It felt like the tracking was struggling to keep up, so I slowed down a little and things worked perfectly. Tracking is now better than ever and I noticed that Thrill of the Fight even worked for me under very low lighting conditions, that would not have worked for any game when I first got my Quest 3 months ago. Stand Out: VR Battle Royale Review – A Great Experience for Online FPS Fans, Subnautica VR Review – Immersion on a Whole new Level. Unfortunately, the game’s graphics look absolutely terrible. The thrill of the fight positions it's self on the VR gaming market as a boxing simulator getting a "very positive" review on Steam even. Without a little training first, the likely chances are each match will go to points, meaning you have to play strategically and not like some drunken idiot. It’s hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that. It’s not exceptionally difficult to beat all fighters, but you will work up quite a sweat while doing so. Originally a PC VR title which arrived via Steam Early Access way back in 2016, indie developer Ian Fitz has relentlessly improved and updated the title, not only managing to create a solid PC experience but one that’s ideally suited to the wireless freedom Oculus Quest gives players. Immersive and a great use of roomscale, Thrill of the Fight has all the hallmarks of an indie gaming gem, especially being so cheap. It seems like a simple offering, with only a number of one off fights and a few training options. Instead, I waited for the openings and let slip a few jabs here and there. 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim PS4. There’s a single-player campaign to work through, as well as some training modes to get your in-form. You can dodge every hit that comes your way if you’re fast enough. Don’t be discouraged! The Thrill of the Fight feels less like a game and more like a training exercise. Someone with lightning fast hands may run into issues, I don’t box at those speeds, but everything I wanted to do was tracked and flowed almost flawlessly. Practice the accuracy of your punches here and learn how to hit your opponent in the places where they will hurt the most. Having trouble connecting your PlayStation 4 to hotel wifi? Click here. The Best Boxing Game in Years. If you've played it, write a review and tell us what you think! If you’re hoping to play this one in your dingey little bedsit, think again. Leave a comment! There’s another boxing game available on the Oculus Quest – The Thrill of the Fight — that presents itself as less of a game and more of a simulator. Beyond having your VR headset and proper space I’d recommend having a skull cap or some kind of sweat managing head wear as this game will probably have you leaking like a faucet. It’s the Dummy which will help you the most as it highlights the weak points to go for in a match. This adds to the simulation but is also much needed. He loves writing and educating readers about the newest tech trends. Even though your success in this game is absolutely tied to your abilities to physically battle your virtual opponents, the game is still accessible to almost anyone who can physically throw punches and move. Things start off relatively easy, but the second fight will require a bit more strategy. We’ve had a few boxing games released for VR over the last few years, with notable releases like Creed: Rise to Glory and Knockout League doing great work in bringing the gentleman’s sport to VR. Games You May Like. I was winning! Although the game looks simple, it does require you to effectively bring best boxing game to the table. Collect yourself, catch a breath, and think about strategy. Instead, I went in football fan style. We Are Who We Are: Season 1 Enter a virtual gym and battle a series of unique challengers with their own styles and techniques. I think a bit part of the appeal of boxing and combat sports is that they have always been a great vehicles for telling human stories. It’s hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that TotF was developed by one person, Ian Fitz. Owners of the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive interested in VR boxing could check the game out, as it costs just $9.99. There is the speed bag where you can work on your combos. Future fights will force you to defend against punches and keep your chin up at all times. The next fight didn’t go so well. The game has a ton of replay value when you start looking at it from a workout perspective. Immersive and a great use of roomscale, Thrill of the Fight has all the hallmarks of an indie gaming gem, especially being so cheap. Hopefully the author will keep it coming with more and more features. But at least I could run away using the Quest! The graphics are great and I didn’t notice any glitches or slowdown. With modifiers and tweaks you can alter the gameplay to find your perfect balance. For a review on the Oculus Quest in 2020. Jab, dodge, and sweat your way to the top of … Every movement your fighter makes is made by you. Jab, dodge, and sweat your way to the top of the boxing world. Why has no one copied it yet? Some silly, optional fights have been added to celebrate Halloween, so if you want to try your hand at punching a zombie to death, you’re free to give it a go. You the player will weave the tapestry of every battle with your sweat and your fists. It’s not a game where you can stand around and take punishing blow after punishing blow and still be on your feet. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. For true boxing purist who wish to have the full cardio experience, you can even set fights to 12 rounds to take on that grueling challenge of endurance. Trailer for Thrill Of The Fight. Just like in a normal gym, you could spend hours training before even stepping into a ring. Finding the room to properly play the game is worth it though, the experience of boxing in a large ring format is so freeing you won’t see how it could be done otherwise. Before jumping straight in the ring it’s very advisable to do a little training first. Thrill of the Fight is the closest to a boxing simulator you’re going to get on Oculus Quest, with a Speed Bag, Heavy Bag, Focus Ball and Dummy all available to help hone those skills. He is a bitcoin enthusiast and a technology addict. Then there are all the things that lead up to the fight, the motivations, the training. The force of your punches is determined by the game. This has become my new favorite game on the Oculus Quest surpassing Creed: Rise to Glory (I told you I like boxing!). Fighting should never be encouraged as there are far better ways of resolving issues. 1 and some other combat VR games, there is no use of locomotion. You could lose hours inside your headset, and a few pounds, too. For a review on the Oculus Quest in 2020. Movies Of course, that’s not going to happen as the fights are where you truly hone your craft (and work up a sweat). The Thrill of the Fight for PC game reviews & Metacritic score: Face-off in the virtual ring in this grueling boxing game. Thrill of the Fight is the closest to a boxing simulator you’re going to get on Oculus Quest, with a Speed Bag, Heavy Bag, Focus Ball and Dummy all available to help hone those skills. Punches land with some satisfying feedback, and I’m really, really thankful there isn’t a way to feel the punches the A.I throws, because some of them boys are just monsters. No score yet I think this is in part due to the recent Quest firmware updates. I ended up bringing my office chair to where my in-game corner is so I could collapse into it between rounds. The game recommends a play space of at least 2m x 2m, but you can get away with having a little less. Read to find out why. Unfortunately, The Thrill of the Fight falls into the latter category, which won’t win it any prices. Jab, dodge, and sweat your way to the top … Every boxing match has a dramatic story; two combatants attempting to exert their will on one another. There are no meters to show your stamina. Even though you’re swinging into thin air, you’ll be putting all of your might into those late-round punches, and if you’re not careful you’ll do yourself some damage. Those stories are not told here. Thank you Ian Fitz for having the vision to imagine it and resolve to see it through, raising the bar that much higher for any future boxing game entries. but it’s available on most PC VR platforms. While fights have a unique look, everything else seems mediocre and subpar at best. It will take a lot of time until we will see proper boxing games in virtual reality.

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