IMDb Rating: 7.7. Between moments of hilarity, social awkwardness, and a whole lot of family drama, there’s no chance you’d be bored in the slightest. Runtime: 95 minutes The film follows a struggling writer Marty who is passionately working on his dream screenplay, Seven Psychopaths. Mods versus rockers in 1979. However, with hard work and determination, she sets on the journey to prove herself to the world. A goofy sequel to the 1992 Wayne’s world, Wayne’s World 2 elicits genuine laughs with its hilarious one-liners and catchphrases. Runtime: 142 minutes A wrong number triggers a series of misadventures, and Jeff embarks on a journey of finding the key to his destiny. Runtime: 121 minutes Woody Harrelson is the 10-pin bowler out for revenge. Browncoats – the preferred nomenclature for die-hard fans of Firefly – were thrilled when Whedon resurrected their favourite, cancelled space opera as this rip-roaring 2005 adventure. The show imagines a world where people can be uploaded into a virtual reality after their death to live on forever. In an attempt to prove her worth, Newbury hires a female writer Molly Patel. The band do not appear in the film, but Sting does. Experience the teenage awkwardness with Jenna as she handles her newfound visibility, relationship, and a relentless nemesis. Best Bollywood Movies on Amazon Prime: Directed by Meghna Gulzar and starring Alia Bhatt in the lead role, Raazi is a spy-thriller and is one of my most anticipated movies of 2018. Our goal is to help people learn and sharpen their knowledge pertaining to technology. 45 Best Xbox Series X, Series S Games: Confirmed and Expected, Xbox Series X Graphics: What you need to know, 15 Best Xbox Series X, Series S Headsets of 2020, 8 Best M.2 SSD Heatsinks: Options for all Budgets Included, How to Maintain a Consistent Mouse Sensitivity for Every Game. Although underrated, Workaholics is one of the most hilarious shows if you’re into juvenile humor. It also weaves into the narrative the sensitive topics of racism, gender disparity, and ageism in a way that makes you fist pump and nod your head in agreement. Soon Tony becomes a force behind many renowned music bands. Main Cast: Kumail Nanjiani, Zoe Kazan, Holly Hunter, Ray Romano With great performances of some of his most beloved songs, this biopic gives you a look into how Elton went from small-town boy to one of the most iconic figures in the rock and roll game. That’s when he decides to set a school-bus-jumping record to raise the money and finally win against his stepfather. After a road accident, a former high-school sports star (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is struggling with anterograde amnesia and anger management when he becomes embroiled in a plot to rob a bank. Mozart in the Jungle is an Amazon Original that you shouldn’t miss on. Fleabag is a story of one such bright and beautiful woman who is savagely witty, wildly spontaneous, and charming beyond measure. There’s nothing wrong with old-fashioned craftsmanship. This strangely addictive show follows the day to day lives of those working at the fictitious Department of Social Affairs and Citizenship. Good call, dude! Happily, Netflix’s main rival has come on in leaps and bounds since that threadbare debut. The film follows brothers Jimmy and Clyde as they hatch an insane idea to rob the Charlotte Motor Speedway. Now is a great time to get an Amazon Prime subscription and start watching movies. To revive the barely afloat channel, George creates whacky programs that reflect his own outrageous and hyperactive personality. Vote for Pedro. Will she be able to rise above the shade thrown at her? We’re sticking with the proposition. And what more can we really say about this movie other than the fact that it’s another Borat film. This only happens after his buddies kidnap the Shih Tzu of a well-known gangster. The master’s most formally satisfying picture finds Jimmy Stewart, laid up with a bad leg, suspecting murder in the apartment opposite his, ahem, rear window. IMDb Rating: 8.5, Director: Martin Scorsese A home run. To answer... With the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S right around the corner, one can’t help but wonder what the best Xbox... For those of us who have gotten the addictive and gratifying taste of binge-watching ceaselessly. Main Cast: Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, Jack Nicholson The manic hilarity, dark twists, and agonizing suspense of this show will have you addicted. IMDb Rating: 7.5. However, things get a little more challenging when they come to know that Lizzy also has two other siblings. Jones followed up the brilliant Moon with this more frantic, but equally engrossing time-twisting thriller. The Thick of It is one of the most popular political sitcoms that offer genuine laughs and witty originality. But come what may, the joyful, goofy, eccentric, and endearing band of workers always manage to pull through and make us fall in love with them. Tommy Lee Jones oozes malignity as the famously disliked ball player Ty Cobb. Bittersweet, heartwarming, and immensely hilarious, Transparent is a show you shouldn’t miss. Intelligent and inspiring with just the right amount of humor, Don’t Worry, He Won’t Get Far on Foot is based on John Callahan’s memoir of the same name. Main Cast: Matthew McConaughey, Marisa Tomei, Ryan Phillippe Decades later, Roy meets an Amish boy with exceptional talent. The 50 Best Movies on Netflix Right Now. While working as the assistant tennis pro, he rubs elbows with the rich clientele and tries to figure his own future out. Main Cast: Anna Kendrick, Blake Lifely, Henry Golding Runtime: 95 minutes It’s not every day that you find intelligent comedy among the sea of thoughtless television shows. Some Like It Hot is a classic black and white comedy that brilliantly combines heart and humor. Be sure to jot this one down to your must-watch list. Five friends head into the woods, ready to party all weekend in a peaceful country cabin, completely unaware that they have been chosen to participate in a ritualistic sacrifice. The new Borat movie has already generated a lot of buzz online due to a rather compromising scene with Rudy Giuliani. Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) makes the impossible decision to save his team rather than complete a mission. The Movie Quiz: Maureen O’Hara was raised in which leafy Dublin suburb? Director: Steven Soderbergh Sean Connery the indestructible legend lives on, The Painter and the Thief: an unresolved artistic puzzle, Netflix: 10 of the best new shows and films to watch in November, Architect-designed home on Mount Juliet Estate offers a new way to live, Cosy and colourful: this Wicklow cottage is a décor delight, Inclusivity the key to Covid-19 culture challenge, Employers need a strong pension provider to partner with them. IMDb Rating: 7.3. The chaotic madness of his fictional work comes to life when he gets embroiled in the dangerous affairs of an underworld gang after his odd friend kidnaps a merciless gangster’s pet. After befriending a secretive upper-class woman named Emily (Blake Lively) who has a child in the same elementary school, Stephanie gets surprisingly close to this new friend. On their coaching sessions, they meet a basketball groupie Annie who is committed to flirting one player every season. Universal Studios first approached David Lynch to adapt, before handing the project to Heckerling (Clueless). When a wealthy Realtor is accused of attacking a prostitute, Mick Haller (Matthew McConaughey) is asked to act as his defense. Life takes a sad when his wife dies and the phobias triggered by OCD cost him his job too. The satirical sitcom created by Tina Fey is based on her experience as a head writer for Saturday Night Live. The makeup effects are convincing and the terror palpable. Mentally disturbed and lonely, Chip doesn’t take it too well. Roy takes him under his wing, and together, they take the road to bowling success. We all have witnessed the good against evil, but this uniquely entertaining and delightfully funny show sees the good and the bad banding together to defeat a bigger evil. But the thought of leaving her family behind to move away for the competitive training program cripples her with anxiety. Runtime: 111 minutes In the summer of 1963, a well-heeled teenager (Jennifer Grey) falls for her dance instructor (Patrick Swayze). Runtime: 148 minutes Director: Stephen Merchant The only sequel to win the Golden Lion at Venice. With loads of action, comedy, and suspense, RED is a good amazon movie to stream if you’re tired of watching dramas. It follows Kayla, a teenager who secretly struggles with low self-esteem and anxiety. Michael Keaton eats the furniture as an actor going slightly mad in one of the decade’s less likely best picture winners. Since the gym is not an affordable option, she turns to the road and starts running. Both kids find themselves dreaming of one day joining the WWE and eventually get that chance to prove themselves in the arena. TRANSSIBERIA -- A Hitchcockian thriller which takes place on a train across Russia, with Woody Harrelson. John Huston is the controlling maniac. Crazy Christploitation flick in which a God-fearing small farmer (Samuel L Jackson) aims to save a white-trash sex addict (Christina Ricci). Fighting with my Family is a comedy based on the true story of WWE wrestler Paige. Apollo astronaut Gene Cernan stepped off the moon in December 1972, leaving his footprints and his daughter’s initials in the lunar dust. Life couldn’t be any better for two teenagers, Bill and Ted, who now have a spot on a wildly popular singing competition. Scorsese great masterpiece – which may or may not be a comedy – on the fame disease became even more relevant with the rise of reality TV. Director: Martin Campbell Although the film is marketed as a comedy, there is a deeper meaning hidden under the quirks and comic moments that you’d definitely enjoy.

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