I am not expecting to be thanked, neither to be disrespected.. Voevoda's "awesome performance" was that one in Zlotty 2004, where he beat everyone including Brzenk (95kg/209lb version).
UPDATES: 22 September 2013 – Engin Terzi: According to the results of our poll Oleg ranks 6, and the rest of the guys moves 1 place lower. Working on your rising strength according to Devon Larratt is the key to become a great arm wrestler. If you click on a name and you get just a few articles about the armwrestler or if there is no link, you can use the Google Custom Search (copy/paste the name in the upper left search box, on top of the Events).

Andrey Pushkar, UKR: 3. Devon Larrat has a successful record of beating men from various areas in arm wrestling. Maybe I am reading the question differently than others. Not pound for pound but just in an open category? John Brzenk was once asked about his record against Lupkes, and this is what he said (this is just a few months old): Our first match I won, Vegas for the Truck Over The Top. He beat me in a small tournament in Canada. “With practice it is possible to stop the weight at any given point and rotate the wrist if the arm has been trained properly as a unit.”.

See expert profiles of John Brzenk, Engin Terzi, Neil Pickup, and Eric Roussin, Fascinated by armwrestling’s history since the beginning – a serious student of the sport, One of the armwrestling’s Internet pioneers, starting the Swedish Armwrestling website in 2000, and more recently co-founding and maintaining World of Armwrestling, which became the premier source for international armwrestling news. I do my best to be as fair as possible to anyone..
With both #2 and 3, a circular motion with the plate really builds the wrist.

I think Monkeypaw here got a win agaisnt John too so what about that? Top notch in not only strength but his knowledge of the sport. And I forgot to put Devon Larratt in the poll, oops. Mac penned a 1957 Muscle Builder article specifically on how he built he world class wrist strength, focusing on 3 exercises. Best of all time would go to John easily, for having dominated the sport for so long.

Willis Reed, a powerfully built man and gym owner in Hollywood, California, wrote an article about Mac Bachelor. amazing power by Big Daddy!

Forearm Workouts For Increased Grip Strength. He keeps his ranking by going undefeated in the 1974 and 1975 World Wristwrestling Championships.

Tonic Recommended for you 12:48 Top 10 Best Arm Wrestlers - Duration: 16:35. So we'll see but yeah right now anybody on that list would beat Denis.

(After you click the link, you can Click and Drag the image to see it full size), ______________________________________________________________. As to who over the years has had the "highest high"? If you Google best arm wrestler in the world, John Brzenk, Devon Laratt, and the Russian Mutant Dennis Cyplenkov will pop up. I'd like to see some "lightweights" thrown in as well; Engin, Rustam, Allen, etc.. No they won't beat anybody on the list but in terms of greatness over a career; their are some missing names. Which btw doesn't make him unstoppable even if it does happen. Trying to make comeback having trouble with hand from nerve damage lost some of my rising strength small muscle on top of wrist and arm iam 48 years old got more armwrestling strength now than i did when i was young training some young guys 1 a week i really enjoy that do you think its possible for me to be a successful armwrestler at this point in life i was pretty good wen i broke my arm i was in third place in masters would have won 1 place in right & left novice did not loose 1 match until i broke my arm there was 4 runners up in novice and some of the guys i beat have already put the other guys out i think devon larret is great i belive in negative training also i learned alot from devon .iam still scared to press i stay away from pressing and use backpressure and rise, Your email address will not be published. ______________________________________________________________________. After a year of inactivity, Scott Norton loses his ranking.

I actually read that his fingers are strong, and it's his wrists that are lacking (according to his trainer) and if he had has 3-4 more months to train he would have beaten Brzenk (according to his trainer). Mac was not just a one trick pony regarding his physical cultural pursuits with arm strength. Bodybuilder who looks like RONNIE COLEMAN. wins the heavyweight division of the 1973 World Wristwrestling Championship, finishing ahead of Moe Baker. Give us a break.

Gadzimurad Omarov – left hand – 2nd place with left arm before Grigorii Liashchuk in the MEN 110 + kg ► RESULTS:... 3. For instance, there are strategies, tactics and various training methodologies involved in an arm wrestling match. Charlie Minell will put on hold WorldofArmwrestling.com, for a period of time. He is an incredibly strong man.

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