Mario and Luigi's Stupid and Dumb Adventures, Mario and Bowser's Stupid and Crazy Adventures, Episodes where Brooklyn T. Guy doesn't appear, Episodes where Bowser Junior doesn't appear.!?oldid=455729. Part 2. SuperMarioLogan Previous: Video Chronology He asks Mario to pose for the game, and Mario agrees and says he will be there in 5 Minutes. He turns to Jeffy and Jeffy says it was him. SML Question: Jeffy actually becomes quiet and remains quiet. Logan most likely broke his promise for no more "Mario Torture/Bad Jeffy" videos. 266 Big Ears! Episode:

Then Mario tells Jeffy to be quiet, then he hits Jeffy with the horn Jeffy was playing. The video starts with Jeffy being loud. When Mario plays the game, Jeffy tells him to make someone smell his finger by pressing the Smell button.

The picture of Mario on the front cover of "Super Mario: Smell my Finger" is from Mario Party 6. SML Movies The video starts with Jeffy being loud. Jeffy's "sane side" once again makes an appearance because Jeffy actually knew he would get $1,000 if he stayed quiet, and he even paid attention and complained to Mario (whom he knew he meant it), but he proved that he was still retarded when he gave Mario a paper hat. When he comes back, he finds that Rosalina has the hat.

Nintendo's/Original Mario can be seen on the cover and the game, however, the Mario picture from Super Mario Run was edited and animated. Jeffy F-bombs Mario, and Jeffy won't give Mario's hat until Mario pays the $1,000. This most likely will be the first and only Jeffy Torture Mario video this year, and the last one ever. When Mario is talking to Rosalina he says Jeffy has been quiet for 15 minutes, but a few minutes later Jeffy says he has been quiet for only 5. The video ends with Mario saying he stuck his finger up his butt in the game. Substitute Teacher! Part 1, Bowser Junior Goes To Military School! Mario says Nintendo accepted the paper hat. Black Yoshi's Call Of Duty Modern Warfare! Mario just goes to pose for the cover because Rosalina needed him to with the paper hat on, thinking he's going to get fired. Upload date: Jeffy gives Mario a fake paper hat instead which has a D for Daddy on it. Black Yoshi's Call Of Duty Special Edition! This is the first SML video and Movie of 2017, and the first to most likely start the new upload schedule of three videos a week: two SML Movies and one SML Short.
This is also the 6th video where Jeffy's thumbnail pose different than the other videos that feature Jeffy, mainly for what event is involved around Jeffy, the first is ". How To Save Princess Peach, The Black Yoshi Way? Mario calls Rosalina, gives her ideas about what to do, a… SuperMarioLogan Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. January 2, 2017 The game was called 'Super Mario: Smell my Finger!'. Channel: However, this was probably due to the recorder also hitting Jeffy's face. When Mario takes the recorder out of Jeffy's mouth, the noise is still heard.

Mario can't find his hat and blames Jeffy. He says to Mario that on the last level he has to stick his finger in his butt and make someone smell it.

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