No need to look that far into the future with a 2016 lineup stacked with depth and quality experience returning. In reply to On the Useful Stuff Tab on Top by pearlw, In reply to Commits and targets? current WR's and TE's on the roster this year. Glad you enjoyed the post. Drake Johnson should be on the lost list. You need moar upvotes! Still doesn't quite get it,  but the poor numbers that the running backs are getting in some games are the running backs fault too. disagree with you on all three of these guys.... Possible New Stat to Track Offensive Success, OT: Article about niche sports retracted by The Atlantic due to false reporting, Michigan's Secondary and Defensive Lines should both be huge areas of strength next year with almost the entire group of Contributors set to return. "Try moving up a little closer to the line ..... just a little bit closer again.". What'll happen at FB? Hence Drake Johnson is projected to return and Tom Strobel is set for a firm handshake as he would not have played except for injuries to both Bryan Mone and Ryan Glasgow. After seeing Rudock improve his play throughout the season, I think the right QB is on the roster and eventually will not be a cause for concern. I don't think we're looking at an AA here, but the possibility of a midround draft pick wouldn't surprise. with road games vs Michigan State, Iowa & Ohio State. Our entire secondary save maybe peppers, if he keeps his word, will be gone after next year. Bryan Mone should probably be a "other returner" not a "returning contributor". Linebacker is going to go with a lot of young players. Allen Gant has another year of eligibility at LB. Whether it will happen is anyone's guess, but long-developing Olineman aren't exactly a rarity. Texas tech football surprises from the 2016 detroit lions ed depth michigan 2016 football preview detroit lions release unofficial 2016 2016 raiders depth chart breakdown 53. Firstly, I've never noticed that, but thank you for pointing that out. So I believe the coaches either don't care and or would rather use the spot on somebody who won't decommit at the first sign of adversity. Just need a QB to take the reigns and several linebackers to step up. It's very early to be concerned about this, but who the hell are our conrners going to be in 2017? This is a great post. 13 of the 16 between the two positions. Clearly my message had more of a negative tone than my intention. Copyright © 2000-2020 Sports Reference LLC. I look forward to watching all that talent and depth control the line of scrimmage and show why they are the most important units on the field. We have tools and resources that can help you use sports data. Sam Webb said it was because somebody in his camp told him that he would not get a chance to play QB at UM they would only try him at fullback so he promptly decommited. If the coaches can unearth a playmaker at RB Michigan could make life very easy on the new QB because of the above mentioned veteran talent among the pass catchers and OLine. Scoreboard. Bryan Mone, I'm looking at you (sigh). Not sure that it will happen but, to my knowledge, he hasn't officially left yet and that's why he's still on the Returning Contributors list. Other Returners are all of the players on the roster who are not labeled as a Contributor. couldn't be considered a FB candidate? In reply to Positions of need: by Avon Barksdale. Next year could be a special year for us if we get solid QB play. The only thing that I have attempted to project on my own is the renewal of fifth year seniors to be. He did play a bit this year, so considering depth at LB, he'll likely get his 5th year. He at least looks the part, and is otherwise buried on the depth chart.... edit: I see someone else had the same idea earlier. Just for the sake of this post. An extremely tough schedule seems fitting for a team that I beleive is primed for success entering year two under Harbaugh and staff. Michigan Football Depth Chart 2016 . That info was as wrong as the neg somebody gave me for trying to be funny. 1. Privacy Policy Starters are marked with an asterisk (*). As should the QB which emerges from the 5 person deathmatch that exists there right now. This will be updated in regards to recruiting and transfers as time progresses. will be the next fullback. Help us Ben Gedeon. Do I dare to think we are going to truly have a dominant O-Line again, finally? Easy to read, nice to have the targets by position. Get his face on a milk-carton, stat! Usually any changes to the rules I totally understand usually the first time I see it or maybe it takes a couple games but never go to the end of the year and still be more confused about a new rule than I was in the beginning. The official 2016 Football Roster for the Michigan Wolverines. You can slot Kenny Allen in as punter, as he was the Or this year. will be a fullback. Our reasoning for presenting offensive logos. You have him listed as a junior; I am pretty sure he will only be a sophomore. We all know Harbaugh's policy that fifth year's are not guaranteed, and, therefore, I have taken a few of the redshirt juniors off of the roster already. Or on Kindle. See our list of forfeits and vacated games for more details. The reason? Does the fact you list Darboh before Chesson imply that Darboh contributes more than Chesson? OMG, they can't find Drake! And lastly, for someone looking to discuss a current snapshot of the upcoming roster, you'll have to skip past some comments that are a couple years old. Join our linker program. And likely a good one if Harbaugh's enthusiasm over him is any indication. In reply to We need interior D-Linemen by Zarniwoop. Finally, I am going to take Jourdan Lewis and Jake Butt at their word about their desire to return since they have both made those statements publicly. Find out more.

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