Vancouver is one of the last municipalities in Metro Vancouver that still allowed fireworks for smaller “family” groups. This Halloween will be the very last Vancouver residents will be able to celebrate with a bang. Trending Stories There is nothing quite like fireworks. North Vancouver, Coquitlam, Richmond, and Surrey are just a few of the cities that have banned fireworks, although they still get their fair share of consumer use. Vancouver Rescue Fire Services (VFRS) is reminding the public about how to safely and lawfully use fireworks this coming Halloween. The Celebration of Light is a three-day event that happens on the last two Saturdays and last Wednesday in July or beginning of … Vancouver is one of the remaining cities in the region that, prior to the ban, allowed for the sale and use of consumer fireworks. Vancouver’s biggest and most famous fireworks event is the Celebration of Light international fireworks competition that takes place in English Bay. Starting November, a ban will take effect that prohibits the commercial sale and use of the product. October 31, 2020, will be the last opportunity for residents to legally purchase and make use of consumer fireworks. Join us in Vancouver, BC this summer to explore the festival, save your spot, then see the skies come alive. Vancouver’s ban on sale and use of consumer fireworks begins Nov. 1 Police said the woman suffered a “large burn on the top of her head,” but that there was no fire. Those glittery explosions in the sky, as in fireworks being set off by those with a safety permit, will be made illegal starting Nov. 1. Say goodbye to fireworks.

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