Uh-oh! The full moon may or may not be involved. Intelligent, unemotional, and revolutionary. Here’s what mythological creature you are according to your zodiac. Refresh your page, login and try again. You are posting comments too quickly. Like many other European legends, the origin of goblin mythology is not exactly clear. So, we should give them some credit for their creativity. Mermaids belong to the sea and are perceived as more spiritual than humans. they have hauntingly beautiful voices, but generally don’t have a need to kill humans. Physically, descriptions of the banshee vary, from a one-foot tall old woman to a young woman in the family who died at a young age. Remembering Sean Connery! Aloof and independent, you're not one to crave the spotlight or seek attention. Sirens – not to be confused with mermaids, the original sirens had wings, but they lived by the sea. While they are terrifying in appearance and were created to wage war against gods, they also stand as guardians and often warn travelers who might be in danger. Please try again. We hold major institutions accountable and expose wrongdoing. Tips. Celeb interviews, recipes, wellness tips and horoscopes delivered to your inbox daily. This listing includes creatures that are man-made, mechanical or of alchemical origins. BuzzFeed Staff. Based on the Percy Jackson series. Why Don't We Keep Daylight Saving Time All Year? Interestingly, so much of the zodiac is grounded in mythology, so it’s only logical that there be a mythological creature for each zodiac sign. Incorrect email or username/password combination. The pontianak is a pale creature with long dark hair and red eyes and while objectively frightening, she can transform into a beautiful woman to prey on men. Our fear and pride, our gluttony and shame, all of it is reflected in different mythological creatures. Myths of half-human, half-fish creatures can be traced all the way back to ancient Babylon. Manage your GDPR consents by clicking here. They cannot lie but they have been known to be very persuasive with their words. Our fear and our pride, our gluttony and our shame, all this is reflected in different mythological creatures. What mythical creature are you? Your use of this website constitutes and manifests your acceptance of our User Agreement, Privacy Policy, Cookie Notification, and awareness of the California Privacy Rights. As Dionysian animals, they believed that all physical pleasures were made for them and often enjoyed them in excess. First appearing in Germanic and British folk tales, goblins vary in abilities, physical appearances, and purposes depending on the story and purpose. Still, the luck of the Irish is most definitely on your side. Sure, it might sound like a stretch, but you and the chupacabra have a lot more in common than you think. Recommended: What Your Egyptian Zodiac Sign Has to Reveal About Your Personality. Check out this story about DNA samples that could prove whether or not Yetis are real. In some stories, they are giants, who are taller, stronger and dumber than most humans. Pursuant to U.S. The creature from folk lore that you're most like is a Leprechaun! by Keely Flaherty. Elves – magical creatures who often live outside of society, but who are known to both help and hinder humans. Another mythical creature from ancient Greece, the Hydra was depicted as a gigantic, snake-like monster with many heads, each of which could dispel acid. A hybrid of a lion and an eagle, the griffin was a powerful, majestic creature of ancient Egyptian and Persian mythology. You seem to be logged out. A blood sucking cryptid? Vampires – these beings would be very difficult to resist and emit a powerful attractive aura. More Creature Quizzes. Reporting on what you care about. Zombies originated in Haitian folklore, with the Haitian French term “zombi” or Haitian Creole “zonbi” used to describe a corpse reanimated through magic or other means. You strive to live a life that suits your biggest dreams, yet you're not always certain of how to make those dreams come true. They are also known to get sick of the error of humans and revolt from time to time. You strive to live a life that suits your biggest dreams, yet you're not always certain of how to make those dreams come true. But some stories differ saying that it was a curse that turned a human into a half-man half-wolf monster without his consent during a full moon. They are ageless peaceful and very beautiful. Believe it or not, the fiery animal of Aries is the werewolf, while it is not surprising that we say that Scorpio is the main seducer: the dark, sensual and sexy image of the vampire. Can We Guess At Which Age You Become Religious. Related: 32 Creatures From American Folklore (That Aren’t Bigfoot!) Whoops! Believe it or not, ... Mermaids – half-human/ half-fish and the subject of worldwide folklore. Sure, that might not describe you physically, but personality wise, you're just like Nessie. Maybe they have layers like an onion. Are all mythical creatures a tall tale? Are you controlled by forces of darkness? His 10 Greatest Movie Quotes, 'Big Hair, Don't Care!' Take this quiz with friends in real time and compare results. Mermaids – half-human/half-fish and the subject of world folklore. They are also known to get tired of humans’ mistakes and revolt from time to time. What Your Egyptian Zodiac Sign Has to Reveal About Your Personality. Medieval myths depicted gnomes as creatures resembling little old men, often with hunched over backs. While scorned for their lawlessness, it was the cyclopes who created Zeus’ thunderbolts, Hades helmet which made the wearer invisible, Poseidon’s trident, and Artemis’ silver bow. by Andy Golder. The most predominant feature of vampires (or vampyres) is the consumption of a person’s vital essence, most often in the form of blood. Obsessed with travel? ꧂ The bogeyman was created with the sole purpose of scaring children into good behavior. Equal parts mischievous and mysterious. In fact, you love to avoid drama and contact whenever possible! What genre do you find more compelling: fiction, or non-fiction? However, the legend of the bogeyman, in all its varying forms, is an almost universal myth. These goat men offered guidance to travelers in need. Thanks for signing up! Stories of mythical animals, mythical monsters, and other cool mythical creatures continue to spread across the world through books, film, television, and many other media sources. Sylphs – also called air elementals, they are known as protectors of beauty and promoters of vanity. The creature from folk lore that you're most like is a mermaid! A water dwelling beast with a long neck? Animals Fantasy & Mythology Fox Foxes Mythology Folklore ... «────── « ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ » ──────» Find out what type of mythical fox you are, with answers hailing from Japanese, Greek, Celtic, Guarani and Chilota mythology. Mermaids belong to the sea and our seen as more spiritual than humans. Related: These Are the Bloody Best 50 Vampire Movies of All Time—Ranked! Fauns, or goat men, were carried over to Roman mythology from the Greek Satyrs. Which Mythical Creature Are You? While leprechauns originated in medieval Irish folklore, they did not become prominent until much later. They are great teachers and philosophizers, but they are also compelled by a lusty physical animal nature. In Indonesian and Malay mythology, the pontianak is a female spirit of a woman who died while pregnant. As Dionysian animals they believed that every physical pleasure was made for them and often enjoyed all of them in excess. Did you grow up thinking that if you didn’t behave, the bogeyman (also boogeyman) would get you? These supernatural creatures or spirits are popular across a wide variety of myths, legends, and stories, leading up to the present day. Do not sell my personal information. You are posting comments too quickly. Who Is Most Likely to Be Your Best Friend, Based on Your Zodiac Sign, What Is Your Worst Habit, Based on Your Zodiac Sign. The Greek myths were written to come up with explanations for why life and our existence are the way they are. Since most photographic or eye-witness accounts are considered hoaxes, the creature is widely assumed to be a myth. Android – part robots, part humans, they are more attractive, smarter and stronger than humans. Sorry, comments are currently closed. It looks as though you’ve already said that. they have hauntingly beautiful voices, but generally don’t have a need to kill humans. In other stories they are beautiful/handsome creatures with retractable wings of ether, known for their passionate and ruthless behavior. And I don’t mean just turning into bats. Want to know which one you're most like? Mouthwatering recipes, handy kitchen tips, and more delivered to your inbox, Details About 30 of the Most Mythical Creatures From Myths, Legends, Folklore and Fairytales. Sirens – Not to be confused with mermaids the original sirens had wings, but they lived by the sea. Interestingly enough, according to folktales, a leprechaun’s appearance and dress could change by region! Nephilim – the offspring of humans and angels. Sylphs – Also known as air elementals they are known as the protectors of beauty and the promoters of vanity. Refresh your page, login and try again. ꧁ Find out what creature from Celtic folklore and mythology you are, including Scottish, Irish, Welsh, Manx, Cornish and Breton folklore. Both you and this creature tend to run hot, meaning aggression can bubble up at any moment. Which Creature From Folklore Are You? Today’s Spiritual Message for Your Zodiac Sign! Unicorns, a horse or goat-like animal with a single horn, are a commonly depicted mythical creature. Similarly, merpeople are featured in Syrian, Polynesian, and Greek mythology.

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