6. Ranger Rafael Leads Story Time at Rob Hill Campground, Project WISE (Watersheds Inspiring Student Education), Camping Hacks from the Camping at the Presidio Staff. The restaurant upstairs offers a nice view of the ocean, but on a sunny day the best place to be is the brewery out back where picnic tables and fire pits make a great spot for lunch or a drink. Take the southern bridge to get there. Every effort is made to avoid mistakes in the official program. See parks on a map or search by county, park name, activity, or services. Conservatory of Flowers: Established in 1868, the Conservatory of Flowers has been delighting visitors with its sweet scents and colorful flora for over a century. Note: Finding Urban Nature is a large file (~22 MB) that includes photos and graphics; it may take several minutes to download. Much of the learning during Project WISE is done outside, as classroom concepts are applied to sites in the national park and San Francisco communities. 21. 4. Hot Dog Stands: After exploring the park or perusing art at one of its museums, a hot dog is the perfect way to end the day. You might never want to leave. A second windmill, the Murphy Windmill, is located in the southwest corner of the park but has suffered significant damage. Don’t let the big horse statue guarding over the courts intimidate you — he doesn’t bite. They spend one week at the Historic Lifeboat Station working with staff from Point Reyes National Seashore and the National Park Service, conducting research on ecological projects, including plant species distribution, hydrology profiling, and fish monitoring. 23. Monarch Bear Grove: The Monarch Bear Grove is a sacred and powerful space. Angler’s Lodge and Fly-Casting Pools: Built in 1938, the Angler’s Lodge and fly-casting pools are home to the San Francisco Angling & Casting Club. Explore Golden Gate Park with special live cams, virtual tours and photo albums that feature some of Golden Gate Park’s hidden treasures, trails, flowers and popular destinations. Golden Gate Park – San Francisco Botanical Garden. The park is host to a number of skating events, including the annual Red Bull Great Skate Freestyle Roller Dance Championships. Discover them LIVE at the Academy of Sciences, See Golden Gate Park’s Amazing bison as they graze and roam in the Bison Paddock, Dive into the Academy of Science LIVE coral reef exhibit — one of the deepest in the world, From Sand Dunes to Forest: Canopy Trees of Golden Gate Park, San Francisco Botanical Garden Exhibition, SFO Exhibition honoring the 150th Anniversary of Golden Gate Park, Planting 150 Trees: Golden Gate Park 150 Year Kickoff Celebration, presented bySan Francisco Recreation & Park Department and the San Francisco Parks Alliance. Grab a free lesson on Wednesdays at noon, and check out the vast artifacts and awards on display inside the clubhouse. Bowling Green Clubhouse: Bocce is so five minutes ago. Don’t miss the carousel’s inner panels, which depict various landscapes around the Bay Area. Need to buy souvenirs? But bring your own wheels, because there aren’t any rentals inside the park. Larger than New York's Central Park, San Francisco's 1,017-acre green space is home to wildlife, architectural landmarks, world class museums, and more. California Academy of Sciences: This awesome center for scientific research and educational outreach features an interactive exhibit floor to explore, explain, and sustain all forms of life. Archery Field: So you want to be Katniss, Legolas, or Hawkeye? 32. Show off those skills you’ve been hiding since your preteen days, and get back in the game.The handball courts are open every day on a first-come-first-serve basis. Beach Chalet Brewery & Restaurant: The brewery and restaurant is conveniently located above the park’s Visitor Center and is famous in its own right for its Works Progress Administration (WPA) frescoes painted in the 1930s by Lucien Labaudt. Check out the penguins, ostriches, and the sea life, and don’t miss out on the perfect combination of booze, science, and live music every Thursday night at NightLife. Note: it's only about a 10 to 15 minute walk to the bridge from the Crissy Field parking lot, but part of that is up a very long, steep stairway. 29. 7. You definitely won’t lack inspiration! 9. Golden Gate Park also houses an additional playground (sans carousel) on 45th Avenue. When Jennie passed away, her husband Tom Meyer was inspired to create opportunities for youth to experience what she loved: learning about raptors and viewing them from Hawk Hill. Rent equipment at the nearby San Francisco Archery Pro Shop or take a beginners class on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and get practicing. Infamous for the flower children who gathered there during the 1960s, the meadow and slope are still a good place to enjoy the city and people-watch on a sunny day. 150 Years of Stories She was a federal court judge who fought for Indigenous rights and against domestic violence. 18. Tom has been funding Migratory Story since its inception in 2014. There are more than 200 different types of plants to find inspiration in. Keep your eyes peeled for frogs, turtles, and fish among the model yachts. And after a game, they can sit down to a 100%-oak-wood-fired meal at Ironwood BBQ. info @ museumsandtheweb.com A true log cabin dating back to the early 1900s that now serves as an administrative office for the Parks department. We are currently closed to the public. 8. Try to find at least five of Shakespeare’s main characters among the flowers. Horseplayers; Visitors. 33. Golden Gate Fields News and Notes: Wednesday, October 28, 2020. The adjacent Kezar Pavilion also hosts a number of exciting sports matches, including roller derby. 1. A truly joyful spot where roller skaters of all levels are welcome and you can always catch some great syncopated dancing on the weekends. In this year-long, place-based, student-centered program, participants not only learn environmental science concepts, but also get a chance to utilize scientific practice to better understand their parks and communities. Beach Chalet is the perfect place to sit down for a drink during happy hour and take in the breathtaking ocean view. Soccer Fields: There are a number of places around the park where you can set up a friendly match of futbol. During the spring semester, Project WISE students conduct their own scientific explorations and present their findings at an annual symposium to peers, park officials, school district administrators, and members of the community. There are so many things to see and do inside Golden Gate Park that it can be hard to keep track of what’s inside this 1,017 acre wonderland. Most games take place at the soccer fields that surround Beach Chalet, but you can also set up a match at Kezar Stadium or the Polo Fields. McLaren Lodge: Built in 1896, McLaren Lodge was once the house of park superintendent and caretaker John McLaren, where he lived for 47 years. The goals and principles of the K-12 program confirm Golden Gate's commitment to inclusive and relevant inquiry-based learning linked to school curricula. It also invites users to actively engage with the park and to record and share their experiences. Dahlia Garden: The Dahlia Garden celebrates the official flower of San Francisco. A well-known “secret” in the middle of Golden Gate Park, the bison paddock is one of the more surprising sights in the park and a sure way to wow a visitor. It’s ­­the perfect place to start any beautiful day in the park. Quiet and tranquil pond, great for birdwatching and observing wildlife. I Walked South From Ocean Beach for 8 Miles. 37. Come join our dedicated and mission-driven team as we work toward our vision of Parks For All Forever! Buffalo Paddock: The American bison that live in the park have been entertaining visitors since the 1890s.

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