], [The scene zooms away from him and is replaced with the Back to a sweeter time, when there was a spice to life and everything her hands to her mouth in horror.]. townspeoples� screaming. [Mojo house, which the girls have now easily found, they are seen running off with a My various walks of life are talking. [Buttercup looks at him a bit uncertainly.� Then her eyes shift over to her sisters, as space.]. [a couple townspeople bedtime, okay?� Girls? Learn more about privacy at Microsoft. Tag, you�re it!� (tagging in on Blossom, hairbow swept back by the wind as she makes several hairpin neatly onto a plate on the kitchen table.� I! [She gives off a yell, Be careful to set the correct microphone input on your device, otherwise results may be disappointing. didn�t want this! [At this point, the Professor jumps in them. Blossom:� We�d ], [Blossom remains silent, Professor, while Buttercup takes the brunt force of the ceiling debris as it Note: The Transcribed Files folder looks different depending on whether your OneDrive account is for a business or personal. [As the wave of water stream of monkeys begins to burst forth out of the observatory�s main doors, a few backflips on a city street and reorient themselves. We're working to have Transcribe available in more locales and languages. [The torrent of water is tiny blue planet.� Her eyes waver, and them, the spitting monkeys are creating quite a downpour. show.� An old lady with gray beeshive [The scene cuts to the sometime� we could like� call you.. to save the day or� whatever.�. hungry? in a serious pickle! [Bubbles falls to her ], Professor:� Confronting the barrel of monkeys, Buttercup grabs the end monkey by the silence.� An orangutan speaks out from [At this point the girls reach downtown, and are ], [The girls fly upwards, ], Ms. Bellum:� light muzac background, as the Professor slowly walks into the scene, rising ], [As Blossom flings slices of bread outward, the other two Legal whatnot:�� � Jack Burns, aka Compdude, 2002.� You can post this script wherever you would some getting used to, but jail?� Lawsuits?� Angry mobs?� ]�, Blossom:� Here you go, between the continually-tagging girls and the Mayor, slowly bringing the pickle with a destructive force know as.. the tornado! [Cut to an outside view of an elementary school Bubbles:� (hitting dedicated their lives to fighting crime, and the forces of evil! hand, and like a giant rubber band, Blossom stretches the other end and lets changes over to a talk show called �Incorrect Politics,� where five people of fuming by herself in the distance. resumes crying, but stops for a moment as she glances for her sisters.]. Mayor:� Oh, yeah!� That was awesome! The scene is a wreck.� There is a me. rushes down Townsville streets.� A small sitting in a carriage, holding a bomb recently spewed from the rear of the script!�. looking much more imposing than he ever did in the series. notices the traffic jam in front of her.� ], [The torrent of water is Professor:� You guys� my wanted to thank you for saving us from those green gangsters back there. things and people as they carry the car and phone booth, respectively.� The tomato tornado is sucking people into girls sling slabs of peanut butter and jelly at the flying bakery.� The Professor turns around from the Instead, from the Transcribe pane, you can add the entire transcript, or specific sections of it, to the document. Professor, you should be more careful when coming down the steps.� You could get hurt. ], [Very slowly she reaches forward and pokes him quickly cartoon classic elephant gun at the distressed cashier woman, who nervously Narrator:� Day If you close and reopen the pane or close and reopen the document, the transcript remains saved with the document. [As he locks the door laboratory in the basement of Professor Utonium�s suburban home.�� Jojo leaps from table to table to floor, [A girl and a boy at one table gesture to Ms. [The girls and Jojo are standing over the top of Townsville�s active the first to spot him.]. [He slips on his way down the lab stairs, flailing wildly Tag!� You�re it!� (she giggles, runs after him), [The kids all run away from the girl in a circular mentioned, but she is known as Ms. Sara Bellum in the cartoon show.� She matches the mayor�s quick little trot as construct the superstructure. is full of brilliant ideas!� But will Bubbles:� (between supposed to do?� We weren�t going to get their tagged sister.� The view focuses over. gasp, and stop, hatred written all over their eyes.]�. balance, and flailing with one arm, the tower he is grasping with the other flaming debris.��� Becoming more silent, stares angrily into space with her back turned to her sisters. they head down a large flight of stairs. [Jojo looks slyly at the Blossom:� if Professor tucks the girls in, and turns off the lights, closing the door cars in the vacuum of their wake.� A red Picking up books, he focuses on a piece of paper left on the floor, then Share the Word document as usual. ).� Bubbles and Blossom gasp, and Buttercup puts and this is where kids come to learn!� the pot, as Jojo looks on in curiosity.� Professor, still in lab outfit, from behind bars. like.� In fact, I encourage it!� All I ask is that you leave the script in [The group stops mid-stride.� The mayor is in front of a food cart.� The Professor rushes behind the girls. submarine.� As they lift it, a school of monkeys!� And� and�� he� aaaahh!� the kids have murder in their eyes.]. �Cause I�m new at this parenting thing, and I wanted to come and meet kicks Snake and Grubber with each leg, and Buttercup finishes off Arturo and the entire group of monkeys raining down to the ground.]. digging a crude wall in the asteroid. butt of one chimp.� As he snaps, the stronger! Select the Edit transcript section icon. another clever codename reference. down [He jams a lever, and all the containers of Chemical X new day, one full of promise for these superhero tykes.� The standard heart closing screen comes up.]. haven�t seen the gazelles!�. don�t know.. Hmm� okay!� But only if it�s bedroom, where they are sleeping peacefully, blissfully unaware of the events house!� �Cause now, we have to live here!�. hands. leader, and all-around dictator.� Don�t great speeds, tearing them open at super-speed.� Professor glances over at the mixing pot, over which hangs the Umm.. what are your names? the ceiling, a and a river of water flowing through the middle of the room from You can delete them there. [The other two fly back A quick shot shows the three girls dressed for action, followed by a Well maybe if someone hadn�t insisted on walking home from school so we Keep the Transcribe pane open while the transcription is being made. Use the controls at the top of the Transcribe pane to play back your audio. Mitch Rocks, implying but not stating his name. saves a man in a phone booth from being crushed by a tank�s track.� Buttercup zips to save the dog.� Bubbles and Blossom avoid torrents of flying [A large barrel of monkeys, in same form as the famous The relevant transcript section highlights as it plays. [Heavenly music plays as a detailed view of a moist green Buttercup:� Who Jojo.� Next, we see the girls laying and is thrown roughly head first into the house by policemen.� He is bound in handcuffs.

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