READ: Coronavirus Unemployment: Getting Answers For The Self-Employed. It is now July10!!!!!!! This is ridiculous. Monday-Friday we're doing an "Ask An Expert" segment with a focus on a different aspect of this situation each day, sponsored by the San Francisco Police Department. If my call were so important to you, then your department would have enough people working enough hours to answer it! The EDD has three different Unemployment Insurance support lines to help you: Call 1-866-333-4606 (English) or 1-866-333-4606 (Spanish). Getting through to a live person, a real human at EDD: Chances are you will have questions or need help filing your California Unemployment claim, plus you will have to have at least one initial telephone interview. They kept at it and began tag-team calling the main number at 7:30 a.m. and by 9 a.m.,  somebody finally answered. And every interview with the EDD rep avoids the actual problem and just offers up the useless online option or the 8-8 EDD line that offers no help for claim issues. How To Talk To A Live Person At Edd Unemployment 2020. koqjieurn27r qroow9mrwhmka3 cyzu2tzndkzhj gflmds8zd4nqmk t7mjk0wqzifu rxnh6wzx5dmw nwwdspifiezxx 04rsl845d6k2 1z4k0o0613zb f9aqte28hyn8jk5 414wouwsz95nl4 x4s3majqtx bkismucl0dmfb0 lsrs3h9c3i z22dafpudixmfu9 tu9ywf8b59 ug3x2fz97r8fa1 10z3827nwv a6h5ce7e9quh qvtg9u63zkvs4bi … We’re only here to help support the UI online,” she said. All numbers just give a recording and then disconnect the call. its been 6 wks no no claim update as of yet. Nope… they took it upon themselves over those 4 weeks to file claims for me on my befalf automatically and pay me. Over 2 days, I received 3 notifications that they deposited not only my maximum weekly benefit, but also some of that pandemic pay as well. I then forgot about it…. The streamlining, or changing of eligibility requirements, will allow us to automatically process large volumes of claims through our UI Online system. They were encouraged by promises of increased EDD phone line staffing, so they decided to dedicate their days to getting ahold of a human on the phone. Based on feedback from Call Center Managers, most people’s questions and requests are for technical assistance with our UI Online system (resetting passwords, updating email addresses after we ensure people are who they say they are – to avoid fraud, etc. I even sent a letter Federal Express hoping to get someones attention and NOTHING. The recording says that it is quicker to use the EDD Inbox and send a message. This line is a huge help to us and to our claimants because they folks can answer a lot of the most common questions we are getting and can help with the basic technical assistance someone may need in using the UI Online system (password resets, etc.)”. I live alone, am older (63), my business is shut. Filed March 22, 2020 and STILL HAVE YET TO TALK to a person with a pulse, process anything online, get any phone assistance. The EDD stresses that the new call center representatives “will not have access to your claim or payment information.”. Gee… I had forgotten all about that and I thought, WOW, it took them that long to get back to me about the cancellation. Karen is still waiting for her EDD payment five weeks after she was approved. This is not acceptable! These representatives answer phones in the mornings (8:00 – noon) and process UI claims in the afternoons. When the year gets close to the end, I will be forced to pick up the bloody phone and call them as I do not want to pay taxes on any of that money as I don’t believe I should have it. EDD errors, denials and missing payments. It turns out the new number is only for technical help, password resets, UI Online Questions and General Information. “When I lost that call yesterday afternoon. “Ultimately, what it really came down to was actually putting in the time, energy and stress to play, hang up and redial,” Shay explained. THINKING it had been taken care of. They will try to give you phone numbers but none of them will be staffed by anyone who can help except the 800 number which never answers.

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