:: v1.3.0.0 :: Significant Update: You can send lists of rollable Nano Crystals to MishBuddy (integrates with Profiles too if you have purchased this program!) What about the Global Market Interface (GMI)? :: v1.2.1.8 :: Small bug fix whereby AOIA+ would crash under a very rare and specific scenario.
Taking place 1000 years before the events of Wakfu, you'll create a character from 1 of 18 different classes that all have different playstyles. Updated all nano features to remove dupliacates and speed things up a little.

Together, we’ve revisited what made Anarchy Online such a fantastic experience and a force to be reckoned with into 2020.

modules, and providing help. :: v1.2.1.2 :: More adjustments to the Loot scripting code.

Renamed more PB's to reflect which Key Quests they are used for. Cleaned up some code for bug-fixes; when restoring/Importing it should not crash now and fully update each module to reflect the changes. However, some items will not be available such as Heckler Juice. :: v1.2.1.1 :: Changed the way items from Loot are copied to the clipboard; Had to do this due to the limitations of AO scripts. BackPack renaming! Right around this time last year, we launched Rubi-Ka 2019, our take on a classic/progression server - and it’s been a wild ride since. Dream. Anarchy Online Item Assistant (AOIA) is an application you keep running alongside Anarchy Online when you play. It is a free game where players create a character and explore an online recreation of Middle-Earth.

One of the best utilities for AO. Options are available to leave a gap between each Nanoline and to sort General nanos into Nanolines or not. Join the server for exclusive cosmetic rewards not available in the standard experience! AO Classic High Resolution display "Fix"; This will allow you to play at higher screen sizes in the old Client (handy for when syncing Resolution size across old and new clients!).

Join us, would you? Bio-Materials and Frozen Crystals correctly sorted by type in “Identify” View. will not be reverted from how they currently are.

As a member, start your journey anew on a brand-new server with level caps, a fresh economy, and no expansions to begin - and be dropped into the classic Arrival Hall and backyards! Please don't fill out this field.
this is a chance to get those included, if Dream thinks enough people will want them. Contact

* Update May 15 2019: We are now able to explore the possibility of releasing the expansions out of the original order. As long an account is subscribed to Anarchy Online, that account can log in and play on the new server. :). Anarchy Online. This enables common naming when transferring backpacks across toons. Moved some of the Options menus around to make more logical sense. :: v1.2.1.3 :: Fixed a small bug in the Inventory Search.

Added an Options menu to change this location. Perhaps

Figured I would reply ... understand your concern, have amended with contact details. The launch of the server also coincided with the launch of a new Discord server, which has proven invaluable for connecting and bonding with an intensely passionate community.

:: v1.2.5.1 :: Added Menu Options for Summary View to Sort characters by Name or Profession. You might be interested to refresh your memory and have a …

:: v1.2.4.6 :: Double clicking on an item in Inventory or Nano Crystals tabs listings will now direct you to the account\character\container within the Inventory tab view.

Added refresh buttons to various tabs toolbars. AO Item Assistant+ keeps track of all your items and Backpacks. The Rubi-Ka server (RK5) should remain online. Manual location of Anarchy Online prefs folder should some users require this.

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