongeBob SquarePants marathon, you can start by putting all of the best and funniest SpongeBob episodes below in the queue. | Rodger Bumpass, I know Spongebob is said to be asexual, but I don’t care! and the guy at the theatre (Fred) said "Not at all boy. Directors: Lori Alan, (We Americans get desperate... haha). Squid on Strike6. Dee Bradley Baker, This time around he becomes obsessed with a pair of squeaky boots that Mr. Krabs swindles him into buying. When a customer claims SpongeBob forgot to put pickles on his Krabby Patty, SpongeBob has a massive existential crisis and feels like a complete failure, therefore making this the most relatable episode of the series. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. There's never a dull moment, with SpongeBob telling Squidward to "Have fun inside" Patrick spitting marshmallows into Squidward's face, the campfire song song, the sea bear scene and so much more. Though they're eager to try the entrepreneurial lifestyle, they get mixed up with a crazy chocolate fan, a sneaky salesman, and a string of lies. In typical bizarre fashion, this episode ends with Mr. Krabs eating the boots. ""Is mayonnaise an instrument? Rodger Bumpass, Stephen Hillenburg, Stars: I love the utter weirdness of this episode, which introduces a whole new level of darkness to the show -- "advanced darkness.". Honestly, this episode is really funny. Puff's boating class and immediately decides that he wants to cause bodily harm to SpongeBob. Season 9- The best post-movie season is the season that's happening right now. Squidward turns into a bitchy moocher who refuses to get a job and makes SpongeBob his personal servant. I love this episode and I enjoy to this day. Clancy Brown, But the dialogue-free episode is the perfect example of how Hillenburg's series manages to be such classic entertainment for both kids and adults, relying on physical comedy and visual gags like the best of silent film. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. He ends up spending the night with both his best friend and Squidward. In one match, SpongeBob turns himself into a fudgsicle covered in almonds, while Patrick counters by becoming a strawberry ice cream cone dipped into chocolate. Stars: Vincent Waller The first of many jellyfishing excursions is mostly an exercise in How Much Physical Torture Squidward Can Endure. All the episodes from the first three seasons were the epitome of clever, relateable, and perfectly executed humor. Lori Alan, Vincent Waller Clancy Brown, TV-Y7 | I was about 3 years old and I laughed so hard I couldn't breath. This episode is also proof that manipulative people never change, so stop falling for it! I'm ready. After Wormy, who is no longer a worm despite the name -- I mean did anyone ask Wormy what name they wanted to go by?! SpongeBob and Patrick "borrow" a balloon, but when it pops they run away and live as outlaws. The 5 Best Sites To Find Cute Prescription Glasses, 10 TV Shows That Scream Women Empowerment, 10 Documentaries to Watch That Aren’t Tiger King, 10 Reality TV Shows You Will Become Obsessed With, The Greatest TV Shows To Binge This Summer.

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