The voice of the Duchess is heard from outside, and she, too, enters the chamber; she has ridden from her home to plead with the king to spare her son's life. Throwing open the windows to watch him pass, they cried out, "God save thee, Bolingbroke! Because Maya never went to college, she just can’t be considered for the position. Maya's work at the company is ultimately a success, but can't go on with the lie and tells the truth at a big press conference. However, Zoe was adopted and reveals that she has just found out that Maya is her birth mother. Maya goes to see her and asks if they can start over. . A strange three-way conversation, in highly formal language, ensues between the Duchess of York, the Duke of York, and the king: York pleads with the king to execute his son as a traitor, while the Duchess begs him to spare Aumerle's life. This client is a recovering alcoholic. Second Act | Scene 2 is a faith-based 501c3 organization providing our less fortunate community members with high-quality, professional counseling and social work services at reduced cost to those in need in the Fox Valley area and surrounding communities. Aumerle may no longer be a "violet," but someone will have sprung up to replace him. One possibility is that the conflicts of loyalty which have been tearing at York since the beginning of the play--the enormous burden of responsibility left to him when Richard made him Lord Governor of England during the Irish war, his failure to defend Richard's kingdom against the invading Bolingbroke, the painfully difficult decision to abandon Richard's cause and leave the kingdom open to Bolingbroke's invasion--have left York with the sense that his value systems have been overturned. Trey is concerned about her going in because of the lie, but Maya decides she needs to do it. AMC THEATERS - LOEWS CINEPLEX - REGAL CINEMAS - CENTURY THEATERS. Summary Act V, scene ii-iii Summary At the Duke of York's house at Langley, the aged Duke greets his wife, the Duchess of York, and tells her about the long day he has had: when Bolingbroke rode into London in triumph for his coronation, leading Richard in captivity, the people scowled upon Richard and dumped rubbish onto his head, but cheered wildly for Bolingbroke. Zoe wants to make their current line more organic, Maya wants to go all natural, so two competing teams are set up and given ten weeks to come up with a new product and pitch. (72). Maya is also asked to speak Mandarin at a dinner with a Chinese distributor – and so Joan’s veterinarian friend translates for her in her ear, causing some hijinks. He is extremely impressed by her resume – which includes Harvard, Wharton, philanthropy, and the peace corps. We provide those blessed with prosperity in our community with a chance to give back. Anderson tells Maya that her product has been chosen and that she has been selected to present it on a huge televised event. Help keep the spoilers up to date by sending your submissions here. We offer support for depression, stress, anxiety, addiction, relationships, grief, self esteem and other life-stressing situations. Slave!" Depression, anxiety disorders, eating disorders, mood disorders, PTSD, bi-polar disorder and obsessive compulsive disorder are just a few of the debilitating mental illnesses that we provide therapy for. Later, at work, Arthur is driving Maya and the other employees crazy when Joan tells Maya she has received an interview for a job at the conglomerate Franklin and Clarke – Dilly, a computer genius who is soon going to Stanford, has set up resumes and interviews for her as a birthday present. Maya was living in foster care and couldn’t take care of Zoe, and is so relieved to see her doing so well. SECOND ACT *CUT TO THE CHASE* This spoiler was submitted by Alex Maya Vargas (Jennifer Lopez) is about to turn forty. We are a 501 (c)(3) organization serving The Fox Valley area in Illinois. Maya starts her job, and because of her comments in her interview, the product line getting revamped is the beauty line. The young prince has apparently been spending his time in taverns and whorehouses and associating with robbers and highwaymen. Maya insists it wasn’t. Trey comes to see her and makes her promise to never lie to him again, and they get back together. Maya thinks they need to make all natural products, but Zoe insists they couldn’t make it work and that they have an existing line – launching a new one would be too costly. Bolingbroke complies, but suddenly the Duke of York is heard banging at the door. Since the rowing team was listed on her resume, Anderson asks Maya to be the lead at a company rowing event. The Duchess instructs Aumerle to ride after his father and try to reach the King first to beg his forgiveness.

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