How well hath it been said: Peace be upon him who followeth the way of guidance! Never wilt thou hear from the raven the melodies of the nightingale, nor inhale from the abject beetle the fragrance of eternity. No more than this will I impart to thee: The riverbed can never hold the sea.131. All downloads in Authoritative Writings and Guidance », Messages of the Universal House of Justice, Periodicals and Other Supplementary Materials. When once thou hast privily completed these journeys, place this robe upon thy sightless eyes, that the eye of thine inmost heart may be opened. But to an appointed time doth He respite them.” 40. 9 And all to this end: that every man may testify, in himself and by himself, before the Seat of the revelation of his Lord, that there is none other God but Him; and that all may reach that summit of realities where none shall contemplate anything but that he shall perceive God therein. A new volume of Baha’u’llah’s mystical works has been translated and made available in English. He fleeth from both unbelief and faith, and findeth in deadly poison his heart’s relief. The chains that bind them are His musky hair; The Cyclic Scheme, to them, is but to Him a stair.119, 26 Here followeth a supplication to God—blessed and glorified be He: O Lord, O Thou Whose grace fulfilleth every need! The treasuries of love lay hid within the very heart of Fárs; From out this treasure trove the pearls of faithfulness are raining down. Tell us not the tale of Laylí, nor speak of Majnún’s woe—. It was a period so prolific that, on average, the unrecorded verses He would reveal in a single day and night equalled in number those of the Qur’án. This is the vision of the splendours which have been deposited within the realities of all things; for otherwise He, exalted be His glory, is entirely sanctified above being seen or witnessed: “No vision taketh in Him, but He taketh in all vision; He is the Subtile, the All-Perceiving.” 10. However, the quest in the Seven Valleys is also one undertaken in a context defined by the imminent dawning of the new Revelation—and indeed the presence of the Beloved Himself. Wherefore He hath said, “Read thy Book: There needeth none but thyself to make out an account against thee this day.”106, 13 The story is told of a mystic knower who went on a journey with a learned grammarian for a companion. But to this evanescent One of the mystic ocean, this station is the first gate of the heart’s citadel, that is, man’s first entrance to the city of the heart; and the heart is endowed with four stages, which would be recounted should a kindred soul be found. After journeying through the planes of pure contentment, the traveller cometh to the Valley of Wonderment and is tossed upon the oceans of grandeur, and at every moment his wonder increaseth. Nor is it possible that there be no sinners: So long as the name “the Ever-Forgiving” shineth resplendent above the horizon of existence, there will be sinners in the world of creation, for the latter cannot appear without the former and the former cannot exist without the latter. For I say ‘Be’, and it is, and thou shalt say ‘Be’, and it shall be.” And the second: “O son of Adam! As for his eminence Shaykh Muḥammad—may God, the Exalted, bless him!—I shall confine Myself to the two following lines, which I request be delivered to him: I seek thy nearness, more desired than heaven in mine eyes; I see thy visage, fairer than the bowers of Paradise. So clearly will they witness in this stage God’s all-encompassing mercy that in every created thing, both in the world and in the souls of men, they will behold Him Who hath been interpreted as the Holy Outpouring. The knower, putting his trust in God, straightway flung himself into the waves, but the grammarian stood bewildered and lost in thoughts that were as words traced upon the water. Now there are many wisdoms to ponder in the dream, which none but the people of this valley can comprehend in their reality. When the heart-surrendered lover looked upon his ravishing love, he drew a great breath and lifted his hands in prayer, crying, “O God! How high is the soaring flight of the phoenix of love, and how low the requisite measure of our yearning! 120. The tongue faileth in describing these three valleys, and speech falleth short. A reference link can be embedded in copied text by using the “Copy With Reference” button that appears when text is selected in supported browsers. Also included are the poem Rashh-i-‘Amá (The Clouds of the Realms Above), revealed in the Síyáh-Chál in Tihrán, and four other newly translated Tablets from the period of Bahá’u’lláh’s sojourn in Iraq which elucidate aspects of the mystic journey of the soul towards its divine Beloved. O thou dear one! Whensoever the light of the revelation of the King of Oneness settleth upon the throne of the heart and soul, His radiance becometh visible in every limb and member. The words “And we have made thy sight sharp in this day” 57 are a sufficient proof of this assertion and a befitting description of this state. From time immemorial He hath been exalted above the description of aught save Himself, and He will forever continue to be sanctified beyond the praise of all created things. And they swim in the sea of the spirit, and soar in the holy atmosphere of light. 3 O friend! Such men are the evil doers.”109. The doctors knew no cure for him, and companions avoided his company; yea, physicians have no remedy for one sick of love, unless the favour of the beloved deliver him. Other seasons have no share in this supernal grace, and barren lands hold no portion of this bounteous favour. The occasion for its revelation was the receipt of a letter addressed to the Most Holy Court in ‘Iráq from a man of Sunní persuasion, who was both a scholar and a mystic. Tags are simplified spellings used to find documents on a similar topic but with various titles. Then one night he could bear life no more, and he left his house for the marketplace. ’Tis from Our anthem that the mysteries of faith are raining down. 9 If the wayfarers be among them that seek after the sanctuary of the Desired One, this plane pertaineth to the self—but the self which is intended is “the Self of God that pervadeth all His laws”. The pen steppeth not into this arena, the ink leaveth only a blot. ↩, 46 “But for Thee” refers to the Ḥadíth quoted in note 26. A reference to the Cyclic Theory of Avicenna (Abu-‘Alí Síná [980–1037]). The Day of “I am He” is made to shine resplendent from Our face; The Age of “He is He” from out Our flowing cup is raining down. Moreover, the journeys in the pathway of love have been reckoned as four: from the creatures to the True One, from the True One to the creatures, from the creatures to the creatures, and from the True One to the True One. 28 If the mystic knowers be among them that have attained the beauty of the Beloved, this station is the throne of the inmost heart and the secret of divine guidance. “How can the lover from the loved one ever part?”89 So it is that, at times, the lovers of the celestial Beauty sound the clarion of “Say: All things are of God”, while, at others, they raise the call of “It is from thyself.”90. However, in each realm, to every letter a meaning is allotted which pertaineth to that realm. 77 Thou appearest to be well grounded in mystic truth. Yea, all that he hath, from marrow to skin, will be set aflame, so that nothing will remain save the Friend. And there he beheld his beloved with a lamp in her hand, searching for a ring she had lost.

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