Arbor to my surprise offers a few completes and this board is perfect for both beginners and more experienced riders. 54mm to 56mm is great for transition skateboarding. The deck is build using the Impact Support construction with a full concave shape and steep kick. Some riders feel Almost decks are comparable to other top brands such as Darkstar, Enjoi, and Blind, which they believe also offer high-quality products, though with different shape features. Not great for cruising though. You’ll get a pro deck but the rest of the parts are usually not the best. Flip is often mentioned as a close contender to Almost. Not available right now. I skated transition on Thunders for years before I moved on to Independent and I do like them. Q: Does it matter if my trucks don’t align perfectly with my deck? Many skateboarders also strongly praise the technology used to make the Almost decks, such as by using carbon fiber and specialized types of resin. The bottom side of the deck features artsy graphics with a still life depicting a bottle, glass, and spilled wine on a blue-grey background with yellow and salmon-colored matte finish stains. save hide report. This is a bit of a wider setup that is excellent for parks and transition skateboarding. The deck comes in two different sizes, 8.25″ x 32″ (14.25″ wheelbase) or 8″ x 31.6″ (14″ wheelbase with a full concave). It’s this quiet confidence that sets them apart from other brands, and might very well be the reason that Almost Skateboards has enjoyed an impressive upwards trajectory ever since the beginning. It features mellow concave and steep kicks. The Youness Amarani Still Life pro model is a larger deck with its 8.5″ width and 32.2.” length, and a 14.25″ wheelbase. check for prices on Amazon. This board is fine for tricks but less so for commuting because of the harder 99a wheels. get 52-53mm wheels if you want to skate street and do tricks. The name “Yuri” is displayed underneath the cat is small characters slightly darker than the background. As mentioned earlier, the Impact Support technology significantly reinforces the deck around the trucks with Carbon-fiber discs at the stress-points. Trucks are the most vital parts of your setup. Riders who file guarantee claims are generally treated well and often get a replacement board, which is something that not all skateboard brands offer. Many skaters feel their Almost deck is among the best decks they’re ridden, snappier and crispier than other boards. Q: Why do different skateboard truck brands classify sizes differently? However, while the majority of riders praise the outstanding durability of Almost Skateboards decks, some find Powell Peralta flight decks to be even more durable, even though they are often more expensive, while Flip is often named as being a very close contender to the quality and presence of Almost Skateboards. Can’t leave a reputable brand like Globe out of this I love their decks for their durability, shape, and pop. You’ll still be able to ride both park and street and the softer wheels deal well with cracks and pebbles. Remember that this is a budget board so you won’t get top-notch components but it’s a decent starter board, especially considering the price. It looks a bit strange if your trucks are way wider or shorter. 1.8k. Buying a complete is a good option for beginners or if you really are intimidated with all the options available. If you don’t plan on buying riser pads or shock pads go with 7/8”. #HaveFunSkateEverything It's been a long time coming but after a few years of testing out gear and trying new stuff, it's time to present the best skateboard wheels for every style. You can still see all customer reviews for the product. Wheels are often made of low-quality polyurethane and may flat spot more easily. Standard Bones reds including spacers, grip tape, and hardware to attach the trucks. There are different setups available for different styles. Almost Skateboards is part of Dwindle Distribution, one of the world’s top skateboarding product distributors whose brand portfolio include big names such as Blind, Darkstar, Enjoi, Andalé, Tensor, Dusters California, etc. It is made of a 5-inch aluminum truck, which gives you the best support even in the gnarly rides. The standard bearings aren’t the best but beginners won’t notice anyway. It’s built using Dwindle’s resin-7 construction – 7-ply 100% Canadian Maple with Epoxy Resin Glue, which is stronger, more durable, and has more pop than industry-standard 7-ply. Whether you’ve been scoping the market for a new deck, or you’re simply interested in learning more about the brand’s interesting history, it’s clear to see that Almost Skateboards are still very much a hot brand that’s here to stay! I am a bit on the fence when it comes to blank skateboards but as long as you get them from a trusted seller it’s all good. The ones I listed here are fine but for a bit more you can get better parts. The cruiser-trick complete is available again! This is a great complete, 7,75″ to 8.0 wide, Tensor trucks (Rodney Mullen’s company), and 99a-53mm wheels. Almost Skateboards was formed in 2003 by Rodney Mullen and Daewon Song, and diversifies themselves from other companies by using less traditional materials, such as Resin and Epoxy, along with a few other more experimental skateboard technology. Besides their sparkling brand image, the expertise poured into Almost’s decks is phenomenal, so you can be confident that their skateboards live up to their shining reputation and then some. Make sure to clean them 2x a year to get the most out of them. You can also go for Venture Lo trucks instead. This careful and consistent choice and sourcing of materials result in higher quality products for Almost Skateboards, as well as other Dwindle brands. However, it is worth mentioning that some skateboarders feel that only the Impact Series are strong enough for hardcore skating. ABOUT US; Thomas Alvarez; Alex Buening; Doug Des Autels; Jonny Giger; John Hill; Haley Isaak; Josh Katz; Aaron Kyro; Maxx Mayberry; Alexander Rademaker; Andy Schrock Get 1” if you want  1/8” risers/shock pads. The kicktail is huge, it almost like an old school deck but with a steeper tail. For them, Almost’s strong points are durability, lightweight, and pop – though some skateboarders feel that among decks made by Dwindle, only the Impact Series are strong enough for hardcore skating. Proper maintenance can triple their life span, oh and don’t skate in the rain. The street version comes with the same parts, only the wheels are different. Not this one though, this is a quality blank board and CCS stands behind their products. Almost Skateboards Captain Caveman Mid Bonde Yellow Complete Skateboard - 7.37" x 29". You can adjust the setup to your liking and swap the wheels for Bones or Spitfire once you feel like it. Sure shipping wood to China and having them pressed a dozen at a time makes them real maple wood skateboards. Note: This page contains links that earn me a small commission from qualifying purchases at no additional cost to you. The Light version of the Impact technology uses only 7 plies instead of 8 for lighter weight, but a full carbon-fiber top laminate instead of just discs for even more strength. Still, it’s all about personal preference, though Independent trucks are more durable. Insta @skateboardershq, The Best Skateboard Wheels (Bought & Tested!). I'm an aged skateboarder, but I still shred responsibly. An 8.25″ provides more stability and is great for both street and skateparks, safest choice. Riders who file guarantee claims are generally treated well and often get a replacement board. The alternative is the Powell Golden Dragon (link to Stoked Ride Shop) which is basically the same board with a different print. The sense of community that comes along with it! using carbon fiber and specialized types of resin. They also have a lot of respect for other Almost team members such as Younes Amrani, Max Geronzi, Yuri Facchini, and Cooper Wilt. Element skateboard decks are made using either the company’s Thriftwood or Featherweight deck technology. Should be back in stock soon. They are also known for their lightweight products, and the technical prowess of the Almost skate team. If you are looking for something to do tricks and wheels that don’t make too much noise, this complete is a good option. The wide Paris Trucks are awesome, so much better than what you get on other complete cruisers. If you don’t know what style you prefer, are new to skateboarding or just want something that works for all styles, go with this setup. Check out my post on how to assemble a skateboard. It isn’t necessary to pay a lot of money for top-quality components. There's a problem loading this menu right now. They’re longlasting and very durable. less grip, A solid option for cruising and tricks, a bit more grip, Great for cruising, bouncy for tricks, more grip, 7.75″ / 7.875″ / 8.0″ / 8.25″ / 8.5″ Canadian Maple 7-ply Deck, Fireball Tinder 60mm (cruiser) or  53mm/99a Blank street wheels, 7-ply maple wood deck with the iconic screaming hand graphic, 52mm OJ wheels (good size for street skating), Four Hawgs wheels size 63mm with a durometer of 78A, Width:  7.5, 7.75, 8.125, 8.25, 8.375, 8.5 inches. Don’t expect to get a top-quality board, but it a great skateboard for beginners and will hold up for a while. The perks of owning a skateboarding blog I guess. Get the street version for more gnarly stuff like technical street skateboarding. Therefore, we think it’s safe to say that Rodney has also acquired a vast wealth of technical knowledge and skateboard manufacturing, and his eye for detail and knack for skateboard innovation is clearly seen by the quality of his designs at Almost Skateboards.

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