I just wanted to thank you for writing such a loving, funny piece. And don’t forget, if Muslims were really in charge it wouldn’t be just your hair, would it? Should I wear hijab myself when I visit her at home and meet her husband? Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Why is there a picture of you without a hijab here? If you feel comfortable doing so, you should talk to your parents about how you feel . People with higher buns are just attention-seeking, especially if they use extra equipment to boost it up more. It seems to sit relatively securely! First of all, what is the dress code for the rest of the body? But despite owning millions of them, we repeat our favourite five all the time. Hi there. If it shows is that a big no-no? If it’s bad enough, I hitch the skirt/dress up and tie it at my knees. We're just faffing around looking for a blanket to cover our heads. Is it allowable for someone to wear a Hijab on one day and not wear one on other days or does it all have to be consistent wearing?

Although I know that there is no mention of it in the play in order to offend, I’m still a little bit on the fence about it. It’s up to you if you believe it is a religious obligation or not. I want make sure I’m not making mistakes in the very idea.

I guess the thing that you have to be mindful of is your own projection of values and attributes onto other people who have different lived experiences to yours. I hope that helps! I know they would bring other types of attention, and I am unsure which types of negative attention are easier to cope with.

Also, if you can’t find an underscarf, try a normal headband – or a wider one like a pre-made bandanna type. Opinions differ on whether wearing the hijab is required by the Quran or the recorded sayings of Muhammad in the Hadith. Chill out, buddy. I know a lot of ppl, i think would really struggle with it, that i see very often too. Eight women set the record straight. Where do you get all your hijab-friendly clothes? It has been asked so many times and it makes me laugh every time. You can still get haircuts too. How sad that we couldn’t just be two girls sharing a complement. One thing I should add before responding to your specific concerns is that the hijab is more than just a garment.

Read more about the complicated relationships we have with our hair at My Hair, My Story.

While wearing the ‘hijab’ (to cover the head) it is farz (essential) for a woman to cover the ears. I welcome questions about it because it allows me to introduce Islam to others and allows them to get an understanding of Islam and who I am.”, “For me, a lot of emphasis was put on my hair when I was younger.

Otherwise, I’m sorry. If we drop our lunch, it ends up in our hijab. Since covering my hair, it has increased in length and it takes more time to care for it. What are the best styles for hijab with short hair underneath? That sounds like a lovely idea It’s totally appropriate for you to give her a scarf as a gift. (His wife one hell of a cook and really made me love Pakistani and Indian Food in general) She wears one when I come over and is really intelligent too. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. Hi!! Oh dear – your comment made me feel so sad! I told one of the people who asked me if I was bald that the lump at the back of my head was just loose skin, and that’s why I wore a hijab. Well maybe, I don’t know – it may be a kink for some people.

because you can always count on them being beautiful, flowy, and modest. For the most part, women who wear the hijab wear flowy clothes. Do you have any suggestions for me please?

This leads me to ensure that it is taken care of and in doing that I make frequent salon trips. Let me know if you’re interested. Just don’t read the comments. Hello! So I know very well what you take away from people by forcing them to cover up; Their identity. I know that you already have a scarf in mind, but one suggestion is that you pay attention to the way she wears her scarf – does she typically wear longer scarves that cover more of her chest? As you get comfortable with your new life as a Muslim, you should definitely be easy on yourself! Taking off your hijabs is a glorious moment, especially if you tied it too tight in the morning and you've had a hijab-headache all day. IT. Getting home is one of the biggest highlights of the day.

Oh my goodness your comment is so beautiful and kind. I do think hijabs are elegant though. I was joking . To prevent that, I now wash my hijabs in those little lingerie bags. I’m so sorry for the delay – I have just found a huge amount of comments that I hadn’t seen before and this is one of them.

Additionally, Muslim women come from all different cultural backgrounds and interpret and adopt the practice in their own ways. no sexual relationships before marriage or you will die, Hijab Tutorial Pretty Bow Turban – From My Ariana Grande Makeup Tutorial. Good luck! Follow me on Twitter.

Well, my question is, do you think anyone would be offended if i started wearing one? I was wondering if women who wear hijabs could instead just wear wigs to cover their real hair. Our hijabs act like a pair of ear muffs, which means we sometimes can't hear you. I love it – keep them coming. Islamically, there isn’t really a concept of an ‘engagement’ so your fiance wouldn’t classify as someone who can see your hair. If you want to know more, you can check out http://www.headcoveringmovement.com/, which is non-denominational. Are you a woman? I wear beanies over my hijabs in the cold, because in Canberra it can get quite freezing. Obsessed with travel? Layers + movement = sweat levels that can't even be described. All rights reserved. Patterns that I could’ve never imagined and textures one could only dream of. It’s pretty bloody amazing.

Keeps ’em nice and happy and in one piece. I wish I could tell her how beautiful her scarves are but I don’t dare. The Islamic notion of ‘hijab’ involves the way in which one dresses, acts, and interacts with the world around them. I guess that is determined by the circumstances. Hi Ceep, I wondered if you were familiar with the Christian tradition of covering the head? Allow me to love what you love and to be who you want me to be.’”, “As a Muslim woman, it is a part of my religious duty to wear the headscarf, but as a feminine woman, it is a part of my self-care routine to care for my hair just as I would if it was on display for the public to see. No one is trying to ruin your way of life. I am not Muslim, but I wear very modest clothing and a headscarf (usually turban-style rather than a traditional Islamic hijab) on a regular basis because it makes me feel more comfortable & protected when venturing out into thr world. So all of these explanations are right for some, and wrong for others. Add in a long drab, shapeless cloak, and it becomes impossible to tell if the women is young, or old, or thin or fat, or anything else. Of course you can. I am currently working within a theatre group, and my character does wear a hijab. California residents can opt out of "sales" of personal data. – Aisha Zackaria. I’m sorry, girl. I think it is beautiful that your experience means that you’re willing to treat people based on how they treat you and others, instead of their culture or religion. That’s really funny and sweet!! Thank you so much! Pingback: I Don’t Represent ‘Real Muslims’. Nadiya’s hijab is a turban style. ©2020 Verizon Media. Can I ask it? There are a lot of them in Australia and they often have a curtain or separate room . Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. also, when covering up, how do you keep from overheating in the summer? Do you know why nuns wore it? Ease your way into wearing the hijab the way that you would ultimately like you. I’ve been wearing hijab for 18 years, and just because I cover my hair does not mean I’ve stopped caring for my hair. I wanted to tell her how beautiful it was but was afraid she’d think I was prying or inappropriate. I love this article so much, it was very helpful! Hello! It is haram (unlawful and sinful) for women to show their earrings while wearing their hijab. I know the exact style that you’re talking about because it was one of my favourites in my mid-teens. In summer, I wear lightweight fabrics that are breathable. It keeps it all neat and out of the way and I don’t have to worry about a pony tail sticking out of the end of my hijab.

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