Mulaney’s 2019 children’s musical comedy special was exactly the kind of weird fun I was after. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Because, a lot of times, you’re talking about everyone else.”, #12. You have to be funny – but everyone who works there, it was their dream to work there. Best quotes of John Mulaney with hilarious comedy and motivation from his own life, that helps your life motivated with pure entertainment. I never knew you were supposed to push off of your feet when you walked. Read on to enjoy the best John Mulaney quotes and jokes that will make you truly appreciate his joke writing. No more equivocating. John mulaney quotes by quotesgems. Improve yourself, find your inspiration, share with friends, This website or its third-party tools use cookies, which are necessary to its functioning and required to achieve the purposes illustrated in the cookie policy. Every comedian. It should just laugh at that cosmic joke that life is all the time. Things have to be funny first, and if they want to have a point, that's awesome. I'm a very lucky person. I know you told me. Nor would a sketch be as fun if it were me standing there saying it.”, #19 “There are a lot of great jokes you can sit down and write, but that’s just a written joke versus the comedy of the situation. 1. I kind of thought, wouldn't it be funny to take a swing at being on the weird side of mainstream? I’ve done festivals in the past where I’d be a guest, it was like, Wow, maybe someday I could play Town Hall – but that’ll be a long way off. I don’t like that I’m in that lane either. November 11, 2015. Theyve never spoken. I love comedians that dive into politics. But I just became a bad, annoying drunk child, so when I stopped, I'd done a lot of things I wasn't proud of. I like being made fun of, too. My dad is and was very funny and had a really dry sense of humor, which, as a kid, seemed un-fun. And I, for one, can’t wait to see more! Something good comes out of exhaustion. Nick Kroll does that a lot. Fortunately, he’s practically bottling and selling that stuff in each new comedy special he puts out. Mulaney’s 2019 children’s musical comedy special was exactly the kind of weird fun I was after. And I sure would like to get out of it.”, #28. I like that idea that what I do might be mainstream. The more you do stuff, the better you get at dealing with how you still fail at it a lot of the time. “People having expectations maybe means they’ve enjoyed what I’ve done.”, #14. In terms of instant relief, canceling plans is like heroin. I still don't understand it. Probably something worse.”, #29. You don’t need to hear why people are friends; you don’t need to hear why people are roommates; you don’t need to hear why someone would help a friend to do something.”, #21 “Things have to be funny first, and if they want to have a point, that’s awesome.”, #22. I stopped drinking when I was 23. Understudies don’t normally get invited to openings. If something is very, very funny but possibly controversial, if it’s truly funny, then it’s worth doing. "UPROXX Interview: John Mulaney On ‘Mulaney,’ Louis C.K.’s Advice, And ‘SNL’". Shut up." ‘YOU REMEMBER BEING 12 WHEN YOU’RE LIKE, ‘NO ONE LOOK AT ME OR I’LL KILL MYSELF”, ‘I’LL KEEP ALL MY EMOTIONS RIGHT HERE, AND THEN ONE DAY I’LL DIE’, ‘JUST BECAUSE YOU’RE ACCURATE DOESN’T MEAN YOU’RE INTERESTING’, ‘I WAS IN CONNECTICUT RECENTLY DOING WHITE PEOPLE STUFF…’, ‘AND THEN HE ORDERED ONE BLACK COFFEE FOR HIMSELF AND KEPT DRIVING’, ‘YOU HAVE THE MORAL BACKBONE OF A CHOCOLATE ECLAIR’, Sometimes I – with comedy, it’s like someone liking you in high school. I have a lot of stories about being a kid because it was the last time I was interesting. "Nick Kroll and John Mulaney on Why Controversial Jokes Are Worth Doing If They're Funny". “But when you’re a little kid, you can’t say, ‘I don’t know,’ you should be able to. I think for many of us - speaking for just a pocket of the country - we trusted Obama. I'll be sure to look right into camera. I just watched a ton of comedy and saw a ton of different styles, and eventually you think, ‘Oh, yeah, I could be like that.’. And when they don’t, they don’t. As I got into high school and after puberty, I was a little more inward. That is such 19-year-old horseshit. In addition to giving me new material to laugh at, the comedian’s most recent special also reminded me of the many John Mulaney quotes and gags I adored. Interview with Matthew Love, I don’t think we had a family dinner where one didn’t come up. It should just laugh at that cosmic joke that life is all the time.”, #24. You can do good work simply staying up all night and eating nothing but junk food, but probably not in the long term. The thrill of canceling plans. Everything I thought would work didn’t work. Here are some of the best john mulaney quotes that may inspire you. But in retrospect, it’s kind of hilarious. Going on the road for long stretches can seem daunting, and I certainly miss being home sometimes, but the chance to see so many different cities, let alone perform in them, is something I am really grateful for. If someone had written a review saying, ”Oh, Hello’ is stupid,’ we would have said, ‘Yeah, it is. It’s really fun to be writing and producing your own sketches. And I just want you all to know that, if you’re ever on the highway behind me, I hear you honking. Although whatever comes from his mouth becomes a joke and made you laugh. "John Mulaney on his sitcom's failure, his hilarious new special, and his famous dog". Interview with Marah Eakin, How About Wednesday? “College was like a four-year game show called, ‘Do My Friends Hate Me or Do I Just Need To Go To Sleep?’”, #7. John Mulaney is an American standup comedian, writer, actor and producer. February 21, 2017. If you have any question or suggestion then just comment below or contact us. If you want to know more or withdraw your consent to all or some of the cookies, please refer to the. Even getting dressed. So turning on the crowd is only going to alienate the few people who might like it. I’m an idiot, and I’ve shoveled through life rather nicely so far, so I don’t feel like I deserve good treatment. I like being made fun of too. I hope these John mulaney quotes inspire your college life and your kid life too. “It is 100% easier not to do things than to do them, and so much fun not to do them — especially when you were supposed to do them. And that’s it. "In terms of … Every day we present the best quotes! You have to commit. My dad has explained the stock market to me maybe 75 times. So I’m not living minute to minute. “I’m one of the worst drivers I’ve ever seen. You have to commit.”, #26. And then, one day, I’ll die.”. He was hired as office assistant in Comedy Central. I remember when the ‘Starr Report’ was published in the newspaper, all of us were reading it in the high-school cafeteria, and a dean started taking the newspapers away from us. I'm an idiot, and I've shoveled through life rather nicely so far, so I don't feel like I deserve good treatment. This comedian has said and written many things that are not only hilarious, but they are also You can’t always see both sides of the story. I've always enjoyed it. I am gay. In terms of, like, instant relief, canceling plans is like heroin. Being president looks like the worst job in the world. John Mulaney is an American standup comedian, writer, actor and producer. I dont wanna name an actual airline so lets make one up, lets just call it like Delta Airlines. John Mulaney moved to New York in 2004 after his graduation to pursue his career in comedy. You hope it was a miracle, but probably not. I liked every comedian I saw on TV growing up in the ’80s. I am gay. You show up, and you’re like, ‘Hi! ’13-YEAR-OLDS ARE THE MEANEST PEOPLE IN THE WORLD’, ‘IN TERMS OF INSTANT RELIEF, CANCELLING PLANS IS LIKE HEROIN’. I had a lot of fun writing things that died during dress rehearsal. Instead, the show was clearly designed to highlight the brilliance of his marvelous young cast and guest stars! I didn’t know what I was looking for until I saw it — John Mulaney & the Sack Lunch Bunch! Recently, I found myself looking for a new comedy special to watch and scrolling for an embarrassingly long time without settling on a title. It's nice when you're nervous and everybody's like, "Yeah, you should be nervous." Every day, I’m like, ‘Should I wear a blazer and walk around with an umbrella? I like a wide variety of stuff, which I think has been helpful. Interview with Marah Eakin, So it’s kind of nice in that way – there’s a lot of people who say, ‘I just always wanted to do this, and now I’m doing it.’. It’s important to remember that life is a joke, and that outlook grants a lot of perspective, but I don’t think comedy should change and become political due to other things. That way they will at least cut to me before commercial breaks. I like to turn on the TV and watch whatever's on. 32 Copy quote Eventually, you have to pick a side and stick with it. So when you leave your baby with your mom to watch, you don't run home and check the nanny cam. I was just trying to blend the stand up that I do almost with like the visual sketch stuff that I did on “Saturday Night Live.” And so in terms of how elastic in the world is, we’ll see what we can get away with. Comfort is everything. “I don’t look older; I just look worse.”, #10. “It’s important to remember that life is a joke and that outlook grants a lot of perspective, but I don’t think comedy should change and become political due to other things. He is best known for being a writer for Saturday Night Live. I have tons of jokes with moments in them over the years in stand-up that don’t get a laugh but I love them so they stay. Seeing Mulaney play a character reminiscent of Mister Rogers interspersed with sketches and interviews was enough to make me want to revisit some of his old material. Get through it. The best-case scenario is everything goes perfect and smooth, but we’re also a new and weird show. You should be able to write in, ‘I don’t know. But that’s fine for a comedian. So turning on the crowd is only going to alienate the few people who might like it. That’s a bad thing to see. I really like one-liners; I like a lot of different kinds of stand-up, but I’ve always been long-winded.”, #18 “Stand-up for me is just my opinions on things, so it wouldn’t be as fun translated into a sketch. I was a real extrovert when I was little, but I don’t know, I just got quieter With my friends, I was still an extrovert. November 5, 2013. All my money is in a savings account. Now, as a successful comedian, actor, and writer, the public gets to see his humor in all its glory.

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