One typical event is the role of the Catholic hierarchy during the bloodless People Power Revolution of 1986. The Conference is headed by a Conference Minister who acts as coordinator and overseer of the church programs. In 1997, delegates to the Annual Conference, voted to put up a non-stock corporation on business development to enhance the livelihood of the members and the church. Bishops are bishops for life even after retirement. Zamora, a nephew of martyred priest Jacinto Zamora of the GomBurZa trio, championed the aspirations of the nationalistic Filipino preachers, and hence formed the IEMELIF in 1909. The UMC marked in March 1998 its Centennial celebrations under the theme “A Faith for All Seasons.”, National Office: Establishments: Horeb House (QC) Episcopal Church Supply Room, Easter Weaving Room (Baguio), St. Elizabeth Dormitory (Baguio), St. Agnes Dormitory (QC), St. Ursula’s Dormitory (Benguet), Episcopal Renewal Center To ensure the success of its programs, the church has mobilized its human and material resources, trained more ministerial and lay workers, streamlined organizations to make them responsive to the needs of the Church and the community. In exercising its prophetic ministry, the UCCP continues to be a vanguard of the country’s quest for peace, justice, human rights, environmental protection and national sovereignty, and on issues concerning the country’s political, economic, social and moral life. He is elected by the General Assembly for a six-year term, without immediate reelection. Address: San Roque II, Pag-asa, Quezon City Church Workers: (As of 1997) 10 bishops, 242 priests and deacons, 896 Layworkers Tel. of Congregations: 192 521-1114 • 524-5191 • 524-2008 • 523-4136 The highest policy-making body of the IEMELIF is the Kataas-taasang Konsistoryo (Consistory of Elders) which is composed of the General Officers, clergy and lay representatives who are elected for a term of four years by the delegates of the General Conference. Those who attended the services arranged for other meetings in other places in Manila. Year Admitted to NCCP: 1997 The IF! In 1993, the Church held a Constitutional Convention, a landmark gathering which amended its charter to make it more attuned to the needs of the changing times. In 1940, he accompanied Dr. O. H. Schmidt, the newly-appointed Executive Secretary of the Board for the World Missions on the survey trip to the Philippines. Unfortunately, there are those who view church this way. The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, a major Lutheran Church group in the world, and the most conservative of them, took interest in starting mission work in the Philippines. Telefax: 928-5761, Brgy. International Schools: Brent International Schools (Baguio, Manila and Subic) On June 6, 1937, Col. and Mrs. Alfred Lindvall officially inaugurated this widespread work at the Central Methodist Church. Under these, the programs and projects of the LCP such as church-building, rural health program, relief and rehabilitation, theological education, parish education, human rights and social justice are carried on. The National Council acts as interim body of the National Convention and facilitates implementation of the church’s thrusts, programs and policies adopted by the Convention. The IEMELIF Cathedral, located in Nicolas Zamora St. in Tondo, is a special jurisdiction independent from any district. The notion of a “politics of religion” refers to the increasing role that religion plays in the politics of the contemporary world and the consequences that a politics of religion has on inclusive nation-building, democracy, and human rights. Telephone: 524-0086 to 88 • 524-9155 275 E. Rodriguez Sr., Blvd., Quezon City They hold annual synods to discuss programs and concerns. The Obispo Maximo is the the Spiritual Head, Chief Pastor and the Chief Executive Officer of the Church. The Diocesan Council is the governing body of the diocese on temporal issues, and assists its Bishop in implementing plans, and carrying out projects. Church is more than just entertainment, having large numbers of people attending services or hearing messages of empowerment from the pulpit that makes one feel good. The Brotherhood of Saint Andrew, an organization of lay and clergy dedicated to spreading of the Gospel throughout the world joined the chaplains in April 1899. It believes that by divine revelation, the Third Person of the Holy Trinity called Himself with the name Ingkong and manifested himself in the Philippines through the Living Covenant, Sis.

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