This logo is just the 1960s BBC logo. Mediaset | It was filmed in black and white, the blue colour for the continents and "BBC1 COLOUR" legend being added electronically before airing. The BBC added to the roster of 4 idents over the years. Canal+ | RTBF | Abertis | Lambie-Nairn were also behind this new look. This kept the bug concept, but presentation only used one bug flying on a blue background. TMC (France) |

2006 Idents (2006-present) | Local Radio:Berkshire | Bristol | Cambridgeshire | Cornwall | Cumbria | CWR | Derby | Devon | Essex | Gloucestershire | Guernsey | Hereford & Worcester | Humberside | Jersey | Kent | Lancashire | Leeds | Leicester | Lincolnshire | London | Manchester | Merseyside | Newcastle | Norfolk | Northampton | Nottingham | Oxford | Sheffield | Shropshire | Solent | Somerset | Stoke | Suffolk | Surrey | Sussex | Tees | Three Counties | Wiltshire | WM | York, Other Radio Operations: BBC Music Introducing | BBC Sounds, Defunct Local Radio: Dorset FM | BBC Commonwealth Games Radio | Radio Durham | BBC Radio Rochdale | BBC Radio Wigan | Southern Counties Radio | Thames Valley FM, Other | BBC Belfast | BBC Birmingham | BBC Bitesize | BBC Bristol | BBC Cardiff | BBC Creative | BBC Children in Need | BBC Connected Studio | BBC Dish Up | BBC Drama | BBC Earth (BBC Earth Films) | BBC Election (EU Referendum) | BBC England | BBC Films | BBC Gaeilge | BBC Glasgow | BBC Home Entertainment | BBC iPlayer | BBC iWonder | BBC Learning Zone | BBC Make It Digital | BBC Manchester | BBC Music | BBC Music Awards | BBC Nationstates | BBC Newsbeat | BBC Online | BBC Playlister | BBC Productions | BBC Red Button | BBC Shop | BBC Sounds | BBC Sport | BBC Stories | BBC Studios | BBC Studioworks | BBC Taster | BBC Three (internet television) | BBC Weather | BBC Weather Watchers | BBC Worldwide Productions, BBC News (TV channel): Worklife | Afternoon Live | BBC News at Five | Beyond 100 Days | Outside Source | The Papers | Newsday | HARDtalk | Asia Business Report | The Briefing | Dateline London EPTV | TMC (Italy), Competitions UR | Having survied three BBC re-brands unchanged, the BBC Schools & Colleges ident was updated in 1967. The first logo used consisted of the word "Children's" above a sprawed version of the BBC text used on air.

On 11 February 2002, CBBC launched a channel version and introduced a new logo, consisting of a green blob with a C in purple. BBC Two/1990 Idents, Each period had a standard start-up routine; at 5 minutes to the hour the BBC Tuning Signal would be shown, then at 1 minute to the hour it would fade into the BBC coat of arms and finally at 20 seconds to the hour that would fade into footage of the Houses of Parliament. BNT | CBBC/2016 Idents Although the logo was intended to herald a more cohesive identity, its adoption proved slow: copyright notices at the end of TV programmes and video releases did not start using it until 1990, as did the radio stations, while corresponding new identities for both BBC1 and BBC2 did not appear until February 1991.

Eurovision Asia | SABC | Radio 100,7 | On October 4, 1997, BBC Two got a new look created by Lambie-Nairn. RTRN, Former members Wales: Wales Today | Newyddion These changes were permanent and no original-length idents have been used since.

This logo was first shown on BBC One. Wales: Wales Today | Newyddion BBC One/2018 Idents. Télévision Tunisienne | Eurovision Choir of the Year (Other), Defunct competitions SVT | Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. In 2015, the 1991-2001 set of idents and stings were brought back on a more permanent basis. We just have the BBC Blocks logo, and the pink word "three" in a typeface font. Colour was introduced to BBC1 on November 15, 1969, and with it came one of the channel's most famous logos.

This era was known as COW (Computer Originated World). BBC America (HD) (co-owned with AMC Networks) | BBC Arabic | BBC Brit | BBC Canada (co-owned with Shaw Media) | BBC Earth | BBC Entertainment (Italy) | BBC First | BBC HD | BBC Ireland (HD) | BBC Kids | BBC Knowledge | BBC Lifestyle (Italy | Australia) | BBC Persian | BBC UKTV | BBC Urdu | BBC World News (HD), Defunct: BBC World Service Television | BBC Japan, RadioBBC Radio 1 | BBC Radio 1Xtra | BBC Radio 2 | BBC Radio 3 | BBC Radio 4 | BBC Radio 4 Extra | BBC Radio 5 Live | BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra | BBC Radio 6 Music | BBC Radio Asian Network | BBC Radio World Service, Nations RadioBBC Radio Scotland | BBC Radio Gàidhlig | BBC Radio Orkney | BBC Radio Shetland | BBC Radio Wales | BBC Radio Cymru | BBC Radio Ulster | BBC Radio Foyle, Local RadioBerkshire | Bristol | Cambridgeshire | Cornwall | Coventry & Warwickshire | Cumbria | Derby | Devon | Essex | Gloucestershire | Guernsey | Hereford & Worcester | Humberside | Isle of Man | Jersey | Kent | Lancashire | Leeds | Leicester | Lincolnshire | London | Manchester | Merseyside | Newcastle | Norfolk | Northampton | Nottingham | Oxford | Sheffield | Shropshire | Solent | Somerset | Stoke | Suffolk | Surrey | Sussex | Tees | Three Counties | Wiltshire | West Midlands | York, Defunct: BBC Radio Aberdeen | BBC Radio Highland | BBC Radio Tweed | BBC Radio Clwyd | Dorset FM | Radio Durham | Southern Counties Radio | Thames Valley FM, BBC News:Programmes: BBC Breakfast | BBC News at One | BBC News at Six | BBC News at Ten | Newsnight | Newsround, English Regions: East Midlands Today | London News | Look East | Look North (L&EY | NE&C | Y) | North West (Today | Tonight) | Points West | South Today | South East Today | Spotlight | West Midlands Today, Nations:Scotland: Reporting Scotland | Newsnight Scotland | An Là LNC | This version abolished the slants and the coloured lines in favour of simple square blocks containing upright letters, in Gill Sans font. Shortly after receiving its first Royal Charter in 1927, the BBC was granted its own armorials by the College of Arms. SBS | Catalunya Música | BBC | IBA (Israel) | Used from 16 February 1991 to 18 February 2007. BBC Television Service began on 2 November 1936, broadcasting from Alexandra Palace in North London. BHRT | As with the previous look, no clock ident was used, a trend repeated across nearly all other channels in the UK, however the Generic, Helicopter, Capes and Kites idents may also be used for introduction into the news, following criticisms in the previous look that the dancers didn't have an ident suitable for this purpose. On 19 September 1960 BBC TV started broadcasting children's educational programmes during weekday mornings under the name BBC Schools & Colleges.

Motion Picture Association/Credits Variants. BNR | We just have the blue (or cyan) square with the BBC Blocks logo and the towering two-dimensional "THREE" in white. The logo revolves like the BBC1 globe ident used at the time. Defunct: BBC One English Regions: (L&SE) | BBC Two English Regions: (E | EM | L | L&SE | M | NE&C | NW | S | SE | SW | W | Y&L) BBC Select | BBC Choice Nations (NI | SC | WA) | BBC HD | BBC Three (TV channel) (HD), 1998 Idents (1998-2002 | A corporate identity was getting more and more essential to ensuring that the audience knew it was authentic and that the quality programmes they were watching could be attributed to the BBC. In 1963, the blocks became slanted to match the angle of the letters. BBC Two/2015 Idents, This version includes the frequency, but the logo was also used without it. MRT |

RTVE | On 7 October 2006, BBC One introduced a new identity. SNRT | ORF | This allowed CBBC to extend its broadcast hours. BBC Television Service returned on 7 June 1946, using the BBC coat of arms as the ident. Junior Eurovision (Other) | Hope you enjoy reviewing these old favourites! The word 'COLOUR' was in Helvetica. Eurovision (Other) | Wales: Wales Today | Newyddion Yle | Subtle changes were made to the logo in 1972, with "COLOUR" now in an italic serif font and the corners of the BBC1 blocks rounded. On Janaury 4, 2016, the channel's logo has changed, ust the pink (or magenta) square with the BBC Blocks logo, and finally the three (or two) bars, with an exclamation point. Young Musicians (Other) | See Also 2006 Idents (2006-present) | 2006 Idents (2006-present) | RTP |

As part of an extensive rebrand to cast off BBC2's 'highbrow' tone, Lambie-Nairn launched a brand new set of idents which lasted 10 years until they were replaced in 2001. Here, they are contained within a circle with a map of the UK behind them, divided into the BBC's seven broadcast regions of the time (North of England, English Midlands, West of England, London, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland). The boxless variant of the 2007 BBC Two logo has been used in the promos since 2012 and on the revived 1991 ident package in Northern Ireland from 1 January 2015. The idents would involve people, plants or animals moving, or whose interaction causes a circular shape, which is revealed at the end of the ident. DR | Wales: Wales Today | Newyddion

RTVS | CBBC/1991 Idents However this tuning signal was unpopular and so was replaced on 16 June 1956 with a new tuning signal called "Angel's Wings". The new look was created by Red Bee Media, who made the brand identity accompanying the new logo and Fallon, who.designed the trials used leading up to the new look's debut.

AZTV | Designed by Murray Andrew, the "mirror globe" was a mechanical globe with a concave mirror behind it. Northern Ireland: Newsline, Other OperationsBBC Sport | BBC Earth | BBC Red Button | | BBC iPlayer | BBC Playlister | BBC Films | BBC Earth Films | BBC Worldwide | BBC DVD | BBC Bitesize | BBC Music | BBC iWonder | BBC Learning Zone | 2 Entertain | S4C | BBC Studios | BBC Three (Internet channel), Defunct: BBC Ceefax | BBC Switch | BBC 2W | UKTV | BBC Multimedia | BBC Nationstates, ARD | BBC One/2006 Idents, The rebrand did work, and although the programming was exactly the same as before, the perception of BBC2 by the public shifted from 'highbrow' and 'stuffy' to cool and trendy. TV5Monde | An early attempt at a unified look for national BBC radio, this logo was used across the other three national BBC stations with the different numeral for each. TV 2 (Denmark) | CBBC/2005 Idents BBC Two (HD) (W | NI | SC) BBC News (HD) | BBC Four (HD) | CBBC (HD) | CBeebies (HD) | BBC Parliament | BBC Alba | BBC Five (HD, 4K & +1 & +7) Timeline: BBC Trust. RTSH | Gold (+1, HD) | Alibi (+1, HD) | Dave (Ja Vu, HD) | Drama (+1) | Eden (+1, HD) | W (+1, HD) | Yesterday (+1), Former channels: Here I have tried to compile as many of the 1991-2001 BBC2 idents as possible, in the best possible quality! DWWX-TV, Channel 2, was the flagship VHF station of Philippine television network, ABS-CBN.The station was owned and operated by ABS-CBN Corporation with its studio and transmitter located at the ABS-CBN Broadcasting Center, Sgt. This Radio 2 logo refers to its past, as its predecessor was named 'The Light Programme'. At first, the services all followed a consistent scheme, whereby the name of each would appear to the right of the logo in the same font. However in 1984 the strand was re-branded for the first time with BBC1 and BBC2 identifiers added. Europe 1 | The box logo from 2007 is currently used as a primary logo and the "2" symbol resembles a curved wave. PBS Ltd. | ERT |

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